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Here for a while
(3/27/03 6:33 am)
Kyles Campaign Log !!!
The Companions:

Parvati (Pai for her friends), female Cansin Rog2/Sor1
Fendon, male human Sor4
Bullwyf, male human Ftr2/Bar2
Alrik, human Ftr2/Necro2
forgot his name, so we call him John Doe, human cleric4 of Osiris

Just summarizing the first sessions …

The Beginning

It all began with John Doe being sent on a mission by his superiors to atone for some wrongs he did. In fact he had been sent into exile and was never suspected to survive and return (which turned out to be true as we will see). So John Doe arrived in the heartlands on his pilgrimage, hired a woodsman and scout (Bullwyf) and found another companion on the way (Alrik, a wanderer). They arrived in Verbobonc gathering information about the area in which evil seemed to be on the rise in some way or the other ... or so John Doe has been told.
They stayed a few days and met Parvati, a local rogue, who looked for an opportunity to free herself from her bondage to the resident thieves guild, the Vanishing Moons. So they took her in and set out for Hommlet, a little village the informations seemed to point at.
At the city gates they then met a Sorcerer arguing with the guards who wouldnīt let him enter the city, since just that day, by edict, no non-resident arcane magic user would be permitted in the city until the unveiling of a mysterious murder.
So foaming and fuming the sorcerer turned and with having nothing better to do he joined the four companions.


John Doe took kind of a leading role from the start and a few days, an ogre and some orc raiders later, they arrived in Hommlet. Instantly getting comfortable at the Welcome Wench and using the rest of the day to relax. So in the evening they came to know Redithidor, whom they pity, Chatrilon whom they canīt put anywhere, Maridosen, Elmo and a few people I made up.

They started gathering information that night and over the next day and find out about the moathouse, thinking it was the Old Temple and decide to pay a visit.

The Moathouse

Another day and some preparations later they were on (having taken in Chat, who is kind of a treasure hunter himself, or so he said :) ), dispatching some wolves on the way and meeting Old Del, who tells them about the dragon. Surprisingly, they seem to believe him.

Anyway, to shorten this. They entered cautiously, but still were surprised by the dragon. Big U. managed to kill Bullwyf and was brought down soon after. Chat spent his time hiding from the dragon.
After the fight they returned to Hommlet to regenerate. They buried Bullwyf, and informed his brother Ragnar of the death. Who came to finish what his brother began.

Ragnar, male human Ftr2/Bar2 (brother to Bullwyf … the guy loves playing Barbīs :) )

Then they returned to the moathouse. During the next fight with the ooze, Chatrilon saw his chance and picked the annoying cleric who was lecturing people all day long. And he brought his death attack through, sticking his rapier right down his neck until it burst out of his chest again. The poor man died instantly. Only problem was that the rest of them brought down Chat instantly thereafter. They tried to interrogate him, but did poorly so. They cut of his right hand but didnīt seal or heal him thereafter and since he was at 1 HP I let him die of shock and blood loss.

Anyway, now people knew about the danger that this module is. They began to understand that it wasnīt the usual walk in the park. So another character appeared …

New party was:

Parvati, female Cansin Rog2/Sor1
Fendon, male human Sor4
Ragnar, male human Ftr2/Bar2
Andakor, human Mnk2/Clr2
Alrik had to retire

They went through the moathouse, all in all faring quite well. Between a visit and another a new member joined the group:
Mallek, dwarven Clr4 of Berronar (Domains Family and Healing)

He was investigating the moathouse on his own and met the group when they were fighting a Ghast and 3 ghouls with Pai paralyzed and Andakor not able to turn them. So he stepped around the corner, raised his shining symbol and in a flash of light turned the ghouls to dust and made the ghast cowering in fear. Now there you could have seen quite a relieved party then :) . And a somewhat proud dwarf.

The only other fight worth mentioning was against Ysslansh and Geynor Ton. But they got through that as well, fount the shaft and because of the cold and the depth decided to get more equipment and then went for a long stay in Hommlet (doo!). When they came back everything was gone and they were quite disappointed.
Here Fendon had to retire as well.


