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Boden Blagden
Here for a while
(3/30/03 12:02 pm)
Drow in the mines.
I have put a group of drow in the CRM to help out. These Drow were put there by Dirass and the Cleric Drow as a sign of their loyalty to the cult. The group has placed itself just beyond the South entrance where the Gargoyles use to live and in the surrounding area including down in the old forge. They won't mess with the destrachans, but they do play with them. In the old forge is the item creation golem that Monte and the others thought up in the BoB, so the head drow, a wizard necromancer, is studying it. The group just took out the south entrance again by going through the main entrance and then going south. The Fire Temple had not been restocked with warriors. The group was traveling down without two characters though. One stayed in town and the other was killed at the main entrance by the invisible stalkers. So the group traveled down south and ran into Omartharis and company and ended up defeating them but not before the wizard went down also. The PCs high tailed it back to town after quickly looting their downed foes. So the droow are near this are and will quickly learn of what has happened. They cannot find Tulian's eye to get the Golem going, because the PCs have it, but they do have the Hammerspheres that I made part of the way to power the item creation golem. Now I am guessing that the Drow will take up residence now in the main entrance and will be constantly on their guard. What I am wondering is what would they do when the PCs came back to the south entrance. I was thinking along the lines of them letting them in and playing with them a little. Of course my players and their characters really don't sweat anything. They will practically attack anything and everything thinking they will win. Would the Drow even care that the main entrance people were killed and would they go to support that entrance since they are near that area anyways.

Here for a while
(4/2/03 7:06 am)
Re: Drow in the mines.
I think drow would consider the CRM to be much like the underdark - there's constant danger of attack - pretty much everybody (except >maybe< other drow, in this context) can be considered an enemy.
Drow tactics though (or any elven tactics, for that matter) do not favour frontal assault. Hit and run - make use of stealth, mobility, poison, darkness, trickery, magic.

I'd say the drow wouldn't care about holding a door - their leader has his eye on something of interest and would want to secure it for himself/the drow. If they can't operate it yet, maybe they can find out a little more about it from the PCs?
Stealth or trickery is probably best for this - either infiltrate the group or spy on them to see if they have any Dwarf-artifact savvy or items - bear in mind that the drow don't know what they're looking for exactly, but a gaping slot in the golem where Tulian's Eye would fit is a bit of a giveaway, particularly if the Hammerspheres fit in a similar way.
A really crafty drow could be disguised as a surface-dweller and 'join up' if necessary.

And the drow might be willing to bargain to get what they want, though they'd almost ceratinly renege on any deal where they held the advantage.
Let the PCs roleplay with some drow - now >that's< a real paranoia trip.

My take on drow psychology:
Psychotic and bloodthirsty - yes
Fanatical and ready to die for no gain - no


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