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Here for a while
(3/7/03 10:00 pm)
Entropius' Campaign Log Thread
This is a continuation of my earlier log thread at, with a new name.


Boddyknock Glinkle (gnome Ill5, most knowledgable player)

Tyrion (elf Ftr2/Rog3, Boddyknock's player's fiancée, very responsible player)

Hanks Ironhelm (dwarf Cle5 of Moradin, eager but new player)

Liriel (human Pal5, player doesn't know much about D&D and has a tendency to fall asleep during sessions *aargh*)

Lelenia (half-elf Brd5, Liriel's twin IRL)

Norman the Dim (human Bbn5)
That log ended with the party in the room with the shaft down to the obelisk (the PC's have dubbed it the "well room") in the moathouse. Instead of going down there (foiling all my scheming about Festrath and Geynor Ton, who floated down there--see the link for more info), they want to finish investigating the ghoul tunnels. Using the map they'd made before, they get back to the altar and blunder around some more before backtracking to the altar room and planning to leave.

Before they do, though, Liriel decides to take a whack at the altar with her longsword.

It changes color.

The party ponders this for a while (they've figured out by now that purple=bad), and then she whacks it again ... and fails her save. I describe the effect as "a dark purple glow flashes from the altar up her sword, enveloping her... she stops moving and falls limp to the ground."

After lugging their paladin out of the moathouse (she finally recovers), they head back to Hommlet, hiding in the woods when one PC spots Utreshimon flying high up in the sky.

It takes them a few days to get there, since they have a 15-foot move dwarf to contend with. One night an ankheg attacks. Boddyknock was almost eaten by one earlier--I fudged its threat roll, or it would have bitten him in half. Hilarity ensues as four 1's get rolled on the first round of combat and Boddyknock rolls 8 on a 5d6 lightning bolt (and it saves). The PC's cut it to bits soon enough, and [i]cook and eat it[/i] for dinner. Some minor acid damage later to the gnome and dwarf, and they make it back to Hommlet without further incident. They have lots of potions that they want identified, so Boddyknock, Hanks, Liriel, and Tyrion head to Spugnoir's shop (he can identify low-level potions with an Alchemy check IMC--yes, I know this isn't BTB). Tyrion heads to the inn; Hanks stays in Spugnoir's shop, talking to Renne (who's working the counter) and keeping watch. (They're paranoid after the incident with Chatrilon.) Boddyknock pays him for the privilege of copying some spells out of his spellbook (the two of them have become friends, having similar outlooks on magic and life).

Spugnoir mentions that the miller has been missing for a couple of days, and BN recalls the mention of the mill in Geynor's journal and heads over to check it out. He walks up to the door, invisses himself, and waltzes in. Dunrat, of course, sees him do this via the [i]stalwart eye[/i]; he, Vacra, and the 1st level dude are in the basement. They know he's up there invisible, but don't have any way to detect him, so Vacra casts [i]alarm[/i] on the stairway under the hatch leading to the basement. She then turns invisible and physically blocks it off, hoping to grapple him when he bumps into her. Dunrat fires off a detect magic and waits, hoping to [i]hold person[/i] him once he un-invises.

Hanks and Liriel have meanwhile decided to head over to the mill also... they'll get there about a minute behind Boddyknock.

Boddyknock goes to one corner and mage hands open the hatch. He then casts [i]detect invisibility[/i], which Vacra successfully spellcrafts; she goes back to the corner, open/close's shut the hatch, and dismisses her invisibility so Dunrat can see her. They're basically playing magical chicken.

Boddyknock opens the hatch again with [i]mage hand[/i], and then shows a new tendency which will eventually lead him to his chosen PrC: he tosses a fireball down the hatch. Vacra is unconscious; Dunrat is wounded; and the 1st level schmuck is dead.

Up goes the flour dust. Boddyknock decides to get out of the mill, re-invissing himself, while Dunrat heals Vacra (I change all cult clerics' spell lists around to include at least one healing spell).

