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Here for a while
(3/23/03 12:25 pm)
Previn's Campaign Log
Some of you may remember me from some time ago. I was a player in the RtToEE, and came here once we had finished to see if people wanted a players opinions.

Well, I?m now DMing a different group through RtToEE, and though I would share the campaign (as well as having a quick reference available for me).

Starting Party:

Ajtha Taal (Githzrei Monk 2)
Falwin Sevensteps (Human Ranger 4)
Evalynn Starbreeze (Human Bard 4)
?Bill? (Gnome Rogue/Illusionist 2/2)
Bayax (Hobgoblin Fighter 4)

My first though: Cool mostly fighter types.

My second though: Hmm...a bard is their only healing, hehehehe.

So how did this motley crew come together?

Evalynn, being a bard, came across the history of the Battle of Emridy Meadows, and so is headed for Hommlet to find out more about the history. She has brought with her her friend ?Bill? who enjoys recreating scenes from the past with his illusions and Taal, as extra muscle. On the way to Hommlet, they met up with Bayax and Falwin, who were arguing on the side of the road. Evalynn solved their dispute (sort of), and they just kind of tagged along after that.

So the crew arrives at Hommlet. the first words out of anyone's mouth?

Bayax: Who names a town Hommlet?

Yeah. So while Evalynn and Bill go and question the locals about history and recent going ons, the rest of the group head over to the Welcome Wench. Evalynn and Bill find out about the Moathouse (several times) and Jaroo?s assistant acting strange. They also learn that the ruined temple has hobgoblins and about Spugnor being missing. Evalynn promises Renne to look for her father the next day before heading back to the Inn and telling the others.

Chatrilon is at the inn and is listening to Evalynn informing the others of what she has learned. He approaches the group, and introduces himself as a local scout, and offers to lead them around (mainly away from the moat house to the old temple and the hobgoblins). Unfortunately, I have him come off as a little bit too wet behind the ears, and the party turns him down as inexperienced. I push a little more and the keep brushing him off, so I send him off to warn the others at the mill house.

Come the following morning, the party assembles outside the church of Pelor for a quick blessing and heads off for the moathouse. Two Yeth Hounds and two days later they arrive outside the moathouse. And spend about an hour scouting the outside of it. The group moves in in sneak mode after spotting the new planks.

It is at this point that I notice that Bill, the Rogue/Illusionist is the least sneaky of the group, having spent no ranks in Move Silently where as everyone else did. In the end it doesn?t really matter, as Utreshimon has a total of 30 on his listen check, so just as the party starts to move form the courtyard to the great hall, he lets loose a breath weapon. It catches Taal and Fawlin, both of whom make their saves, taking 0 and 11 damage respectively. And then Utreshimon flies out into the courtyard, and the players panic, for all of about three seconds.

Utreshimon gets a 1 on his initiative roll, thus letting the players have at him.

Bayax and Falwin take up flaking positions, and engage. Falwin is duel wielding battle axes, but can?t seem to roll high enough to hit. Bayax using a sharktooth staff (from savage species), has no problems. Evalynn starts up Bardic Music:Inspire, and moves next to Falwin. Taal and Bill the set up flanking Utreshimon as well, and attack. Taal, figuring his attack bonus is low any ways, flurries, rolling a 14 and a 20. So he confirms, with a 17 (21 exactly) and Bill decides that that was so cool, he?s going to do it. He rolls a 20, and confirms with an 18, with a light pick, you know the one with the x4 crit.

And does 4 damage. Turns out Bill has a str of 7.

Utreshimon is down 35 before he even gets a real action, and is none to happy about it. He starts to hover, kicking up the dust and lays into the person in front of him, which is Bayax. For 10.

And Bayax thanks him by smacking him for 15. Of course Fawlin is also going, and hits with an ax, Evalynn continues singing and then Bill and Taal go. Now Bill hits, for 1 and Taal completely misses.

Utreshimon is now missing 56 HP, and may not survive another round. So he breaths on Bayax and Evalynn, and then flees. They both fail and each take 25. Painful for Bayax, -11 for Evalynn.

At this point, the group is completely without healing, and some Bayax is at about half, so the grab Evalynn?s body and flee back to Hommlet.

Evalynn is buried with all of her equipment about half a day from Hommlet. the group talks over her grave about what to do since she was the main reason they were there, until Taal speaks up.

?Revenge is as good a reason as any for me.?


So the party stays at the inn for a few days before heading back out. While there, they run into Chatrilon, who questions them about everything, and practically trips over himself when they mention the dragon. He quickly excuses himself and heads out of town to the mill to inform the other cultists.

Stop for the night there, with the intent of picking up next week the following morning.

I have a question though, I?ve giving the party xp for driving Utreshimon off, but I intend to have him come back once he?s healed up. Should the party drive him away again, or kill him, should they get xp a second time for it? My gut says yes, but I?m not sure.

Still here? Wow.
(3/23/03 1:20 pm)
Re: Previn's Campaign Log

Utreshimon will be healed up in 5 days time (12hp/night to heal 56hp of damage). And sure thing they get experience the second time around, especially if he heals up. If he didn't heal up you could just reduce the XP, but they should still get some. However, you might want to think about the idea that Big U go to the Temple and bully his way in there, as new leader.

So, their only source of healing is dead? Mayhap Evalynn will play a cleric?

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