They then decided to pay Nulb a visit since it was on their way to the Old Temple anyway. On the road the dwarf was almost bitten in two by an Ankheg and is now kind of panicked by beetles :) . And in Nulb they got really terrified by undead in general. Meeting Wat, the Allip and some shadows and wraiths they experienced their first ability drains. While fighting Wat, Pai (Spot roll natural 20) spotted a figure watching them through the broken window. So she tried to go after him but did only see him disappear into the fog that was thick that day. Of course it was a bored Lareth. Some time later they met Lareth sitting on a bench and reading a book, which was huge fun. Lareth was indifferent, a little haughty and felt far to comfortable in a hostile area like this. They make him responsible for the bad weather and the undead. The dwarf wants to kill him. The others more or less think this guy is way too powerful to fight him. Thereafter they just saw him stroll around the town occasionally, lazily, muttering to himself, usually ignoring his surroundings.
Now they have put this matter aside … for now. Instead they went to Verbobonc and to do some selling and buying.

That was what had happened so far … and from here I will keep the campaign log updated and in detail. We play once every second week. So progress will be slow.


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Here for a while
(3/27/03 6:40 am)
Re: Kyles Campaign Log !!!
The cast right now (with one newcomer):

Andakor, human Mnk2/Clr3 of
Mallek, dwarven Clr5 of Berruna
Ragnar, human Ftr3/Bar2
Parvati (Pai), Cansin Rog4/Sor1
Escanor, human wizard 4


New aqquaintances

In Verbobonc the heroīs began to relax a little, forgetting the hardships of recent happenings. Noone in the group knows about Paiīs past, only that she lived in Verbobonc for some time. So Pai, being a local, could tell them some things about the city and showed them around. They made a spectacle of finding a rich dandy to whom they could sell their potion of love. The group attended a party of higher standing people (not before they had bought some decent clothes and got a good bath). There they made some connections to locals and gathering some rumors on whatīs going on in the city these days. Pai (having a decent CHR score) got quite some attention there and got aqquainted to Victor Maynard, son of the owner of Maynardīs Metal Emporium. When she heard his name she began to charm him and was successful. The others made some connections of their own.

What Pai didnīt know then was that her former family was and is looking for her. And she was being shadowed most the time. (failed spot checks all along).

A traderīs woe

Next day Andakor and Mallek intended to sell the pearl (boad in Nulb) they found. The groups appraise checks were: Mallek 20000gp, Ragnar 8000gp, Pai 5000gp, Andakor 600gp. You should have seen them fuss about it. J Anyway, they found a jeweller and the dwarf thought he was cheating on them. The looked for another one and began asking people on the street. Hehe .. they asked a man in the street and told him about an expensive pearl. He grinned and asked if he could see, if they had it with them. And so on, since then I had them followed by different people. Andakor and Mallek begin to get paranoid, always looking around, seeing nothing. Next jeweller Andakor goes in, Mallek stays outside, watching for followers. I throw a spot check and Mallek begins to see a bad guy in every single man or woman he sees. My description was:
“A crowded day in the city today, people rushing past, trading, doing stuff … wait, those two people talking over there … didnīt the one just grin at your direction .. no no no … theyīre just talking. But there, the lady with the broom, sheīs definitely cleaning that part of the street again .. she did it before … or did she ? And the vendor behind the stand right beside you. He couldnīt possibly sell any of his glass pearls and rubbish stuff in front of a jewellers. And he keeps constantly asking you to buy or sell something. And, oh my god, right on the other side of the street, thereīs a beggar, and YOUīRE SURE, he is watching you all the time”.
So Mallek goes to the beggar to get a look at him, giving him some money. Trying to get him away from here. The beggar indeed then goes away. Finding his way through the crowd by means of a stick with which he keeps brushing and clicking the ground. LOL
In the end they got the thing sold and began buying stuff.

Anyway .. now they have some connections in Verbobonc, which came in handy for buying stuff. (this Verbobonc thing was almost a whole session of ONLY role-playing … no fight).

Old friends

And that night Pai had a visitor waiting in her room … her old tutor of the Vanishing Moons (Lavalle, human Rog/Ass/ShD) who warned her that the guild placed a small bounty on her head now. He is not her friend and made clear that much, but the bounty didnīt tempt him (yet) and for old times sake heīd grant her this one warning.
The group left the city instantly next day on Paiīs urge. Though by now only Pai and Ragnar (whom she let in on it) know about the rogues.

