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Here for a while
(4/5/03 2:39 am)
Have your players ever sided with temple forces ?
As you people may have recognized I am preparing the CRM areas right now. Thus the many questions about it. And now I stumbled upon several creatures that give the players the option to become kind of allies.

For one there is Choranth, who is likely to betray Fachish.
And then there is Kadiss, the elf who´s looking for recruits.

Did any of your players ever join up with them ? How did that work? And to what end?

What should happen if they join Kadiss. Will they become real members of the water temple ? I think that has true potential. Kind of espionage. The might be sent on missions and so on !!

Any experiences by you guys who are past that point ?


Here quite a while
(4/6/03 8:49 am)
Re: Have your players ever sided with temple forces ?
I tried, a couple times, but I found my players are difficult to lure into diplomatic solutions to problems. They tend to attack first and ask questions later. They don't trust anything offered by insane evil cultists. They don't always consistantly disguise themselves - the cleric of Pelor and his blazoned armor is a dead giveaway that he's not a worshipper of EEE or any other evil deity.

I once had an opportunity with the Water Temple when they attacked a well prepared force led by Kadiss. Kadiss tied to parleyed across the waterfilled sea hag cavern but they didn't trust the elf (it didn't help that IMC Kadiss and his elf warriors are drow).

Before that time they had tried the disguise approach with the Earth Temple but it was after they had previously attacked it. The lone surviving priest, Snearnak, had stayed with some temple forces at the altar while the rest of the temple repulsed the PC's initial attack. The PCs won the battle but immediately left the CRM for several weeks. The lone survior of their initial attack, Greshta, fled the CRM and never returned. Snearnak had no physical description of the enemy ... and speak with dead is by it's nature cryptic.

When my player later returned to the Earth Temple Snearak mistakenly thought them to be cultists (they wore mostly Tharizdunic symbols) on their way to the Outer Fane. He tried to bribe them into killing the Athach which had gone crazy and is attacking Earth Temple minions. My player played along but asked time to "think it over" but was actually wanting to recuperate spells before attacking. They retreated from the Temple a short distance in the caverns and made camp. In camp they discussed their plans. I assumed that Snearak would be suspicious and had him send a xorn to spy on them (easily done as he can move through rock). That next day my players came back guns a'blazing but found the Temple ready for their attack.

Still here? Wow.
(4/6/03 11:03 am)
Re: Have your players ever sided with temple forces ?
My players met up with Moolowik from the Water Temple and through him got in touch with Kelashein.

I played up the elf-human-kuo-toa conflict in the temple but I basically ran the plot as written. The players thought it was fun, and it was a welcome relief from the hackin' and the slashin'.

It should be noted that I told the players OOG that if they wanted role-playing opportunities in the temple, they would have to look for them. Fighting would be easy. Doing some thing else would take an effort. I think that helped.

Siobharek is a tale
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Still here? Wow.
(4/8/03 7:16 am)
Re: Have your players ever sided with temple forces ?
My players made a deal with the air temple because they were outbluffed by C. They thought that the air temple was a lot stronger and that at that point they were not able to deal with it. They figured that the air temple would break the agreement at some point and if the air temple would ask them to do attack for example the orcs and the earth temple that would be no problem. They were planning to do so anyway.

Here for a while
(4/9/03 12:36 am)
Treason and Treachery
Well currently we have this situation:

Three of the group - the main group - are working for the Water Temple and on their way to launch a second attack on the Fire Temple.

One party member - in the main group - has been brought back from dead by a ritual performed by a reformed Avenger (evil warrior of a resident Primordial Evil) and came back "not quite right" (well - he's Chaotic Evil now but currently working with the group).

One party member is a hired killer for the new forces of the Main Gate, led by a vampified Chatrilon Unosh. He's with the main group.

One party member has taken Arlainth's place in the Fire Temple - originally as a spy. He is slowly falling victim to the essence of his new demonic left arm (an gift he unknowingly had to accept) and is currently on the hunt for victims for sacrifice.

So, working with the Temples has a great cost... :)


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