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Here for a while
(3/12/03 7:29 am)
Advice Needed - Player left in the Outer Fane
Hi all long time no speak, but im still playing :)

My players finally breached the outer fane last night, via the earth door.

Mr. Elder Earth Elemental, having a description of two party members and orders "attack them on sight", decides to lay waste to the party.
After a very brief struggle, one party member is dead, with the remainder running accross the earth bridge at all haste.

Now, the party's Rogue, being a brave chap, didnt run back over the bridge, but remained behind to try and recover some body parts from the fallen member (!). The earth door has closed behind him, he doesnt have the key, it is HIGHLY unlikely the party will return within 24hrs. His invisibility spell runs out in 8mins and counting.

What are his chances of survival ? What do you think should happen (his average hide is 40ish and Move silently is about 35).

Ideas/Thoughts much appreciated


Still here? Wow.
(3/12/03 7:36 am)
Re: Advice Needed - Player left in the Outer Fane
Have him over mid-week, and run it straight up. Let him choose his own path, whether it's finding a corner to crawl into and hide, striking a bargain, or going out in a blaze of glory backstabbing every last evil critter he can.

If you want an excuse to keep him alive, have Varachan find him and either let him out or hide him.

If you want something more interesting, have Thrommel find him, dominate him, change his outlook on Unlife, and unleash him as an NPC Vampire on the party.

Perhaps between the extremes (and especially if he's knocked into the negs but not killed in his run for freedom), have him and his posessions relocated to the Inner Fane torture chamber. Player comes up with a new PC, and if they ever get there, he'll be part of the tour, and you can let the player decide to play his new character or his rescued old PC, insanity and all.

However, my foremost advice is, if there is any way possible, run a one-on-one session and let him go for it. Assume a "reasonable" chance of someone happening by given where he chooses to hide, and an equally "reasonable" chance that he'll be scried on (by Hedrack OR by Varachan) and plan any "random" encounters accordingly.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

Here for a while
(3/12/03 7:41 am)
Sounds Good
Sounds good :) I'll have a word.

The funny thing is he picked up the demonstone earlier in the session :p


Still here? Wow.
(3/12/03 7:45 am)
Re: Advice Needed - Player left in the Outer Fane
"What are his chances of survival?"

This very much depends on the player. The big question is, how much do you want to help him? The obvious answer is that Varachan will hear of the fight, used the crystal ball to see what was going on and knows that there was an invisible member. He can come over, collect the remains and deposit them in the water near the CRM, giving a message to the party via Andorax's method (kill my quasit messenger). Of course, this affords the rogue a valuable opportunity to sneak alongside Varachan through the door. This also provides the rogue a good luck at their benefactor. When he rejoins the party and sees the note, he'll say something like "I saw the guy! I followed right along beside him!"

Now, if you want to make it far more difficult, but a lot more fun (if he succeeds) just leave it up to the player. This is the better approach as the players will not see it as deus ex machina, even though we as DMs all know that the Varachan angle is still able to be played at any time. Don't provide any help and see what he does. Maybe he'll surprise you by taking a finger or so, and then somehow conning his way out. He might even just be able to wait it out until someone needs to exit/enter the Outer Fane. Maybe the party cleric can use message/sending or whatever that splatbook spell is that allows a message, "We'll open the earth door at midnight, be prepared to run out." "Okay, I'm waiting."

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