The Ruined Temple

The heroīs found their way through the woods only after they encountered a bunch of arge spiders. Those vermin had the effect that Pai went of running. She has a self-chosen flaw of Arachnophobia. And whenever she sees a web or spiders or such, things are about to get funny. So they had to gather her after the fight. Cutting her out of a web that she was entangled in and convincing her that they had to go through the woods to get to the temple.

They arrived at dusk and after talking and arguing they climbed up the wall, making noise for 100 armored knights in the progress. Cause they had to pull the dwarf up with a rope. He failed a truly easy climb check and bounced at the wall again and again. J

Well, what happened next I detailed already in another post some days ago .. I will just copy that.

(copied passage begin)
Then standing on the wall they began to look and argue .. and man, they were so loud that even the dead could have heard them. Anyway, I decided the hob-goblins in the tower didnīt really care because of their indifference (leave me and I leave you). And the ones in the ruin at least know now that someone entered the area. I didnīt really decide yet what the temple guards heard or did.
So they saw the tower, went towards it on the wall. And argued again what to do. While arguing the rogue jumped down trying to sneak past the arrow slit. While doing so all the others jumped down and just ran past the rogue rumbling and rolling. I really couldnīt hide a grin. Then standing before the door the barbarian tried to open. A voice came from the inside "Who there ? Go away?". I played the hob-goblins a little dumb (I like them that way). Since the door was locked the barbarian prepared to batter it down.
While going back some feet to have a little startup the wizard casts a knock on the door but didnīt tell what he was doing.
There I had to grin even more.
Barbarian charged and took the whole door with him.
You wouldnīt believe how dumbfounded the hob-gobs inside were. Anyway, in his rush he took the first two of them down with him.

Then it began.

To make a sad story short, first was killed my magic missiles from the wizard. One got sneak attacked by the rogue (23 points of damage ). Hob-gobs almost all missed. Goblins began throwing fire but didnīt do much damage. Barbarian cleaved 2 hob-gobs down to size. And next round the remaining two.
The goblins cowered in fear now in the upper floor. All went upstairs, save for the rogue (examining the doors) and the mage who was now entering the tower (CLOSING THE DOOR behind him and locking it ... he never did that before). Upstairs the monk tried to intimidate the lead goblin and smacked him .. he retaliated with a knife and therefore got cleaved from head to toe. Now the goblins panicked. One went out the window and died . The other two tried to escape to the stairwell and down to the door. One was caught and grappled by the monk the other managed to get away. Only below he found the door closed and tried to open it ... frantically dragging and jerking the door lock, beating it and pulling and screaming and jumping. That was a funny view now . The rogue seeing him coming down the stairs and going crazy on the door just walked up behind it and thrust her katana right through it. (sheīs going for assassin some day, by the way). Then she walked up the stairs, kind of bored and annoyed, and asked "What was that now" ?.
The monk, getting continously beaten in the meantime by his grappled goblin is losing his temper now and throws this last goblin out the window. But he makes a great save and jump check and begins to hobble away.
Rogue again:"I put my katana away, take out my crossbow, go to the window and send a bolt after the goblin. Goblin was
some 100 feet away now. She rolled a natural 20 and the goblin doubled over.

That was it. Hmm, what can I say ... it was real fun ... ! But darn, my group has not the slightest notion of how to do something without ringing every bell beforehand. Still the encounter was more than easy. The barbarian alone cuts through every horde of foes "like moses through the red sea", doing an average damage of 15-18 and with and attack roll of usually 20-something.

Anyway ... the poor creatures didnīt stand a chance from the beginning.
(copied passage end)

And that was our Tuesday night !!!


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Here for a while
(4/2/03 7:55 am)
Another day in life ...
Assault on the Old Temple

Okay, yesterdayīs session was a little disturbing. So a few words in advance. My players are all adult and quite smart ... usually. But what back there at the Temple happened was just sad.

Here is what happened ...

