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Still here? Wow.
(3/24/03 8:05 am)
Recovered Temple alerted and concerned
Ok, so here's the situation. The PCs caught the DD organization a bit off guard by "suddenly" abandoning the CRM, and wind walking over the course of two days to Hommlet. Day 3 since leaving the CRM, and they've launched a furious morning assault on the Recovered Temple. Everything rooms 1-10 is dead or fled (the Hobgoblin Slaves have been freed, and are deep in the Gnarley by now).

I know I have PCs coming back to assault again, and that they're likely to show up in the morning (they're nothing if not consistant).

What's changed? What's the strategy and approach? Should I advance the timeline (Purple Worm is slain, Greater Temple ritual is completed) or stick with it as-is? How do I draw back and fortify what I've got?

I'm sorely tempted to, as a bare minimum, withdraw everyone and everything to the lower level, leaving either nothing at all, or some "Planar Allied" creatures on the upper level, perhaps a scout as well to alert them to the precice time of the PC's coming.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

Here for a while
(3/24/03 10:26 am)
Re: Recovered Temple alerted and concerned
My group did much the same...

With the ogres, elemental and giants all slain (one ogre got away - ran all the way to the work-crews on the lower level to raise the alarm) my group investigated just far enough to meet Kex the beholder (killed him) then pulled out (minus one PC, plus one pile of dust).

So they came back the next day after Ressurecting powder-boy.

Some background:
A few days before Hedrack sent a Sending to the Second warning that the CRM was under repeated assault by adventurers, but nothing specific or suggesting a threat to the excavations.

Sooooo the DDs have now lost their skilled diggers (the giants) and their rock-eater (Kex w Disintegrate) to some unidentified attackers - the ogre couldn't give them much.
They abandoned the upper level completely, leaving Dugart to get what further information he could from Falrinth and Smigmal.
Their plans to complete the excavation have suffered a major setback and they need to rethink their strategy.
The Second sends Lareth into the Fire node for now ('for your safety') while it decides how to proceed.
The two iron golems are placed on the first set of stairs, with orders to attack any humanoid that approaches them (the DoomDreamers can order them not to attack anyway) and to advance and engage if they hear battle ahead (in the Ropers room).

So far so good - the rest of the DoomDreamers are left at their posts, though the diggers are set to clearing a gate corridor (earth IMC) with the aid of a summoned earth elemental.

For guardians upstairs in case the attackers return, the DDs can set a couple of Glyphs of Warding (or Greater Glyphs) and possibly summon a beastie to stand guard (I skipped the glyphs and used a Rukarazyl, which is evil, ousidery, betentacled and earthy...and can Teleport Without Error as well as being damned hard to kill - CR14).

Other than that Falrinth and Smigmal (and Dugart) can continue to occupy their hidden chambers - Falrinth can set a silent Alarm spell on the corridor so that he knows when someone comes near (triggered by creatures above size Tiny - lasts 28 hours) - careful (with Detect Magic) folk should be able to find and Dispel it without setting it off.

Falrinth should probably be ready to leave at a few moments' notice once he learns that something killed all those giants, though he might try to hide his cowardice from Dugart et. al.

Dugart has Ethereal Jaunt and Word of Recall as escape routes so he can go raise the alarm - Falrith has Teleport and a scroll of Teleport IIRC - Smigmal will have to rely on one or other of her 'allies' to get her out, though she could have a scroll of Dimension Door...

Once downstairs, Ropers, plus Golems in position to move up, plus the ogre elite warriors standing by near the side passages in case battle is joined upstairs...and the DoomDreamers should be alerted by screams/explosions when the PCs come to call.

I had Susain sacraficing Spugnoir (NPC friend of a PC, captured along with Y'Dey when they went snooping at the Old Temple) when the PCs arrived - they got a brief few rounds to try to save him.
I wish I'd made more of it actually - given the PCs another round or two - stopping the evil sacrifice is an old classic - even better if you know and care for the victim.
Make the most of the Eye - and make saves for Susain and any other witnesses present - sauce for the goose :)

And the Second can lurk behind the purple curtain 'watching' (I use Thrommel's Grell-Second - he's nasty).

As you still have Kex, he'd be pulling extra shifts on his own I guess (and demanding more goodies - I'd move his lair to downstairs and have him sit out any fighting - moving him up to watch the stairs (and the Iron Golems) is just too much).