Now the cultists know that the party has been hanging around Spugnoir's shop; they know that they rescued him from the Moathouse (rumors spread easily in Hommlet).

Vacra uses her wand of [i]change self[/i] to take on the appearance of Renne. She then goes to the top level, sets herself on fire (as a tiefling, it doesn't hurt her), and runs screaming from the mill. I announce this in a complete dead-pan, worried tone of voice, and Boddyknock and Hanks (who just arrived) jump to the conclusion that she was held captive. Dunrat runs out one round behind Vacra. Boddyknock casts [i]magic missile[/i] on him, to no effect (brooch of shielding); Dunrat responds with [i]hold person[/i], also to no effect.

While all this is going on, townspeople are running around, setting up a bucket brigade under the auspices of the city watch, and in general doing the panicked-civilian thing.

Hanks runs up to "Renne" and tries to smother her. Vacra, fearing that her deception has been seen through, takes an AoO with her dagger, dodges the "grapple attempt", and sprints off. Liriel heads over to engage Dunrat, firing arrows.

Boddyknock, out of attack spells, feeds Dunrat a crossbow bolt; Dunrat responds with his [i]bead of force[/i], putting Boddyknock at exactly 0 hp.

An aside: the official Gamecube game of this group is Super Monkey Ball... so the gnome, completely useless inside the wall of force, starts doing the monkey-dance from the game. :)

Dunrat takes off toward the forest (and the safety of the grove), while Vacra is running the other way. Both can outrun all the assailants: Norman's still at the inn, drinking--his player had to leave, so there he stays during the whole mess.

Hanks summons two celestial eagles to harry "Renne", while Liriel fires arrows at the faster Dunrat while waiting for Gideon, her warhorse and bonded mount, to arrive from the stables. Meanwhile Tyrion passes the burning Renne, heading toward the mill; she attempts to grab her to question her (but specifically not "grappling" as a combat action). Vacra pops her Darkness, steps back, zaps her wand again and takes the form of a member of the watch, and calmly goes over to put out the fire. Hanks fires off a dispel, taking out the darkness and his own eagles, but failing to affect the [i]change self[/i]. :evil

Dunrat dies to a lucky long-range shot by Liriel.

The watch rounds up the PC's for questioning (magical combat outside a burning mill looks mighty suspicious) and hauls them to the Temple of St. Cuthbert for zone of truth'ing, but Y'dey vouches for them. They update her on the events at the moathouse, and show her the symbols of Big T and Lolth (which get her a bit worried). They decide to head off to the ToEE two days later; the next day Boddyknock [i]finally[/i] identifies all their loot. (The last time he tried that, Chat crashed the party...)

Off to the ToEE, minus Norman who had to leave early He was drinking heavily at the inn, so we decide he's just hung over. (Notice a pattern? He needs to get a non-8 AM job, or just sleep less.), plus a 'guest PC' and a town watch flunky--Fred (I forget the name--Cle1/Rog4) and Bob (War1, also forgot the name).

The road, unfortunately, leads through Nulb. First they go into the hostel and poke around for a bit, until Wat flubs a death attack roll on Lelenia. Next round he manifests, however, and Lelenia, Liriel, and Fred fail their saves vs. horrific appearance. (They were flabbergasted by the ability drain... the first truly nasty thing that they've hit so far, except for Big U and Chat). The party leaves, and Boddyknock tosses a fireball in the hostel ... lucking upon the way to get rid of Wat.

Anyway, they keep going. Lareth hails them grumpily ("Travellers here to disturb my despair?"). I describe him as an ugly man with a scar (and show them the picture), smoking a pipe and holding a staff. Liriel and Boddyknock wisecrack at him... bad mistake. He's extremely pissed off at the world right now, and he's not going to take it. He cuts loose with a Confusion, nabbing Tyrion, Lelenia, and Fred. The first round of confusion, Lelenia rolls "attack nearest object", which is ... her horse! She stabs it, it runs off, she falls off.

Tyrion does very little except charge (and sneak attack!) Lelenia 5 rounds into the confusion.