The group took a rest at the ruined tower. In the night they saw Hobgoblins with dogs poking around. (DM: I had taken one hobgob from the main doors and one from the temple complex gate and put them in charge of the dogs ... patrolling) The Hobgobs saw the dead goblin, paid the tower a brief visit withoug entering and then hasted back to the temple ... the rest of the night was quiet.
Next day the five companions took out Alubya and her two followers. Piece of cake.
Then they went past the tree-line to the temple and for the first time saw it real close. The dwarven cleric fell to his knees and began to pray to his goddess. The others stood and looked. Only the rogue went farther down along the west wall, intending to get a look around the corner. And exactly in the moment when he sees around the corner, the dog patrol comes around it ... sees her, too. They let loose the dogs, who charge and run back. One into the temple and the other to his colleagues at the temple complex gate. Those last four now donīt think they can still manage to seek cover in the temple and so stay at the gate, only that now they position themselves outside rather than inside ... waiting.
The other hobgob alerts the tribe, they already darkened the temple windows last night .. now they put up a defense line in the main hall, consisting mainly of overthrown tables.
Hobgobs are posted behind the pillars in the entrance hall, elites behind the barricade. Rarkus and Krebbich are alerted and Rarkus sends for the Dire Ape and they take up position behind the farther behind the barricade to watch and give orders.

Okay .. meanwhile the dogs are quite dead. Our group knows they have been noticed and the go to the temple doors, never even shot a glance at the complex entrance.

There they begin and discuss their strategy. The strategy is ... AND THERE I nearly broke down :\ ... open up, go in and slaughter them. THEY DIDNīT EVEN BUFF UP, argggghhh. >:

Ragnar opened the doors and jumped in. He is instantly greeted by 4 javelins, three of which hit the mark. Pai casts Shield, 3 Hobgoblins charge the door ... no problem so far.
Since itīs dark inside, Mallek casts light on a bolt and shots into the temple ... it hits the barricade and they see it.
Andakor casts light on himself ... what a nice target, right ?
After a moment they are attacked from behind ... with javelins, then swords. They are surprised but take them out quickly.
AND N O W IT COMES. I didnīt know if to laugh or to cry.
(DM: short background, Mallek sensed his brother inside the temple .. Thundertwins) Mallek stated he would take a FULL RUN into the temple yelling for his brother and trying to find him. Okay, that he did .. 60 ft full speed (cute, isnīt it).
The others were in close combat at the doors.
Next round Mallek ran again ... he was past the first wave of hobgobs by now. And found himself attacked frontally by 3 Elites. Only one hit, though. But his eyes went large.
By this time the others, mainly Ragnar (great cleave), thinned the hobgob lines somewhat and entered the temple.
One Elite put out the bolt-light by putting a rag over it ... Darkness once more.
Meanwhile Krebbich was busy casting stuff on Rarkus and himself.
The battle rages furiously now. They begin to discover that this is no small and unorganized band of dumb creatures but a possible death trap.
Mallek hears a voice from out of the dark. Noone speaks goblin. Rarkus had ordered his elites to sourround the dwarf and get in position so that he could use his sneak-attack. Mallek begins to complain .. OUT OF GAME. And cries for support ... IN GAME :b . He is still 30-40 feet away from his companions and alone fighting against overwhelming odds. The elites with Rarkus begin hacking him to pieces.
Ragnar is now bleeding as well and fights near the center barricade. Andakor and Pai are a little more to the left.
The barricade center is pushed aside then and out comes the ape and an elite.
Two claw attacks and a rend later the Barbarian is heroic history.
All the while, the group managed to take out quite some of the hobgobs but not nearly enough to take of the heat.

From now one things got pretty bad. Pai (10 ft aside of the ape) cast invis on herself and stated that she intended to flee now .. grinning widely. The ape turned, sniffed a little and attacked her, ripping the flesh from her bones. Next round the wizard killed the ape with missiles. Pai fled with 2 points left.

The wizard began shooting at Rarkus. So he gave command to take care of the wizard. Wizard was lucky, though.

Now there where only a few elites and the named ones left. Oh, and the goblins who where now ushered into the fight, abandoning their guard over tiadden and two half-dead new group members. One is Boddek, Malleks brother. The other Beor, a wandering monk who is responsible for them both getting rid of their bonds.

A long time, some desperate cries and much blood later only Rarkus and an invisible Krebbich are left. The goblins taken out by Beor and Boddek. Andakor down. Pai inside the temple once again, after some healing. Mallek almost dead. The wizard, too, and running fast out of tricks. To make it worse they saw that every round some of Rarkusī wounds were closing up and they anticipated a ring of regeneration or something.  >D

Pai got knocked unconscious then. And now another HIGHLIGHT. Andacor used his LAST scroll of cure something on her. But since there was still danger she just played dead ... for THREE rounds. Beor, Boddek, Ragnar were down. Andakor barely alive. Mallek desperate. The wizard almost out of missiles. And she played dead. I guess thereīs an argument to come on that .. in-group, I mean.