Beware of escalating ELs here - Susain (CR 13) + the Second (CR 15/16) after 2 Iron Golems (CR 11 each, 12 IMC) and 2 Big Ropers (CR 11) and some Ogre Elite (7x CR 8 each) is not pleasant...
...then add in the remaining DDs and the party's over.
I've had to pull some serious punches and still just killed the 14th level fighter.
Maybe Kella can provide a distraction/rockfall to block their path/some other timely aid (IMC she went mad and ended up being knocked out by mad dwarf PC - :( )

And a whole evening's play where your character is barking mad (Insanity effect from the Eye) and hallucinating is no fun.

Grumgarr - who wishes morale was higher after a brutal day's combat slog with no pleasant end in sight.

Still here? Wow.
(3/24/03 11:57 am)
Re: Recovered Temple alerted and concerned
I think that if you pull everyone back, you'll end up with a serious problem, because that's a lot of concentrated fire-power.

As of now, you've got:
  • Kex the Beholder - not too bad at this point, but if he's backing up some decent fighters, the party will be in a world of hurt.
  • Smigmal Redhand (Ftr5/Rog2/Asn7)
  • Dugart (Clr10/DD2)
  • Falrinth (Wiz14)
  • 2 Ropers
  • 2 Iron Golems
  • 7 Elite Ogres
  • 2 Rakshasa
  • Estalion (Sor6/Clr6/DD1)
  • Thuchos Nalred (Clr9/DD3)
  • Susain Carun (Rog2/Clr8/DD3)
  • The Second (Aboleth Clr7/DD1)
  • - and its large water elemental

That's an EL well into the 20s, innit?

I'd have hedrack formulate his warning so as to leave Falrinth and Smigmal high and dry. Dugart might stay with them because he's got a soft spot for Smigmal, and Falrinth will of course take his Ropers with him. In conjunction with Kex the Beholder, that might make for a nasty encounter.

Down in the Temple proper, The Second (are you using Thrommel's grell, BTW?) will lead the Doomdreamers, probably with some of them standing behind the curtain using the peepholes in area 30 to launch spells from. The ogres and the golems will provide fighting power, possibly with the Rakshasa moving along disguised as ogres, while you've got Estalion, Thuchos, and Susain as spell power.

That would provide a battle royal, and one that the group would be lucky to escape from.

Once they return after that, they can come upon the ceremony and the final showdown.

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Still here? Wow.
(3/24/03 12:05 pm)
Re: Recovered Temple alerted and concerned
No, I'm not using the Grell Second. I am personally quite fond of Aboleth, and find the visual of the floating sheath of water too much to pass up. Grell, to my mind, just work better as beings too alien to have any sort of place in the structure. I don't see one as being able to run this operation, not for lack of intellect, but for lack of a common frame of reference.

Aboleth, however, are VERY good at cruel, efficient employment and management of humanoids and other varous minions.

That, and my party's nowhere near as difficult to fool with illusions than Thrommel's.

Still haven't heard any good, solid opinions about keeping or tossing the Purple Worm sounds like Siobharek is suggesting they be done doing that, as they're "available" as spell power.

I do like the idea of having a lot of excavation on a second tunnel done...actually, I think I'll take it a step even further and have all four passages dug out, but having the other three dull, unlit, like "nothing special", while the fire node passage (and portal room) is awash in orange light, showing definate signs of "life".

If the PCs are stealthy, I might even let them listen in on an argument about where "those accursed power stones" are located, and realize that they're exceedingly close to having bigger problems on their hands.

Other ideas, suggestions, perspectives? I have to assume that the Recovered Temple is only rarely taken in a single attempt, so this has to come up fairly often.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

Cordo Crowfoot
Here to stay
(3/24/03 5:16 pm)
Re: Recovered Temple alerted and concerned
Other ideas, suggestions, perspectives? I have to assume that the Recovered Temple is only rarely taken in a single attempt, so this has to come up fairly often.Unfortunately probably most people who have gone this far wrap up the module fairly soon afterwards (if the group hasn't already done the Inner Fanes), and stop frequenting the board.

As a general trend I've noticed less and less feedback the further people go (tons for the Moathouse/Nulb, less for the CRM, and little for the fanes and recovered temple) which is why threads like this will be an invaluable resource (and hopefully pg. 21 will stay up so they will be available indefinitely).

