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Mister J
Looking around
(3/24/03 10:30 pm)
Question of Sale
This is a very broad question, and can probably be used in many other situations, but I'll go ahead and ask here as it pertains to the temple game I'm running.

Dragon parts. Now, my party came to the conclusion that dragon parts are probably pretty valuable, as not many people face a dragon and kill it succesfully. So, they chopped it up and took away what they thought might be worth something. They have it stored at Rufus and Burne's, or IMC, Stonn and Jason's, to keep it safe. When they decide to sell it, what would a good price be, if anyone would even buy the stuff? There is not mention of it in the books that I have seen, so I don't know what to go on. I don't want to sound like a jerk and say no one wants it, cause I'm sure someone could use it, but I also don't want to give them lots of cash for something that could be worthless...

So, for say, dragon claws, teeth, heart, and wing parts, what would be a good price? Just trying to be fair and all, so any help is appreciated.


Here quite a while
(3/24/03 11:33 pm)
Re: Question of Sale
I have experienced the same questions from my player, at various times, through the course of my 3rd edition stewardship. The problem and answer can be found in the "generic" magic item creation feats. The item creation feats (Brew Potion, Craft Wand, Scribe Scroll, etc ...) all have a creation cost but never specify exactly what it is you're purchasing with that gold. I have assumed that part of the cost is for unspecified unique ingredients.

How does this help? Well, you look in the DMG for a magic item that might use the powdered extract of "monster X" in its creation process. Let's use the Goggles of the Night (darkvision 60 feet). This item creation process may require the ocular fluid from a creature that possess darkvision as a material component. The cost of the Goggles is 8,000 gold pieces but only half that is the creation cost (4,000 gp) and only a fraction of that cost should be considered for the cost for unique ingredients (1/8 to a 1/4 perhaps?). In addition, the eyes of a dragon should be of higher magical quality then the eyes of a goblin (both have darkvision). Therefore a pair of dragon eyes might go for 500-1000 gp while a pair of goblin eyes might go for 1/100th that price (5-10 gp is still too high for goblin eyes, but you get the idea ... there aren't going to be too many players collecting parts from goblins to sell as components ... so I encourage upon my player to scavange only from "mythical", hard-to-kill creatures like dragons. Now 1000 gp might seem a steep price for a pair of eyes, but I don't mind because most of the time that they have killed a dragon they never found its lair and it gives them some monetary reward for their efforts.

Finally, I made the point to my players that it doesn't matter how much of an item you have it will sell for the same price ... that is there's no benefit of having 10 pounds of dragon brain as opposed to just an 6 oz. vial of dragon brain fluid because each monster is unique and its properties can only be utilized for one magic item.

Overall, I have managed to slim down the amount of scavenging my players do. The last dragon they killed (the random encountered white dragon) they took its hide, a vial of brain fluid, a vial of blood, a vial of dragon tongue tissue, a vial of dragon eye fluid and then a few claws and teeth as trophies. Before I put rules down on scavenging they'd spend half the night figuring out how they were going to preserve and transport, a corpse the size of a horse (large dragon) to the nearest town. Now, they just bottle up the stuff they think might be useful and the PC wizard haggles a price out the next time they are in a town big enough to have a need for their little vials of ichor and such. The method I use is VERY subjective and my players are generally glad to get anything for their efforts ... the only rule I try to keep is that the more powerful the monster the more valuable its "parts". It certainly is not a perfect system but it seems to have made my players happy.

That's my suggestion for you ... hope it helps.

Mister J
Looking around
(3/25/03 11:14 am)
Actually, that helps out quite a bit! I knew it could be a valuable trade, but I didn't really have a reason why. Your logic helps to clear things up a bit.

Of course, I'm also going to make them travel to a larger city than a small town like Hommlet. No one there has much use for parts like those, but I'm sure with a little work they can find a buyer in a large city without too much problem.

Thanks again.


The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(3/25/03 2:35 pm)
Re: re
you're probably reffering to utreshimon's corpse?

a) if yo've got it stored somewhere, the meat will spoil and it'll be useless soon (a few days at best)

b) the entire skin (all scales) can be used for 1 shield (which grants elemental resistance lightning 5) or a pair of boots with the same statistics, more of the skin can't be used, since not all scales are usable as such

c) the meat can be sold (although there's quite a bit of it) if they hurry (it tastes quite well i believe), but due to the quantity of it, the price will be low

so in general, a dead dragon that is too young (like big U) isn't worth overly much, but chymon would be, since there's skin and scales enough there to make a full suit of armor!

Mister J
Looking around
(3/25/03 10:05 pm)
re re re
Actually, my thief/sorc took some scales, but has no idea of making into armor or whatnot. Actually, he is having a cloak made with the scales sewn into it. The cloak itself will be of no special use, but as he gets more money, he seeks to enchant it with protection from lightning and maybe an AC bonus. It's more a question of style in his case, I believe.

Lord Krolar
Looking around
(3/26/03 8:49 am)
Dragon Parts???
I cannot believe you let them hack up the dragon for parts, J. :eek

I agree with the meat spoilage, though - too much time out of doors is bad for anything raw. :x

As for the "hard" parts, like claws, teeth, etc. - I wouldn't let them get too Monty Hall on you. Maybe have a travelling salesman come through and swap some potions and a few golds for the hard parts. And, maybe have the Inn buy the meat for a local feast, and share the profits with the party. Too bad Troy's gotta be so damn stylish - the lightning shield would probably be pretty useful for the group's fighter.:hat

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