Shortening another sad story, Rarkus could have brought a TPK ALONE. Krebbich did nothing but heal. But I just couldnīt do it. So after a while they brought Rarkus down with their lifes literally all but gone. Krebbich fled.

Well, that was the session. The fight took appx. 3 hours. It was epic but still ... so without any finesse and strategy.

Okay .. I had the dice of my life yesterday. They must have been blessed by Big T. himself. I rolled threats and crits one after the other. And I began cheating on myself after a while. That was kind of spooky. :eek

Some side notes. The player of Mallek felt treated unjustly all along. He was talking about role-playing his character in running to his long absent brother and so on. I told him that that doesnīt have to make his INT 10 character run inside a fully armed hobgoblin camp. In the middle of the fight he complained about the ape ... didnīt believe me it was a trained pet. I really had to calm myself.

And after a nightīs sleep I thought I maybe should have played just by the rules, wiping them out. If only to show them that you canīt just open the door, say 'Hello' and hope for a tea and a chat. I told them those hobgoblins are intelligent, cunning fighters.

Next session I will begin with some talking about attitudes. Only the rogue and the cleric complained like that. The others (even Ragnar) were fully content .. if a bit sad about the loss.

I can only hope, they donīt go to the CRM like that ... knocking and ringing every bell and asking whoīs home.

THEY DIDNīT EVEN BUFF UP ... ahhhhhhhhhhhh :(

Anyway ... after all it was a fun evening (for most) and time flew past like nothing.

Now they are resting in the ruined tower after saving Tiadden.

The new group is:

Ragnar, human Ftr4/Bar2 (dead)
Andakor, human Mnk3/Cleric of Lathander3
Mallek, dwarven Clr of Berrunna6
Boddek, dwarven Ftr4
Pai, Cansin Sor1/Rog4
Escanor, human wizard4
Beor, human monk4

Two weeks until next session, stay tuned :)


P.S.: Did maybe I spoil it ? Did I do something wrong ? Should I have acted different ? Any suggestions/comments welcome ... as always :) !!

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Still here? Wow.
(4/2/03 8:42 am)
Re: Another day in life ...
If the players play stupidly, you should not hold back. If anything, you should award far less experience, because they do not deserve it. Your players may be adult and smart, but apparently they are not experienced. Don't hold back next time, kill who you can; maybe have Rarkus slay a couple then tell the others to flee, letting them go, but leaving the items on the slain comrades but not the bodies. This way, the players will learn and will grow from the experience. Sit down with then OOG and explain what they did wrong and why. It's a learning process. The players will need to go to the next level, so to speak, and the game in general will be a lot more fun. They will feel a LOT better after having defeated the enemies knowing you did not hold back and played them to the fullest. Trust me on this.

Btw, I thought your defensive plan was superb. But, you should've carried it through.

Cordo Crowfoot
Here to stay
(4/2/03 6:57 pm)
Re: Another day in life ...
No I don't think you did anything wrong. Just as in my own campaign, your players underestimated the hobgoblins. Probably based on that they are "just humanoids" and the easy time they had with the tower and Alubya's band.

My only nitpick would be that they should probably have heard the invisible Adept casting (or activating his wand with the command word), especially if he was doing it over and over. That would have given away that there was an invisible healer that they had better eliminate.

As far as whether you should have killed them unmercifully, I think that is a gray area, and is hard for us to really call, as it depends on the personalities of your players, where they are as a group, etc. I probably would have been tempted to have Rarkus start CDGing the downed PCs if there was a Wizard playing possum, just to force her into action, probably giving them a round to react as he gets set up to perform the full-round-action.

But I think you can definitely know now that if they don't grow from this as a learning experience, that the next time you shouldn't be lenient, and let them reap what they sow.

Oh and it is bogus for your player to expect to be given plot-immunity just because he is role-playing. You are 100% right on that. And if players start to complain during the game, I would recommend telling them to voice their concern ONCE, but then to be quiet and discuss after the game. Otherwise it is too much of a disruption. (I've been on both sides of this as a player who feels he is getting the short-end of the stick and as a DM with a player harping on me.)