"They were immediately and absolutely recognizable as adventurers. They were hardy and dangerous, lawless, stripped of allegiance or morality, living off their wits, stealing and killing, hiring themselves out to whoever and whatever came... They were scum who died violent deaths, hanging on to a certain cachet among the impressionable through their undeniable bravery and their occasionally impressive exploits" China Mieville, Perdido Street Station

Here for a while
(3/24/03 8:54 pm)
Re: Recovered Temple alerted and concerned
My 2cp.

So in the upper level you've only got Smigmal, Falrinth, Dugart and Kex left. As disappointing as it may be I don't see a huge reason for Falrinth and Smigmal to stick around. They've shown the Doomdreamers where the secret entrance is, helped them locate the entrances to the nodes, and now are just sticking around for the occasional piece of loot that might turn up. They've most likely already been paid, and well at that. They know a powerful group is headed their way, and this is a fight they don't need. Unless you just can't resist running them they don't even need to be a factor anymore, although I'd sure hate not being able to run them against my party.

As for the others I figure Kex would be taken below to help facilitate opening up the entrances to the other nodes. Dugart moves below as well.

Wall of stone is a 5th level cleric spell. Have them wall up the passage into area 18 with a few of them. They should have enough provisions for a while. But what does it matter, anyway? Soon the Dark God will be free and the need for provisions will cease to be. They don't need a way out.

Keep the ropers positioned where they are and support them with the iron golems as well. The elite ogres would probably be conscripted as manual labor helping Kex, but ready to respond to an intrusion quickly.

As a neat diversion for yourself, if you have the time, run the fight between the purple worm and its ghostly ally against the two Doomdreamers and see what the result is. That way you can find out if it really is dead or just wounded and angry. And maybe the ghost would then become a temporary ally of the party if handled correctly. Plus it might weaken two Doomdreamers and make it just a bit eassier on the PCs...but not much.

As for the rest, they're just waiting for the end. Literally. The rakshasa's I don't know about. Maybe they're the elite bodyguards of the Second?

Anyway, good luck. My group is assaulting the Inner Fane right now and will soon progress to the Recovered Temple, so I'm interested to see how things turn out.

Still here? Wow.
(3/24/03 11:45 pm)
Re: Recovered Temple alerted and concerned
The Purple Worm...

I don't really see any reason for it to be there. It's a cool idea, especially with Senshock the former Head Wizard of the old temple taking a liking to it, but...

Especially if you're making a concerted, last stand, I'd leave it out of the equation.

Then again... :evil : If the Doomdreamers figure out that there's a ghost wizard loooking out for the worm, the aboleth could certainly make some nasty illusion on top of the party that could make the worm lunge out, followed shortly by a ghost 9th-level wizard. It would for instance make for a brutal fight on the staircase between the two Recovered Temple-areas.

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Can't leave now (mod)
(3/26/03 2:32 pm)
Re: Recovered Temple alerted and concerned
Having been there and done that, here's some random ideas:
  • Start using atmospherics to freak out the players. The DD's realize they have to make their plan move, and the players need to feel that same pressure. I had the entire area surrounding the Temple catch fire. Once the players had a chance to rest and recover spells, the drumbeats started. Drumbeats that could be felt for miles around. Time to build some tension.
  • A really nasty ambush is to have the rakshasa's pretend to be battered aand bruised slaves who got missed the first time the party swept through the complex. Have Falrinth and Smigal back them up. (Heck, maybe Smigal is disguised as a hobgoblin too.) Pretty lethal, use at your own risk. Make sure Falrinth teleports away when the heat is on.
  • Leave the purple worm in. The main purpose, as I see it, is to explain why the doomdreamers aren't all marshalled together in attack formation -- they have things to deal with! I'd advance the fight so when the PC's swing by the two DD's have actually begun attacking the purple worm. The PC's can then aid or ignore as they see fit. (Basically, this takes those two clerics and the purple worm out of the equation or severely weakens them, but they're a sideline to the main action anyhow.)
  • Reinforce the ropers. This is the major chokepoint to level two - an alert temple is going to recognize that. I reinforced them with Kex, but I like the idea of Kex being on 24/7 mining duty. (Plus that combo is almost as lethal as Kex + iron golems, which is just TPK time.) Weaker options include Dugart and the Elite Ogres.
  • Iron golems hold the stairs - pretty self-explanatory.
  • Motivate the players to continue to the Greater Temple using a rising drumbeat, the sounds of chanting, etc. Be sure to really play up the atmospherics at this point.
  • Susain Carun is in the Greater Temple performing the ceremony described. She's in a hurry to get things done. By herself, I think Susain will be a bit of a pushover, but we haven't used Kex yet, so this is where we have the beholder surprise from one of the other node tunnels. Note that I'd rule the anti-magic cone will ruin the ritual being performed, so Kex has been told to be VERY judicious in its use. (Or not, and Susain will fly into a frenzy when the ceremony gets fragged.)
  • The aboleth Second lurks in the back, exactly as described.

