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Looking around
(3/10/03 2:39 pm)
Acid Damage
Recently, the group I am DM'ing came across the Digester in area 30 of the Crater Ridge Mines. He sprayed them with acid, and I had to figure out how damage is applied to items. I ruled that normal items received the same saving throw as the character as they are "attached" to the character. Thus, a normal weapon, armour, or anything capable of being hit by the acid got the same Reflex save as the character. If it didn't make it, I tried to determine the material type, and did the whole hardness / hit points thing for each item.

Then the question of magic items came up. Two characters wore very nice magical cloaks. One was a cloak of displacement and the other a cloak I required my sorceror to wear as being a member of a guild. For each of these, I gave an additional saving throw of 2+half the creator's level.

So, for the guild member, I decided his cloak was made by a 20th level sorceror. So his bonus was +12. He rolled a 1. So his saving throw roll was 13. The digester's acid had a DC of 17. Hence, he missed the save.

The digester did like 18 points of damage with his acid. I ruled the cloak had a hardness of 2 I believe (maybe 1). The HP was like 2 HP per inch of thickness. So the cloak was destroyed.

All the numbers I just mentioned were from memory and could be off.

My question - did I do this right? They haven't even met the acid spraying dragon yet, or the rust monster...!


Still here? Wow.
(3/10/03 2:53 pm)
Re: Acid Damage
Unless the description of the attack says otherwise (like the destrachan for example) or the equipment is specifically target, attended equipment does not get affected unless the PC rolls a natural 1 on his saving throw. In that case (natural one), only one item is affected per attack, according to the table in the PHB I believe. That item gets a save before taking damage.

Other than that, you seem to have the saving throws, hardness, and hit points down pat.

Looking around
(3/10/03 2:59 pm)
Re: Acid Damage
Not that I don't believe you, but can you post the page number that says that bit of info? That's the type stuff I was looking for but didn't see.

Much appreciated,

Still here? Wow.
(3/11/03 7:13 am)
Re: Acid Damage
Items surviving after a saving throw, page 150 of the PHB.


"Unless the descriptive text for the spell specifies otherwise, all items carried and worn are assumed to survive a magical attack. If a character rolls a natural 1 on his saving throw, however, an exposed item is harmed (if the attack can harm objects). The four items..."

If you want to be utterly and absolutely technical, this statement only makes reference to magical attacks, but it makes logical sense that the same rule would apply to non-magical effects against which a save is allowed.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

Here for a while
(3/12/03 3:47 am)
Re: Acid Damage
I agree that the Digester's acid attack should be treated like any other area effect. Failed save on a 1 means possible damage to an item - otherwise, just ouch!

One thing that came up in my game though, that you might want to have a handle on in advance - the Water Temple altar platform has three pools set into it - one is potent acid.

One PC got bull rushed into the pool of acid.

I ruled that immersion in acid was a lot more harsh than an instant spell or attack effect - it wasn't being splashed or even engulfed briefly, he was soaked to the skin in acid and so was all his gear.
So I gave acid damage to everything 'exposed' - well, everything that mattered anyway - metal objects' hardness prevented damage from his one-round immersion, but clothing, leather etc. could be ruined by a good damage roll.
Acid does half damage to objects too IIRC.

Looking back I think the damage listed is too weak for immersion - the listed damage is for touching the pool IIRC.

I'd triple it for immersion, and have the damage (lessened) continue for a round or two, like Melf's Acid Arrow, unless washed off. If you're drenched in acid, there go your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle, I mean backpack!

Of course, the Water Temple comes complete with a nearby body of water to leap into. Just don't leap into the other pools.


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