"They were immediately and absolutely recognizable as adventurers. They were hardy and dangerous, lawless, stripped of allegiance or morality, living off their wits, stealing and killing, hiring themselves out to whoever and whatever came... They were scum who died violent deaths, hanging on to a certain cachet among the impressionable through their undeniable bravery and their occasionally impressive exploits" China Mieville, Perdido Street Station

Here for a while
(4/7/03 12:20 am)
Re: Another day in life ...
Thanks for the reply. And the support.
I definitely wonīt hold back next time. I think of this as kind of a warning shot.

Regarding Krebbichīs casting, you are right, Cordo. I really thought about it while fighting. And somehow thought one wouldnīt hear him with the staff. Simply forgot the command word thing :( .
But then I forgot a few other things as well. I didnīt use Rarkus Off-hand-Attack and I didnīt use the potions of Bullīs Strength on the Elites ... but seeing how it went it would have made things only worse .. for them :) .
Thanks again. I am still quite new in D&D DM'ing and have need of some comments or back-up on my decisions sometimes, I guess.


Here for a while
(4/9/03 9:07 am)
Re: Another day in life ...
I think that you did everything just fine. The command word for the wand is a minor point as it is hard to hear stuff like that during a big battle anyway (plus, Kreb would probably whisper). You let them off very easy, I think. Just reading the account of the battle made me cringe. They werre asking to get offed. Don't be afraid to tell your players what you think that they did wrong. This adventure is hard enough with _good_ tactics. All in all, you sound like a good DM. Don't let your players get you down.

Zag:rollin ig

Here for a while
(4/16/03 3:37 am)
Log Entry 3
So here comes the log of yesterdayīs session. Though we played for 6 or 7 hours progress was rather minimal. Sometimes I wonder .... hmm, but see for yourself ...

Bringing back the Fallen

We left our group when they made up their camp in the ruined tower just after they cleaned out the Ruined Temple and lost a dear comrade.

They spent the night in the tower, tending to their wounds, talking with Tiadden (and doing a good job in frightening the poor man to death with their stories ... they even wanted him to pick up a weapon and fight *LOL*) and Andakor casting Gentle Repose on Ragnar in the early morning hours.

Then they set out for Hommlet once again, intending to aks YīDey for help even though they remember YīDey not being very open for "hey, we lost a member again, can you raise him for us". YīDey is quite reserved regarding helping would-be-adventurers and such.
Anyway, on their way back they are surprised by a Rast in the deep of the night. It provides a good deal of confusion with its gaze and paralyzes many, even nearly killing Beor, sucking his blood. But it ends with a vicious strike of Paiīs Katana into the back of the Rast, killing it outright.
A few days later they arive in Hommlet. The group splits. The clerics with Ragnar on their shoulder go to the Temple of Helm (YīDey) the others go for the Welcome Wench and some spicey ale.
In the temple the clerics tell YīDey what happened, and after pleading her for Ragnars life, she sends for Elmo. The both of them talk a while and they decide that it might be the right thing to help those insistent adventurers, who might indeed be uncovering something there. So ... they make a deal. For the first time YīDey admits that there might be something going on. And the group is asked a favor in return. They have to relay any information they get about the cult and the Temple to YīDey or Elmo. In return YīDey brings back Ragnar. They agree. In a long nightīs ritual Ragnar is brought back to life in the Temple.

Same time back at the tavern the others notice that more people than usual being around .. new faces all along. They look around, order some stuff and rooms and sit down.

Long DMīs note :) : Mainly the new faces are Dunrat and his 3 fellows who are there as another adventurer group, having heard about somethingīs going on.
And another group consisting of a half-orc, a half-elf, a human and a halfling. Now these are bounty hunters who followed the groups trace to Hommlet and waited here ... for Pai. When Pai entered the room only the halfling (Fisk) was there in the shadows (Hide 17). Instantly knowing that he found their mark. Fisk shadowed her all the time .. Pai had no chance to spot him. The next day the hunters began gathering information about the group, the half-elf talking to Maridosen at the bar, questioning her about the heroes (I specifically tole the group about this little discussion at the bar .. noone cared). The bounty hunters now found out that the group always comes back here after some days out and they decide to wait for the next time and take this one to study them. They also look like every-day adventurers.
The heroes only thought is that they got competition and now wanna be the first to uncover .. whatever :) .