Fred quickly wanders off. Bob runs the hell away; he doesn't get paid enough for this.

On the first round of initiative, Boddyknock as usual goes invisible, while Liriel and Hanks advance. Lareth pops back inside to buff from out of sight. He already had bull's strength, greater magic weapon, and endurance on; while inside he casts divine favor and protection from good. As soon as Hanks gets up to the door, Lareth screams at him and smashes with his quarterstaff.

Hanks: "Heh, the wizard's attacking us... that's always a good sign."

(They thought Lareth was a wizard for a while... dude with no armor and a staff)

He has AC 20.

Now I do my attack rolls out in the open; I probably shouldn't, but I do.

I roll a 4.

Hanks: "Whew."

Lareth's attack bonus is +12 (listed), +1 from additional strength bonus, +2 from divine favor, +1 from greater magic weapon.

Me: "I hit AC 20... that gets you, right?"

He gets a little worried.

I roll damage... it's a 6.

Me: "Take 18 points damage."

The party's collective jaw drops.

Lareth managed to kill that dwarf with more thwacks and a Searing Light (lesson for the ages: when at 1 hp, don't cast Summon Monster III*.), reduce the paladin to -3 con with Poison (but she's still alive--she had to leave early and is an inexperienced player, so I didn't want to kill her off in her absence--that's just mean. I ruled she's stable at -1/-1 hp, since that's what she's got with a -7 con mod.)

He rolled a 1 on an "unarmed attack plus inflict serious wounds" thingy; if he hadn't, that would have been 3d8+7+1d3+lots. Ouchies?

After he absorbs a tremendous amount of punishment from the rest of the party, Tyrion finally comes out of confusion, runs in, and crits him. Splat. (I swapped one of his spells for a cure, and he had extra hp from rage and endurance--he took about 90 damage before he went down.)

In another bit of hilarity, Lelenia attacked Liriel's heavy warhorse in confusion, which, not understanding the finer points of enchantment spells, hit back for about 13 hp in one round. Ow.

*He summoned a small earth elemental. Since it was five feet from the (unknowing) Champion of Elemental Evil, I gave it a +40% chance to turn bad. Sure enough, it did, and got thwacked by Liliana after failing to grapple her.

So now they have a dead dwarf who needs to be hauled back to Y'dey quickly (in time for raising), an unconscious paladin, and one horse. They decide to get out of Nulb. Someone gets the bright idea to [i]detect magic[/i] on the ashes of the hostel, and they find the sword, which Boddyknock winds up carrying.

They camp a little bit outside Nulb... and get attacked by two shadows that night. Lelenia, already str-drained by Wat, succumbs to them (she wanted a new character anyway); Tyrion and the newly-arrived Norman (he took off after the PC's two days after they left) whiff them with their non-magical weapons. BN hands out the ghost touch sword (they don't know what it is yet) and a +1 mace, and the shadows are dispatched (along with Lelenia's risen shadow).

They limp back to Hommlet with Norman, Boddyknock, Tyrion, an unconscious Liriel, and a dead Hanks. Along the way a 5th level druid encounters them (apprentice to Kella, to become Lelenia's new PC next session). She introduces herself and tells them that a lost, scared horse (Lelenia's, which bolted from the battle with Lareth) wandered into the grove a few days ago. [i]Speak with animals[/i] revealed the party's situation, and Kella sends the apprentice to track the party down. She takes the PC's back to the grove, where [i]lesser restorations[/i] fix the poison damage to Liriel and [i]reincarnation[/i] gives Hanks a new satyr body. In exchange, Kella wants the PC's to "purge the unnatural taint from Nulb."