Basically, I don't think you need to adjust too much. Remember, the events laid out in the room descriptions are encounter snapshots, but they don't have to be contiguous. (ie the purple worm encounter can be 'frozen' in time until the players get there...)

The toughest combat here will be the rakshasa/assassin/wizard ambush. They may decide to retreat after that, but I think they can sweep through and take the rest of the Temple if they're buffed to the gills like they ought to be.

The biggest danger is if they go wandering through the curtain after they've spent all their firepower. I almost killed some PC's with the encounter with the Second.

Also note that the tentacle curtain is pretty hinky. The mechanics on that just aren't very clean - be sure to take a second look before you run it.

Hope that helps, good luck.

-Thrommel, who says "Never trust a clean mechanic."

Here for a while
(3/26/03 7:17 pm)
re: recoverd temple alerted and concerned
Here are some things I used in my campaign and how they played out:

The PCs got a free shot when they entered the recovered temple for the first time but after that I placed a few alarm type spells in key areas to help alert the doomdreamers. IIRC the first excursion got the party thru the entire upper level. Going downstairs they encountered the ropers, iron golems, ogres, and Smigmal. Both Smigmal and Falrinth were there but I played Falrinth as cautious so he watched from hiding but did not participate.

In this battle the PCs killed all of the above mentioned NPCs. I kept the purple worm and during the above battle I had Dugart and Estalion come from that area and cast a spell or two before falling back to the main temple area. After the battle the PCs wanted to see what the two doomdreamers were up to but didn't feel comfortable following them down that main hall. They decided to check out where they came from and ended up killing the purple worm (but not after it swallowed the paladin!). Once this was done they left the temple again to rest.

The second excursion was a battle royale. The PCs knew the only way to go was down that main hall. The enemy consisted of Susain, Dugart, Thucos, Estalion, Falrinth, and a balor (planar ally). This was an awesome battle in which after 14 rounds (about 7-8 hours) the PCs fled the scene without killing one NPC (though Estalion was turned to stone)!! The three main things that attributed to this were:

1. I placed an energy transformation field (FR spell) in the middle of the temple area that charged a greater dispelling spell.

2. Falrinth mass hasted all involved for 14 rounds

3. I swapped Estalion's wand (which was 5th level spell anyway) to a wand of enervation. Ranged touch with no save taking 1-4 negative levels wreaked havoc among the PCs. The cumulative -1 to hit/ negative level really had the fighters struggling to take anyone down.

The balor was almost a non factor but did get off a blasphemy before being sent back to his home plane via a cleric spell I can't seem to recall at the moment. I also placed a forcecage on the strongest fighter in the group. This battle had the PCs very frustrated and determined to take them out next time.

The third excursion was a rematch of the prior battle with the PCs learning a bit and winning the fight this time. The balor and Falrinth were gone this time but I replaced them with the Second and Lareth. Evereyone was defeated but Lareth who escaped to the Fire Node. The group looted and left to fight another day and planned to enter the Fire Node next.

The fourth time the group entered the Fire Node and defeated some of the giants and elementals there. Eventually they fell back however and retreated back to town. This is where I mixed things up a bit. I figured Lareth has watched this group get thru alot of their troops and keep on coming so I decided he would attempt to summon Tharizdun without all of the power gems.

This turned out to be the fifth and final time the PCs entered the recovered temple. I set it up where Imix and Lareth waited in the room with the three altars and Maliskra and a red dragon waited in the greater temple area. The party battled their way thru the greater temple and into the back room to have the party paladin catch the orb in mid-flight as Imix hurled it towards the energy field.

Once the group had the orb in their possession they drew Imix and Lareth out into the greater temple area where the final battle took place with the PCs being victorious. Lareth attempted to escape but he failed and was killed trying to re-enter the Fire Node.

