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Here for a while
(3/17/03 7:26 am)
recruits question
Ok in the module it says that the temple recruits replacements at the rate of 20% for humanoids and 10% for monstrous types per week. Does this include higher level leaders as well?
Here is my situation.
My players bluffed their way past the main gate guards and got to the Earth temple living quarters area before they were discovered. They fought and killed the earth elemental, the manticore, the 2 higher level clerics, the Sword Master the 3rd level rogue and 3 trog warrior and 2 regular trogs....They then left and rebluffed their way past Mericlar and that group.
About a week later they come back and killed all the entrance guards but fearing that that a large group would come because an alarm was raised they ran off.
A week later they come back to find a small number of recruits and a bunch of undead - (the earth temple cleric collected the bodies and created undead with them) They then headed south into the mine and fought the basalisk. It turned 3 of them to stone. Having no way to deal with that they left and had to go all the way to Verbibonc to get changed back.
It has now been 6 weeks since their first assault on the CRM. Would the Earth temple replace the Sword Master, The thief and the 2 high level clerics with like NPC's if time allowed? Or would they just fill thier ranks with a bunch of warrior flunkies?? Also now that everyone of the main gate guards is dead would their be replacements there as well?

By the way my thoughts on how to calculate replacements I used the total HD of what was killed and did 20% of that times the Six weeks since they left the earth temple. (Total HD X .2) X 6. I came up with them being able to replace all the HD worth of humanoids they lost (actually plus some too but I don't want to make them even more powerful) For the manticore and the earth elemental I used the same method but only using 10% and they can only get part of the HD back for that.

Sorry the post is so long.

Thanks Tribal

Still here? Wow.
(3/17/03 7:33 am)
Re: recruits question
I think your calculation is sound. There is no guideline as to how to restock higher level occupants, so you will need to either choose some for yourself or move critters around in the mines. In this case, perhaps the water temple or the neighboring bridge complex starts moving counterclockwise and inhabiting vacant areas. Since you've already restocked once, it might be a good idea to just abandon the main entrance and earth temple. Perhaps a cleric stone shapes the entrance closed and one monster is left to guard it (e.g. an element of some sort), but it would then be left unattended unless the party goes away suddenly for a month or two.

You want to at least keep an eye towards avoiding bogging down the players in having to clear out the same area over and over again with low-level mooks. It will get boring, unless you really place interesting and meaningful encounters that aid in plot development (e.g. perhaps Tal decides to take a more active role and move into the main entrance, setting his lab up there).

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