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Looking around
(3/16/03 3:06 am)
Falrinth forgets his spells books.
My players just faced Falrinth, Smigmal and Dugart.

Smigmal died after being pecked to death bya bunch of Arrowhawks and a few well placed arrows by the party thief. Both Falrinth and Dugart are still alive and have teleported or Word of Recalled to other locations.

Falrinth had a monk, fighter and Barbarian chase him into his room. Falrinth readied a finger of Death at the
first person who stepped in and then took a 5' step through the Phase Door and then Cast a wall of Force so the 3 chasing him couldnt follow. The 3 in the room, didnt know he had left and decided to move into the room and search the room up and down, of course they came across his spell books. Falrinth still has a few spells
but has used many of his big guns. I think i'll get him to back off completely and write down his un-used spells into a new spell book, and hopefully he has some other source that he can use to get some of the spell he already has used.

Any suggestions?

Still here? Wow.
(3/16/03 8:46 am)
Re: Falrinth forgets his spells books.
Well, a wizard can write down their spells from memory or can copy those spells. The rules for recreating a spell book are in the PHB or DMG. However, I'm not sure Falrinth would go back. It was only in it for the money and with the attack of the PC's, I doubt he should expect more money, so he should leave. His spellbooks are not important, so I don't think he'd go back. If he knows anything about the party, he might take retribution on them for messing up a perfectly good opportunity, but probably nothing direct.

Did he do any lasting damage to the party? How did the battle go?

Here for a while
(3/16/03 6:21 pm)
Re: Falrinth forgets his spells books.
His spellbooks are not important, so I don't think he'd go back.

Falrinth. The wizard, right?

I don't know about you, but any wizard character I've ever played with or run myself would do nearly anything to get their spellbooks back. Without them he is next to useless.

Unless you have already made provisions that these are his traveling books or some-such and he has the real deals kept safe back home somewhere I think he will not rest until he has his books back or he is dead.

And then maybe that's enough compulsion to stick around as a ghost at that. ;)

Still here? Wow.
(3/16/03 8:20 pm)
Falrinth's Spellbooks
SSShadowcat7, while you're right, he is pretty useless without his spells, given time he can recreate his spellbooks. If a group just handed me my butt, I would not be too keen on trying to recover my spellbooks, which I can replace anyway given time and money. Unless, of course, he has some ulterior motive; which of course is possible. I can't think of one though.

Looking around
(3/21/03 1:01 am)
What took place (long)
It's been a few weeks since we my party had the battle with Falrinth,
Dugart & Smigmal Redhand, so forgive me if I leave anything out :) .

The party had just defeat Dein and 2 Stone Giant and a bunch of Ogres.
During the battle Smigmal sneaked invis in to Area 11 and waited hidden
for the right moment to strike. Meanwhile Dugart also tried tried to sneak
into a position within the long corridor between area 12 and 11,
unfortuanately he was heard. (some of party member have listens around 18+)

The party alerted to the noise starting moving into Area 11 and have a look down the
corridor, Dugart readying lets loose with bolts of bedevilment on the Deth (11 monk),
who makes his save. The party are hesitant to fight a magic user in a narrow
corridor, so they hang back and take pot shots at Dugart from behind the broken
pillers. Meanwhile Smigmal hidden is trying to study one of the PC's for 3 rounds
but finds it hard because they are moving about and out of his line of sight.

Falrinth (improved Invis) hearing the battle wait patiently at his secret door ready move out
cast a spell. Dugart who had plenty of time to prepare is spelled up, but still gets hit with
some arrows from the Luksa (8/3 mage/thief) (improved invis), he then lets loose with a flame strike
but is somewhat concerned that the bulk of the party concerntrating is concentrating
on him so next round he decides to Word of Recall to the level below, casting Monster Summoning next round
and sending forth some 4 arrowhawks. He also warns the other that the PC's are on there way.

DM's Note ( I probably should have had Dugart right down the end of the corridor, so he
could fire more spells off, but looking at his spells most of the nastier ones are touch
attacks - and still fairly hard to hit the PC's with)

Anyways, once Dugart is out of there, Falrinth sends down a chain-lighting into room 11
doing some minor damage to the Luksa and Gnasher (10 Barbarian). Once again the party is relucant
to venture down the corridor, except for the Deth and Gnasher who make a dash for one
of the side passages. Next round Falrinth once again readies an attack (with haste on) he has
no problems moving back into his secret door. Deth steps out into the corridor and , i cant
remember if I then cast a Disintegrate, but once again the monk made his save. Falrinth was
starting to get concerned.

The Arrowhawks cast by Dugart start to arrive, but most are killed by a spell from the Taygor (12 Cleric)
and a nicely placed arrow by the Luksa.

Smigmal was getting impatient, and decides not to wait for her death attack, but just go for
a sneak, at the time the closest person was Kella (the Druid Spy) who helped heal the party
after the last battle. (Taygor The Cleric had True Seeing on so realized that he wasnt
a ogre + her aura neutral good). Smigmal lets loose and drops her with 50+ some damage.
Problem now is that even with improved invis, both the Luksa and Taygor and see her.
Smigmal drop the her dagger and draws her sword and tried to backoff.

The cleric casts a hold person, but she makes her save. Some arrows pound her, he tries to move
down the corridor to get away. She is then surrounded by a bunch of Arrowhawks, ( i made an
intelligence check to see if the Cleric could get them to attack the square Smigmal was in)
Even with the 50% miss chance then did plenty of damage. By this time the Vindin (1/9 ranger/fighter) moved
in to try to hit her with his blindfighting. After a while she just couldnt get away, Luksa

Deth and Gnasher approach the area where the secret door was and here movement from
behind it. (Falrinth is heading back to his room) They are joined by the Vindin
start chancing after Falrinth. They get to the closed door of Flarinth room and here
some noise. Falrinth waits near his Phase Door and readies to cast Finger of Death on
the PC who opens the door. Once again its Deth who makes his save but takes 26 points
of damage. Deth backsout and Falrinth 5ft steps into the Phase Door and is back in
the Area 14 at the end of the corridor.

During the chase after Falrinth, Taygor decides to investigate the corridor leading to
area 17 ,he takes his Arrowhawks just in case. Luksa starts rummaging through Smigmals
body and takes her stuff. As he looks at the items, he sees Falrinth appear at the end
of the corridor who start walking towards him. Luksa hides behind the body. Falrinth
stops and cast a Wall of Force blocking any persuit by the 3 fighters who are now coming
the room, thinking Falrinth must be here. They find the spell books and take all they find
once they realize he's not here. He then moves down the corridor and see that Smigmal is dead
and all her stuff gone, he doent see Luksa. Luksa waits ready to strike as Flarinth walks
past but decides not to, he is alone and doesnt take the risk.

Taygor finds and frees the enslaved Hobgoblems who run towards the exit. Falrinth here the
noise of Hobgoblins coming towards him. He decides to Teleport out of there. Luksa who was
following hidden, hears the spell being cast and see that the corridor is now empty.

They raise Kella and get some info from her and decide to camp outside. Ready to assault
the lower level. They do know about the Beholder so I can see a few Death Ward spells prepared.


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