Thats how it ended for my players. They seemed to enjoy it quite a bit and I was glad I switched the ending. A couple things of note:

1. I would keep the purple worm as well. I think it makes the environment more believeable.

2. The ropers need some support as stated earlier.

3. Environmental issues are key to setting the tone. I had a major emphasis on fire towards the end. Lakes were on fire at this point and I also had fire spells encompass a larger area of effect which may catch the party off guard the first time it happens.

4. I had to monitor these final battles very carefully. Alot of powerful magic is being thrown around at this point so if I thought the PCs were in big trouble I'd play up the insanity a bit for the NPCs. This kept the players on edge and gave the NPCs a nutty feel.

5. I did alter Lareth according to the BoB and gave him all 4 elemental templates and it worked well. Magically he wasn't much but the PCs thought he was a freak which was what I wanted them to think so it worked well.

I can't think of anything else to add at this point. I didn't get the chance to use the rakshasa and I regret that so maybe have an option in case the party doesn't investigate the area where they are hiding. If I come up with anything else I will post it right away.

Good luck.


Still here? Wow.
(3/27/03 7:30 am)
Re: Recovered Temple alerted and concerned
Even more good material. Let me toss a few more thoughts out for comment.

1) I like Thrommel's suggestion of the Rakshasa ambush, and agree that they need backup. I'm probably going to send it in the form of just Falrinth though. The PCs don't have +3 weapons yet, and that could lead to two very deadly Rakshasas.

2) I'm thinking of "bringing it home to them" a bit as well. My thoughts is that, at this point, the DDs know not only that they're being attacked, but have a good guess (via Hedrack) as to whom. Sending someone to attack the party in Hommlet is virtual suicide...but perhaps Smigal could manage to get in and take out someone else...Y'Day perhaps, or Rufus and Burne? Disguised as one of the PCs, perhaps Spud would be the most likely, he could cut the PCs support out from under them, and get them REALLY mad. All it puts at risk is some extra RP time.

3) I think I'll put Kex downstairs, also as suggested, and bring him in during the Greater Temple conflict (after having gotten done disintegrating out a tunnel towards one of the other nodes). I'm also thinking of having Lareth on site, but have him make a run for it as soon as the PCs arrive on scene. I'm not as excited about making him a multi-templated monstrosity, although he's certainly not afraid to use the Orb of Oblivion to snipe at the PCs, given the opportunity.

4) I'm also considering making the Succubus from the well into a Posessor (BoVD rules) and having her try to sneak her way into the group as an item. Would still love a suggestion for how best to go about that, especially coupled with a way to avoid the inevitable "Detect Evil" the PCs so long to throw about. Ever since Lyssa got that wand, she's acting like a )%#)%#)%# Paladin.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

Still here? Wow.
(3/28/03 7:17 am)
Re: Recovered Temple alerted and concerned
Still would appreciate any thoughts on my assassination efforts. I figure Smigal is going to be well motivated by the prospect of earning some "overtime pay".

Also, I had another idea last night. I don't want to resort to this sort of "big stick" measure, but it might make for a desperation ploy for PCs who just aren't "getting it" for another DM down the line (although how such PCs would even reach this far in the module escapes me).

What would happen if Imix decided he was bored with wating, brushed aside the concerns that he "must" remain safe, grabbed a Refuge stick, and headed for Hommlet to just blatantly lay waste to the town for the sheer sake of pyromaniaic pleasure?

What would happen if the victims he incinerated rose up immediately as "Burning Dead" from the new monster section of the book?

What would happen if, when the PCs approach to attack him, he responds with, basically, "come and try, pitiful creatures" and refuges back to the Fire Node to await the PC's assault, leaving them to deal with a host of Burning Dead and a summoned Elder Fire Elemental still loose in the town?

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

Can't leave now (mod)
(3/28/03 7:57 am)
Re: Recovered Temple alerted and concerned
My question is: does the assassination stuff derail the storyline too much. The way I look at it, you're building to this big climax (honestly, you probably only have maybe 4-5 sessions left at this point).

Do you want to sidetrack the story by framing the PC's? I find that any time you frame the party it's frustrating to the players, because THEY all know they didn't do it.

Now, on the other hand, if you want Smigal to go in and arrange an 'accident' that kills Y'Dey (goodbye major healing) and subtly lets the party know they aren't as safe as they think they might be, that's cool. I think Smigal would be up for that.

