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Looking around
(3/14/03 3:06 am)
Renne & Spugnoir got killed.
What will be the probable and reasonable actions of Elmo & Y'dey?

Returned from moathouse, the party left the relics in Spugnoir's hand for study. Meanwhile, Dunrat decided to capture and question Spugnoir what the party might tell him. He hardly believed that all relics were there at night! This sealed the potion maker's fate.

Now Dunrat & Co were 2 days away before R&B and Y'dey came back from Verbobanc. He, Grune and Chat went to Nulb taking Andorax's side mission. OTOH, Gren, Vacra and Maridoen drove the wagon with the relic back to CRM. Y'dey asked the party to hunt the murderers so as to redeem their faults (of putting Spugnoir in grave danger). The party now departed to moathouse for clues.

I'd like to limit the assistance offered to the party. But given that Spugnoir are Y'dey and Elmo old comrade, something must be done. Will Burne's Badgers be sent out to search the local area, lead by Elmo? What kind of divine power will Y'dey use? Please ignore Speak with Dead and Raise Dead as Dunrat had not only taken out the victims' tongues but also broke their bodies into pieces. And what will Jaroo do to mess up with the big bosses' effort?

Any idea is welcome.


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Here for a while
(3/15/03 1:50 am)
Re: Renne & Spugnoir got killed.
Vacra has a wand of Change Self that she can use to Disguise herself (and someone else) as Spugs and his daughter. They can lay low for a while, until The Plan gets a little further along, and then they can make a run for it. They could try to Bluff someone, telling a tale about a sick relative that needs Spug's potions. Without a body or evidence that Spugs is dead, that should put Y'Dey and Elmo off their trail for a while.

The PCs, however, might spoil Dunrat's plans...

Here for a while
(3/15/03 4:12 am)
Re: Renne & Spugnoir got killed.
I get the impression that the party and Y'dey already know that Spugs and Renee are dead. Here is what I would do.

Spugnoir may be Y'dey's old comrade, but the party is responsible for his death. Y'dey being the "responsible for one's actions" type person that she is, she would make the party try to find Spugnoir's killer without much help. If the party does need some divine help, perhaps it could be a little more forthcoming than usual, as long as they are making progress.

Burne and Rufus are busy guys. One of them will probably want to return to Verbobonc to report new events to the Viscount. The other has to stay at the keep, after all someone has to.

Burne's Badgers are too busy guarding the keep and the village to go scouring the coutryside for Spugnoir's killer.

Elmo will probably want to do something, though. He goes searching for clues on his own. What he finds is up to you. If the party ever needs to be hit with the Clue Bat(R) while searching for Dunrat, then Elmo can be the batter.

Jaroo would not even be around anymore. His job in Hommlet is finished and he is gone. If he is part of the cult, then he is probably with Dunrat. If the is not part of the cult but is just a hireling, then he has departed for parts unknown. You could re-introduce him at some dramatic point if you wished.

Here for a while
(3/16/03 9:51 pm)
Re: Renne & Spugnoir got killed.
Actually, I don't think Spugnoir was a comrade of Y'Dey or Elmo. Yes, they all appear in the original Temple of Elemental Evil, but I don't think there's any mention of them being any sort of team - they just used Hommlet as a base.

Y'Dey was teamed up with Elmo's brother, Otis, investigating the second rising of the Temple.

Elmo was a 4th level ranger looking to hook up with a group investigating the Moathouse - probably to try and find out something to help his brother.

Spugnoir was a 1st level wizard knowing he was out of his depth and wanting to link up with a group for his own protection while offering his services at the same time.

They've all lived in the village now for many years, but it doesn't mean that Y'Dey et al would react any more strongly to his killing than to that of any other significant community figure eg. Ostler Gundigoot, the owner of the Inn of the Welcome Wench. Having said that, they know the Spugnoir is a decent wizard now, so anyone capable of taking him out must be a reasonable threat to the security of the town...

Looking around
(3/17/03 1:10 am)
Re: Renne & Spugnoir got killed.
Yes, they knew about Spug's death now, as Dunrat didn't really care about it as he already got what he needs that not much effort had been put to cover the murder.

The idea of Y'dey's "not a comrade" view is interesting. Although I've already told my players that Y'dey did team up with Spug in the second raise, I'll change a bit of Y'dey's tone into something more "impartial" ("Comrades? No. We did travel together, occasionally, but that's only because we were after a same target, with different purposes!") BTW, my players already had sicked of Y'dey's "stubborn, not helpful" attitude.

And yes, I also don't see any purposes for Jaroo to stay longer in Hommlet. I think he will spare Yundi's life and leave quietly when the night falls.

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