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Yimrilix AntiPaladin
Looking around
(3/7/03 9:43 pm)
Yimrilix's Campaign
I've made a few generous changes in the way I'm running this and I wonder what everyone thinks. Note: this may be long. :\

Caution: Spoilers!!!!!

Evil characters:
Serin Vladamien human male Cleric of (Voices?0] )
Talis Vermel male Half-Demon/Half-Human Fighter

So first off I had the players (I only have two since the other half the group moved away) create Evil characters. One is a half demon half human and child of Zuggtmoy who in my campaign is actually a guy. The other character is an evil priest who has been having visions from Tharizdun himself since he wasa child. I gave him +4 on all his last four stats.

Anyway, they started out by venturing into an old dwarven temple near Enstad to free an imprisoned being that Serin (the preist) saw in a vision. The being turned out to be the first who then started giving orders directly to them. He sent them into the temple of eternal flame to retreive the elemental gem of fire from inside the saphire lamp. At the same time they donded magical dwarf disguises and proceded to secretly convert some of the preists to the worship of the Elder Elemental Eye.
After they retreaved the gem, the were teleported to temple of all concuption although they dont know it by name.

It was then that they rolled up 4 good characters. They decided on:

Jerek Human male fighter (now has a level in Holy Liberator)
Karilun female Elven wizard (wants to be a war wizard)
Renzeki male human monk (now shinto monk)
Lyzander Mietar male Elven fighter (two-bladed sword)

Their story began in rastor at 2nd lv as they had come from their home to the south. They were approached by a young dwarven priest (who's only name is dwarfy :rollin .) He told them that an old dwarven temple lay to the north within the crater rige mines. He asked them to go there and find whatever info they could about it, mentioning that there was once an emerrald that in the hands of a dwarf could tell about their family history. As such he would be able to pay them 50gp now and 50gp when they had info, or 5,000gp each if they could retreive the emerald.

Naturally they went running off and encountered heavy gnoll resistance. The wizard fell uncontious very quickly :x and they returned. This happened once more and then they were told there was another enterance to the south but it was farther from the temple. They tried to go in that way but got even more trouble. Then they tried the first again and fought an oger and a giant howler. They won but only bearly. They took the oger's magical club and luckily traded it to a monster merchant (one who deals with unusual races :b ) for an equivilent sword for Jerek.

They heard rummors that there was a green dagon flying arround the enterance to the cave and thought they might want to try another adventure spot for a while. Dwarfy said that he had gotten some documents from a temple in Enstad and was reading through them, learning a lot. However, there was one he couldn't translate as it was in anchient celestial. However he had an old friend in a nearby village named Cannoness Y'Day. He sent them off.

They got a cut scene to their Serin who was in a great chamber and standing before a two step black pyramid. He was lifted up on top and entered a void. His answer "of course," and he awoke with a curved dagger inscribed Serin the Destroyer, and +1 con (must have been something he ate. :lol )

The four good guy arrived at Hommlet and went to see the cannoness, it took them two days to see the cannoness because they insisted on seeing her personally. The meeting was very shory but she did give them some nice magic items and thenstarted tellng them what to do. (Buy their souls first I always say.) Anywho, they went to the moathouse and cleared the whole first level, hauling back a bit of loot. They recovered some hly symbols with an upsidown Y in a triangle and thought they were from Cannoness Y'Day. :lol

Next time they me a gnome who had also claimed the ruins as his own (I revamped Nierethi Poscurian into someting good.) At fourth level, with them also at fourth and Terjon along at sixth, he nearly took them all out alone. He made off with the wizard's amulet of Mage armor and the monk chased after him. It was very close, but Hierethi got away and the monk at least has a personal vedeta. This is good, because Nierethi will be arround for a long time. :evil

Back to black. The first introduced Serin and Talis to a new member of the team, then had Serin take a little test. Standing in frount of the altar Serin repeted the word as the were whispered in his head. "I am the Champion of Elemental Evil!" He erupten into blue soul numbing fire, and collapsed onto the ground. "Damn, I was so sure this time," was all the First said. :hat

The heroic party went back to the moathouse and down the beat up many preists, and even found their way to a cave with cockatrices and an old room with the skeleton of the infamous Layric The beutiful. Seeing as Lyzander wasturned to stone, they made their way back to town. The Cannoness restored him.

One last trip to the moathouse and they found their way into a large cavern. Long story shory, Three characters (all but the Wizard) wound up on top of the Ziggurat, and their only responces were "Who are you?" :rolleyes I'll just say The dark lord har three new play things for later. Also, no one trusts a pure black apple anymore. :D

The cannoness was concerned about a diary they found, and sent them to cheak out the old Temple of Elemental Evil. They did, passing through Nulb, they went into an old tavern and got wouped by a ghost. First and last building they entered. :lol At the temple they slaughtered some hobgoblins but found only treasure. The cannoness decided to send them off to a plac mentioned in the diary: the Temple of all Consumption.

