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Here for a while
(3/10/03 11:19 pm)
Beginning RttToEE....
Well I have finally decided to take the plunge and start this massive campaign!! I am looking to begin this game Tuesday March 18 and I was just wondering if you folks out thee had any tips or tricks for the newbie.

I have the history and town info down pat and outlined rather well for easy use in the game. One thing I notice as a common theme throughout the adventure is the versatility of situations that are affected by the PCs decisions and actions in the game....which I think is totally awesome!!! I just kindda wondered if any of you had any tricks or hints for keeping track of these dynamic options throughout the game??!!

The adventure seems very user friendly with plenty of Tactics descriptions throughout the whole module, but I wonder if any of you found anything different or cool that worked for you in the game....especially for the beginning....(Hommlet, Moathouse etc...)

Lastly...if this info has been covered in other post....which it probably has :) please just guide me with a link if ya happen to know it off hand!!!



Here for a while
(3/10/03 11:35 pm)
Re: Beginning RttToEE....
Well, if you haven't checked out the Best of the Boards thread, it really is worth the time to read it top to bottom. Also, you might check out some of the campaign logs to see how various encounters went in other people's games, and get ideas of what worked and what didn't. Good luck...

Still here? Wow.
(3/11/03 7:30 am)
Re: Beginning RttToEE....
Are you starting out right at 4th, or are you starting them off from 1st?

I have a package of WotC Free Adventures on my website, here:

It's designed to tie together, and take the PCs from 1st through 4th level, and from a small village in the middle of nowhere to Hommlet. Might not be your style, but I'm offering it as something worth taking a look at.

I also have posted there a Powerpoint presentation of Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil's pictures, which can be handy as visuals.

As a word of, and re-read, chapter 1. If you have a chance to (obviously, not before the first session...a good excuse to stall with the pre-adventures), it might be worthwhile to read the original ToEE adventure (T1-4), or perhaps even the Temple of Elemental Evil novel. I picked the novel up a few days ago, and am absolutely loving it so far (though I don't know if it's history disagrees with that of RttToEE). Background details that will make your storytelling all the richer.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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