So they head off there, methodically burning buildings down. Boddyknock has firmly established himself as a perfect little gnomish pyromaniac, and plans to take the elemental savant (fire) class. This could be much RP fun. 8) Eventually they realize that Liriel can just detect evil the houses. All of them come up empty, except for the pirate boat. They try to light it on fire, with mixed success (since it's partially underwater, and the constant drizzle makes fires tend to go out after a bit.) A fireball inside the cabin wakes up the wraiths, which fly out and drain some strength before being turned by the satyr. (Wraith 1 to Wraith 2, OOC: "What the hell is a satyr doing calling on Moradin? I tell you, this world is getting nuttier by the minute.)

Then someone has to peek their head in the cabin, where Blobby waits. They hack at it for the longest time, chopping it into 10(!) pieces. I rule that any part of the ooze below 15 hp only does half damage and is Medium-size; otherwise the cabin would get too crowded with 10x5" critters. Boddyknock burning hands's lots of 5 hp blobbies into oblivion; the party stomps on the rest, with Tyrion's player taking especial pleasure in playing "goosh the blobby!" They find the pirate treasure and the session ends; I think they're headed back to Hommlet to get all the ability drains fixed by Y'dey.

Meanwhile, Vacra has retrieved the [i]stalwart eye[/i]. (Elmo sent a note to the PC's saying "one of the watch spotted somebody climbing the tree outside the inn last night" before they left for Nulb, but they didn't act on it.)

The cult, though, is nearly out of resources in Hommlet. All they have left is Vacra (sans spellbook), Toridan, Maridosen, and Jaroo. Vacra still has a charm and a burning hands prepared; I think she may try to charm the innkeeper and poison their food (what sort of poison could she come up with?), or else just burn down the inn while they're there (monitored, of course, by the stalwart eye).

More to come.

Yimrilix AntiPaladin
Looking around
(3/7/03 10:50 pm)
Re: Entropius' Campaign Log Thread
Nice battles, I enjoyed it when Lareth got in a good beatdown on them. Nulb is difficult, much more so in my oppinion than the Temple. The charadters in my campaign talked to the rebelious hobgoblins, also convinced that the unarmed goblins the Hobs ordered to guard them were 18th lv monks (an interesting thought :evil )

Here for a while
(3/8/03 8:15 pm)
Re: Entropius' Campaign Log Thread
{he can identify low-level potions with an Alchemy check IMC--yes, I know this isn't BTB}

Sure it is (well it's technically it's listed as a DM call, but the rules are there), check PHB pg. 63 (or the SRD). The DC is 25 and he has Alchemy +14, so he's darn good at it too. Plus, it's a pretty good bet he's got a lab (+2) and I have a house rule (now this is not BTB) that Brew Potion gives a synergy +2 for Alchemy ID potion checks (a PC has this as well). So that's potentially +18 total for him. Cake!

I am doing the same and have him eat the cost for it (1 gp per or 20 for a Take 20) because they saved his butt from the moathouse.

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Here for a while
(4/25/03 3:45 pm)
Log catchup
Been a while since I last posted, so I have several weeks' worth of story to tell. Here goes...

After dealing with Nulb, the PC's head off to the ToEE. Enroute, a hawk flies in and *poofs* into a druid--Kella's apprentice. She congratulates the party on dealing with the undead in Nulb, and says that Kella has asked her to accompany them as part of her training. (This is a new PC, with a tiger companion.)

So, on to the ToEE. They send Tyrion (elf Ftr3/Rog3) up to the gates, invisibly, to look around. She sees the guards hiding, and tells the party. The barbarian, being a foolhardy sort, runs up and introduces them to Mr. Masterwork Greataxe... but the guards by the door see all the mess and raise the alarm. At this point I'm counting rounds for one of them to run up and contact Rarkus and Krebbich. The guards at the door stay and fight for a round or two, mostly getting cut down. (That tiger is vicious!)

Tyrion, with her cloak of arachnida, climbs above the door waiting to ambush whoever comes out ... to no avail. The HG's are waiting inside, taking cover behind the pillars. So, the PC's eventually charge in and waste lots of them with a [i]fireball[/i] from Boddyknock ... the regular HG's, that is. The elites pour out of their room, hacking with their greatswords. I think the party underestimated them (ah, more mooks to kill!)--several people got knocked into the single-digits. Hanks got knocked to 1 hp again; having learned his (OOC) lesson from Lareth, he stepped back and CSW'd himself. I forgot the elites' potions of bull's strength, and I've read that several other DM's have done so... bad prep on my part. (Too much schoolwork, aargh!)