Smigal might even try impersonating Y'Dey for a while - that could be a cool scene with the party: Y'Dey summons them in for a final blessing, pulls one aside for some special spell and WHAM with the death attack.

I got nothing for you on the BoVD stuff - like many of the books I've bought in the past six months I unfortunately haven't had time or occasion to sit down and work through it.

I'm not a big fan of the rampaging Imix scenario, just because I think you'd have most of Greyhawk descending on the place in a matter of a day or two.

I like the visuals, I think it's really a big whack with the clue bat, so a party would have to be pretty slow to deserve this one. On the other hand, there's nothing more tedious that waiting those 12 extra hours for someone to scribe a scroll or whatever so the party can be completely prepared.

The world is ending, it ain't waiting if you ain't ready!

-Thrommel, who ain't ready, but ain't waiting either.

Still here? Wow.
(3/28/03 10:08 am)
Re: Recovered Temple alerted and concerned
Assassinate, Disguise, and attempt a DA on a PC...I like it. Fits better, and works better than a "framing" at this stage (save that for "Jaroo" and the early-game).

I'll save "Rampaging Imix" for if the PCs continue to try and treat this like a dungeon crawl...kill a few rooms, go home, rest...kill a few rooms, go home, rest. Like I said, I'm not at that stage now, but it's an idea.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

Looking around
(3/30/03 10:23 pm)
Recovered Temple (current situation)
The PC's hae made there way down to the lower levels on the temple. I had put Kex with the Ropers plus 2 stone giants at the base of the stairs to guard the area.

The PC's had spent the previous nght resting after the battle with Smigmal, Dugart and Falrinth.

They use silence to sneak into position to attack the Beholder and attempt to surprise it, which works perfectly. After the suprise round the Beholder takes about 50 hit points of damage. Luckly it won init or it probably would have died before attacking. It was going to be hard for it to hit any of the PC due to there high AC, save and then miss chances caused by displacement and other spells. The ropers came in, probably should have got attacks on PC's without there dex bonus because no one spotted them. (this comes back to the debate, if you have acted then you are no longer flat- footed ..right). There tenticles hits often and only a summoned monster failed there save against the Str sapping, The barbarians axe made short work of the tenticles, the Ropers lasted about 4-5 rounds. The Stone giants were pre-occupied with the fighter ranger, who has a AC of about 36. The giants hit a few times for some nice damage but were also taking some nasty arrow hits from imp/invis mage/thief. 1 giant died the other ran up the stairs towards the temple and elite guards.

Inpro/Invis mage/thief attempts to follow and stops at the top of the stairs where he see 7 elite ogres. He casts an lighting bolt 10 ft wide and does about 38hp's of damage (only 2 save). Thuchos, Estalion, Susain + Dugart are in Area 29. Thuchos see the lighting bolt come down the corridor and casts a confuse in the area it came from. The Mage/Thief fails and is now confused :)

Meanwhile the other characters heal up and the Monk also goes up the stairs, the Iron Golems come to life and move towards him, he retreats.

Thats where we left it.

As you can see their is pleaty of firepower ready to meet the party, i'll probably follow the book and get Thucos to cast a blade barrier on the steps and then true seeing to if he can see the invis mage/thief. I think
they will try to protect the temple and let the Golems deal with them, while they continue with the ritual.

Im going to make Xaod the man on the altar (he partied with the party at one stage). Id image they would have
to get pretty close to recognize who is on the altar.

If the ritual is uninterupted then Xaod dies and amulet of Natural armor (+5) appears. Is there any other purpose to this ritual? How long does it take to perform?


Still here? Wow.
(3/31/03 8:08 am)
Re: Recovered Temple (current situation)
My own session is in my own campaign log (Andorax's Sunday Night Campaign). My group got a little further...past the Iron Golems and the Ogres...but is in basically the same place.

Tactical suggestions for Dugart, Susain and Lareth...with Kex in the Fire Node Tunnel, and The Second behind the curtain, are most welcome. The PCs are behind a Wall of Force and, OOC, I can anticipate a Stoneshape next round to open a hole.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

Here for a while
(3/31/03 10:19 am)
Re: Recovered Temple (current situation)
"(this comes back to the debate, if you have acted then you are no longer flat- footed ..right)."

Correct if you have acted then you are not flat-footed. However, if you are unaware of your attacker you do not have a Dex bonus vs. them; which is pretty much the same thing.

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