On with the story ...

The next day at breakfast Ragnar is with them again, everybody is happy and they celebrate .. Pai even cuddling Ragnar deeply. This morning they make the aqquaintance of Dunrat, who askes them about their deeds and discoveries. He wants to know what they know so far and if they are a threat ... and who they are, of course. Boddek packed up some huge lies, telling him they cleaned the temple, having lost 8 companions in the fray while fighting some demon-sort things 8) ... it was a good story. Though Dunrat know he was being lied to .. only not exactly where.
Feeling the urge to go out again because of the flocks of adventurers, the group decides to do a little selling and buying and set out again at once .... only Pai taking half a day to find her familiar ... a weasel.

Spooky nights

They return to the Temple, off-road this time and right through the woods. But nothing happens beside some spooky night sounds.
DMīs note: For the first time I used music and sounds. The music I collected myself and the sounds are from ZansForCans (thanks a lot man ... those are huge). At the end of the evening my players said that was great and they donīt wanna miss it now. I have to admit myself, the atmosphere yesterday night was different from the other sessions. You could feel tension and laughter and sadness ...

So arriving at the temple late in the evening they make up camp in the tower once again.
They sleep at ground level, having double watches. In the middle of the night, Mallek (being on guard with his brother Boddek) is attacked by a wraith (thanks for the sounds again ... whoaaa, that was good) and he is alone on the first floor. He is almost dropped in the surprise round (6 Con damage) and the second attack takes away another 2 Con. He uses his domain power (Family) and shields himself, which saves him his precious little butt. Then Boddek enters the fight, coming upstairs huffing and pumping (15 speed :) ) and screaming ... but missing the wraith due to incorporealness. Pai wakes up and runs upstairs as well.
Meanwhile itīs the third round ... two turning attempts from Mallek failed so far. The wraith missed his third attack. Mallek takes all his courage and goes for another turning and this time it works (only idiot that I am, I had it destroyed rather than fleeing, hmpf). Well, anyway .. the fight was over, Mallek dropped to the floor all but dead.
But they a prepared this time with potions and he is restored. Night passes without any more incidents.

Cleaning up the house and a frightening experience

Now they enter the temple ... doing again some foolish things while entering (arguing, standing there in a big flock right at the entrance, doing nothing for a minute .. if there had been more enemies they might have been dead all over again). Anyway, then they entered cautiously, searched through the rooms, finding everything there is to find. Having a little dispute because Andakor didnīt believe Pai revealed all the loot she found, which indeed she didnīt. (Rogue at heart)

The the discover the throne. And I placed the scene from the moathouse spike there on the throne. (I didnīt use the activation phrase though ... I so wanted this to happen :) ). I described the throne in good detail (demonic faces, black polished basalt, over sized and so on) and they all stepped back a little. Noone wanted to touch. I already thought the scene wouldnīt happen. THEN Boddek stated "I go and sit on the throne" .. hehe. And he did. I shortly told him privately what happened when he sat down. And then I gave him prepared pieces of paper .. every 6 seconds one of them. I had nine :evil . All the while telling the others that Boddek fell unconcsious or asleep and wouldnīt wake up. And that he paled more and more.
At paper piece 4 (Are you here to free me) Boddek answered "who are you". At paper piece 6 Andakor cast a cure light wounds on Boddek. Thus releasing him from his nightmare and the dark visions.
Boddek played quite well. Being shaken, disoriented. And he began whishing (in-game) he could have gone to the end. Hehe, I told him heīs feeling the oull of evil deep inside ... kind of a calling ...

Anyway ... thatīs where our session ended. Our adventurers now are looking for a way to continue into the temple .. only there is none. But since they know the modules name they insist there must be some way to go further inside. I donīt know what will happen next. They donīt seem to wanna go to Rastor anymore or to look behind the Miller-Story or even go searching for Fragarach ... I have the odd feeling they forgot all the other story hooks and are determined to stay where they are. So I might have to hint them away next time.

Until in two weeks ....


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A trophy
(5/14/03 12:43 am)
Log Entry 4
Hello there, itīs been 4 weeks since out last session and I have to announce that really not much happened in this recent one. Still it was fun. We left the group standing around the throne in the Old Temple after Boddek had his near-death-experience while meeting Tharizdun in a vision on the throne.