Back in Black. The first next took Talis to h huge metal machine and threw him in. :evil When it was all done, he was about 60% demon (+ str arm.) Serin decided against entering. Then the First took them to a skeletal figure in black robes with a deak of tero cards. Talis took two:
Fool : -10,000 xp and draw again
Sun : I read it wrong and he got +5 full plate light fort.
Flames : His Father Zuggtmoy hates him.
-He kept the velum cards.

Serin drew three:
Star: +2 wis
Euryale: -1 to all saves
Moon: gained 3 wishes to be used whenever
-He also kept the cards.

Then, the First sent them North to the frozen wastes to capture the biggest baddest winter wolf they sould find. See the slayers guide to winter wolves for the pack used. They killed all the normals except runt who they encountered first, and who sold out the rest of the pack for freedom. They captured the pack leader and the two cubs. They got paid a lot for the pelts and cubs and The first gave Serin a tome of understanding he had in return for the Big one. (The First has of course already pumped his wis by five the maxpossible form books.)

The good guy have since beat their way through the east gate house this time with a lot more ease. They went south and fought some things, when they got to an ettin and a rust monster the killed 'em and turned back. It was after Jerek's +2 shield (Gift from the Cannoness) was destroyed :evil that they didn't want to go on.

Yimrilix AntiPaladin
Looking around
(3/7/03 10:27 pm)
Re: Yimrilix's Campaign
Entropius' thread reminded me of one thing. After they got the journal, they went to the mill. Fairly normal fight although the head preist was taking out the trash with cause serious wounds. Also the players were speculating there was probobly an invisible oger down there, and so I just had to ablige. It was a 4th lv fighter and a bitch to take down. I always say that players can come up with the worst possible scenarios and just blab them in time to implement them. :evil It was fun :D

Yimrilix AntiPaladin
Looking around
(3/9/03 5:57 pm)
In case anybody cares
We had another meeting. This time they were accominied by a paladin sent by the superiors of Dwarfy. He led them into a fight with eight gnolls, an oger, and a half-elf Ranger. Then he preceded to beat up the wizard. It was h heaktic battle.
Jerek was attacked by the oger and several gnolls, it took him a while to take them down. The paladin (Blackguard lv 8 actually) fought first Lyzander, knocking him out, then grappled with Renzeki, won by inflicting spells, and finnally Jerek who he had some trouble taking down. The wiz was beating up both the Dwarf and the half-elf, and didn't manage to kill either one.
All the PC's fell and the Dwarf dropped them off at the air temple before going to report to his superiors. He will be introduced to Serin and Talis soon, as he is also a long term bad guy.
The PC's (all but the Wizard) were rescued by an orc from near the temple. They were free from their prison (Area 77, usually a storage) while the other orcs were creating a distraction elsewhere. They were given basic equipment ant pointed down the hall to the leader's room wjere the Wizard was being held. As everyone was between 1 and 3 hp they charged in and started slaughtering him. He got off one spell: confusion, the fighter rolled a 19 on the save and wasn't affected. They saved their friend, looted the corpse, read the papers and ran out the dungeon as the orcs fought the guards.

Still here? Wow.
(3/9/03 6:55 pm)
Interesting Twist
That's quite an interesting twist on the module you've cooked up, Yimrilix! I'm kind of confused though. The two players each have one evil character and two good characters, right? And, they are fighting their good characters against the evil ones, in the same campaign? Won't this give them too much knowledge about the ToAC and somewhat ruin the adventure for them? How are you handling that?

Maybe it's just me, but that battle with the blackguard seemed heavy handed; what was the purpose of putting the PC's in prison in the temple? I mean, now the PC's cannot trust their own superiors. I wouldn't be surprised if they just said, "$@#! this!" and left.

Yimrilix AntiPaladin
Looking around
(3/9/03 8:22 pm)
Re: Interesting Twist
They are not and will never fight themselves, although they keep talking about which group could beat up the other. I am not giving out too much info to the evil characters, I can tell because they can't keep the holy symbols strait and they don't know which temple to attack. Also, the blackguard fight I figured they had about a 1 in 3 chance of winning. It was damn close. If they had focused on either the half-elf of the paladin I think they could have won with only half the party uncountious.
I have two enemies that I paly to their fullest and use all steaches of the rules against the PC: The blackguard (Named Tharik Gemfire) and Neirethi Poscurian. These two will not die to the PC's. What will happen is that after the good PC's take down the cult, the Evil PC's and these two will team up to uncover another another anchient temple while the survivors (including the First) rebuild this one. That other temple is one that was taken over by another dark diety: Rappan Athuk.

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