As they're mopping up the elites, Rarkus, an invisible Krebbich, and the dire ape, along with some other mooks, come down the stairs. The mooks get fireballed, but Rarkus gets into melee (not having many sneak attack opportunities, sadly). I give them spot checks each round to notice his wounds closing up and Listen checks to hear Krebbich softly speaking the activation word for his wand. Eventually (~3 rounds later) someone notices his wounds closing up, and the party concludes ... that he's got regeneration!

A few more rounds and Boddyknock casts detect invis, and the jig's up. Krebbich is killed, thanks in part to Boddyknock's idea of plopping a major image on top of him for the rest of the party to see. The tiger shreds the ape but is heavily wounded itself; it's under [i]regenerate moderate wounds[/i], though, so it heals up eventually. Finally, Rarkus goes down.

The party investigates the rest of the temple, finding the loot upstairs and the blocked stairway downward. After trying for a while to find another way down, they give up and go back to Hommlet.

Next log catchup: on to Rastor!

A song from the sixties
(5/15/03 5:01 pm)
The Log Backlog
After realizing that they can't get any further in the main ToEE, they go root out Alubya, killing her and her mooks. Then they head to the old tower and negotiate with those inside. After some tense diplomacy at the door (the hobgoblins inside know they're no match for the party, and don't trust them), they come in and look around. The druid wakes up the rats, goes panther-form, and eats most of them. (The goblins aren't pleased by this, but aren't in a good negotiating position, and they know it, with heavily armed PC's inside.)

Eventually the players leave peacefully.

Back in Hommlet, Elmo thanks the PC's for cleaning out the hobgoblin menace. Y'dey is relieved to find that the reports were correct--there were only bandits at the old ToEE. (She's very worried by the symbol of Tharizdun that they found.)

After doing the "gee, where do we go now?" head-scratching for a while, one of the PC's remembers the letter they found on Dunrat. They dig it out, and decide to head up to Rastor.

I suspected one of my players of cheating, so I switched two things around in Rastor to try to catch him. First, Tanbrosh is now a harmless herb/spice used by the locals; the real drug is named something else. Second, Tal Chammish is a harmless, but very enterprising, halfling wagonwright; the actual drug lord and cult agent is a dwarf blacksmith. His products are inferior to Tunraug's, but he stays in town anyway (for obvious reasons).

So, the players get to Rastor. A mob quickly gathers--they're trying to bring a [i]goat-man[/i] and a [i]tiger[/i] into town? (The Rastorians are very paranoid, and the high percentage of orc blood means that their solution to invaders is to hit them first and ask questions later.) Jardeth shows up, quiets them down, and then has a word with the party. Everyone decides they'd be better off if the goat and the cat wait outside town; Tristan (the druid), Hanks, and the tiger leave.

They wander around town for a while. Boddyknock has a chat with Tymerian, and they trade spells from their spellbooks, but neither of them mentions the crater. The others go to interrogate Chammish, who (truthfully--see above) claims he just builds and sells wagons. "Yeah, I sold one to some yellow-robed guys. They creeped me out, but business is business. No, I don't know what they wanted it for--in this part of the world you learn to take the gold and keep your questions to yourself."

Nobody ever talks to Rerrid--they leave Rastor quickly, assuming that it's connected to the cult much more strongly than it is. Maybe I played up how rough it is--the players were comparing it to what Nulb used to be. (Of course, their main interaction with the Rastorians was the mob--nobody really talked to the locals much.)

Off to the crater. The trail forks three ways. They send scouts off to the right and the left. Left is a dead end; right (after a long trail) is the Main Gate. They decide to go in the South Gate.

Next log: the CRM! (3 weeks backlog to update--after that I'll post every week)

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