So here they go ...

A secret thatīs not there

The guys were pondering their options for quite some time, not really knowing what to do about it.
They tried this and that and searched for a secret entrance to the underground level that definitely had to be there (or so they thought).
They began digging the rubble of the collapsed staircase that leads down but didnīt manage to do more than a little cleaning. They couldnīt hope to move the bigger stones.

So they decided to go for the secret tunnel in the watchtower once more. They followed it to the end this time and ended up at the well in the little farmhouse. (they didnīt find the secret door ... didnīt even look for it, which is funny since they usually search every inch of the area :) ).

Wilderness meetings

Then, finding the farm empty and abandoned they walked back (overland) to the temple. On their way they encountered 5 hobgoblins in the woods, who took cover behind the trees and threw spears. The wizard threw a set of magic missiles at one of them, blasting him through the underbrush. Seeing that, the others began to run like crazy, one of them shouting and yelling all the while. Noone understood that he shouted "Spellcaster, spellcaster .. run, you idiots" :) . Though the players figured that they just might have learned the goblin word for spellcaster. Andakor even asked if he could try to memorize it for future reference.

A little later they had a rather strange encounter. They heard noise from a little farther into the woods. Branches cracking and crushing, a voice cursing and shouting ... then a thump and even more cursing. Someone was mumbling in common and obviously unhappy with something.
The group went to investigate and saw a robed man just standing up from the spot where he seemingly fell. And he must have come down through the trees ... more or less. The man was clad in travelling robes and looking around bewildered and trying to get back his orientation.
The heroes hailed him and introduced themselves. The man did so as well, giving his name as one Thorben Fuzz and asking immediatly where he were. The answer was "near Nulb". Thorben replied "No no ... could you please be more general ... which part of the Realms are we in ?". The group smiled at this and told him, asking where he came from and who he were.

Long story short, Thorben (Wizard/Planeshifter) is a Planes-Traveller and was on his way with a group in a demi-plane. When by some mishap their scout stumbled and pushed Thorben accidentally through an exit node :) . Now he decided to go to the next city first and from there back to the plane he came from. (yeahi, comments and flames please now).
The players asked him for a teleport ride and for 200gp per person he would have done. But it was too expensive. They talked a little longer and after Thorben saw that they might be interested in visiting the planes, he gave him a ring with which they could give him a call if the decided to do the trip some time. For 500 gp per person. After all, Thorben kind of finances himself with this kind of job. And his group do all the stuff. Guiding, scouting, short assignments to look after certain portals, dormant portals or even alive ones to shut them down. Whatever ... all on the planes.

Well, then he was gone ... that was just a meeting that should be a first hint at a possible side adventure on the planes ... sometime, somewhere.

Back at the spot

They came back to the temple and stayed for a while (seeing an eagle in the sky ... not so unusual, but this one was Kella).
They stayed two more days, still convinced that somehow it must go dwon somewhere. They used Stoneshape 4 times near the stairs to dig a hole through the floor. I thought this was a great idea but ruled that the lower level lay way too far down to reach it ... not with only 4 stoneshapes, anyway.
At the end Andakor tried to sit on the throne again, meeting Tharizdun and answering him "yes, he came to free him". He received his dagger and was kind of shaken.
I donīt know, maybe I will let this experience have some kind of subtle long-term change going on with him. What would you say ?

Yet another encounter in the woods

After that they left for Hommlet to find new clues. FINALLY. In the woods they met Kella who thanked them for cleaning out the hobgoblins and offering a nights company. After the companions told her about not having any clues anymore, kella produced the map thatīs supposed to be with the EEE-Cleric wandering the area (random encounter). Kella met with this cleric and dispatched him (no evil will touch her would while she can do anything about it), taking the scroll.

In the night they were attacked by 6 ogres and an ogre mage. They had a tough fight, but with Kella by their side it was all right. And the next day they re-decided to first pay another visit to good old Lareth in Nulb.

Thatīs where we left the scene ...

Unfortunately the next session while not be until in at least a month or so (diploma :( ).

But meanwhile there is some stuff going on in Hommlet which I will post soon :) ... there are some surprises in for the group, I guess.



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