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Looking around
(3/17/03 9:50 am)
Which Entrance
My group enters the CRM next week. I've prepared both entrances, but I'm a touch confused. The module leaves open a lot of information about the entrances; about the only thing distinguishing Main from South is the height of Main and the increased traffic to the South. I don't see how that makes South look more dangerous than Main, it could easily be interpreted either way.

Also, I'm not sure that South is harder than Main. Sure, the named opposition is a little nastier (Clr7, Ftr7, large air elemental and Clr4), but the supply of grunts is much less, and there's no huge howler :)

So what does practical experience tell us? Is south harder or is main harder? And which way have groups tended to go?

Here for a while
(3/17/03 2:24 pm)
Re: Which Entrance
IMO, the South Gate has a much larger chance of ending in a TPK.

Don't underestimate Confusion. If half the party is wandering about, the encounter becomes much more deadly. Add in a Hold Person, etc.

The Air Elemental can also wreak some havoc, especially if silenced and sent to the rear of the party where the spell chuckers lurk.

The Huge Howler has a nice chance of killing somebody, but a much smaller chance of killing everybody. A few failed saves at the South Gate and your fighter is beating on your cleric and your rogue is held and coup de grace'd, and your wizard is caught in a whirlwind.

Here for a while
(3/18/03 3:39 am)
Re: Which Entrance
Hmm, are air elementals invisible ??


Here for a while
(3/18/03 5:54 am)
No, air elementals aren't invisible, but putting silence on a 100 ft. movement creature with reach and sending him into the PCs' spellcasting group will have devastating effects on their offensive potential.

That's a good point about confusion. I had no idea it was that nasty. Fachish's confusion has a Will save DC of 18 :( That's just nasty.

Still, my question remains. If the south gate is indeed harder, what external evidence is there that PCs can use to determine that it is harder? Its more traveled, but you can read that either way.

Still here? Wow.
(3/18/03 6:29 am)
Re: Elementals
If the PCs interpret the fact that one entrance sees more visits as it being anything other than the front door and therefore probably more guarded, then they deserve the lesson in knowing when to run.

For the record, my crew found two trackes, with one being less traveled and in fact almost hidden, and they went up to the Main (Back) entrance.

And got their sorcerer killed by the Howler.

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Here to stay
(3/18/03 10:42 am)
Re: Elementals
My party dithered over the paths, before taken the one less traveled by, and it made all the difference.

While there is just a whole slough of baddies at the 'main' gate, they tend to be small. My party of 4 had some trouble with the bg guys, but the little ones were almost inconsequential except as providing a delay so that the spell caster could TRY and zap them (he was successful with a hold person on the BDF, but it was instantly disspelled by the party mage . . .)

The howler was a troublesome, but the BDF was able to lay into him, while never getting a quill lodged. Judicious use of extended buff spells, a rogue with Uncanny Dodge and a dose of Tanbrosh in him, and a Fighter/Mage (dwarf) with Mage Armor and Shield were able to stand up and take it.

Of course I forgot about the ballistae, and I accidently replaced about 10 humans with gnolls (there is a LOT of things to keep track of in this encounter). I think the confusion, et al. in the South Entrance would have made things MUCH more difficult.

Of course, I rolled more natural 20s in this battle than I've rolled in my entire gaming experience before this. I wish I could have given some retroactively to my Monk to make up for all those 1s I rolled.

There's no business like gnoll business

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