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Looking around
(4/5/03 5:27 am)
Verbobonc City detailed, at last!
“Wayward Adventurers, come back to the city of your birth.
Come back to where the Temple of Pholtus will light your way.
Come back to the sights and smells of the Velverdyva River from the balconies of the Bridgewalk Tavern.
Come back to where the thick pewter mugs clank amongst friends in the Brass Rail Tavern
Come back to Verbobonc City.”

-        Over 6 months in the making
-        50+ pages detailing over 100 locations
-        Entire city re-mapped in painstaking detail
-        Complete rules for buying and selling in the city’s bustling market
-        City precautions, including entry from land, river, air or spells
-        City taxes outlined
-        Much, much more!
-        All for FREE!

The text document and the 9 maps are now available at:
Thank you Marc for hosting my work!

Comments, flames, criticism, requests, etc are very welcome.

Please note: I am a current player in this campaign (I play Snaggletooth from DMDan76’s game). I am posting here with my DM's permission. Since I do not want to spoil my enjoyment of this wonderful adventure, please refrain from making any specific references to this adventure in any comments you wish to make.

Here quite a while
(4/5/03 6:25 am)
Re: Verbobonc City detailed, at last!
Very intriguing!

For what ever reason I had trouble navigating the web pages and was unable to view anything except the maps. The maps are very well done. The maps I saw were quite interesting in its locales and structures.

Nice. Well done!

Looking around
(4/5/03 6:32 am)
Re: Verbobonc City detailed, at last!
Tritheron, the web site is very minimal (really only a place to store the work). If you press the "Overview" title, it should open the .pdf text document.

If you are still having problems with it, let me know and I will personally e-mail the doc (I have it in .pdf and word formate).
Thanks for the comments on the map.
Stay tuned for the up-coming suppliment "Verbobonc: Villains and the Law" for details on encounters in the city, the Thieves Guild, City events, etc.

Still here? Wow.
(4/6/03 10:54 am)
Re: Verbobonc City detailed, at last!
Might I suggest that you put all this great stuff on Zan for Can's site as well as your own? I believe that ZfC's will be the site of choice for a lot of good stuff, and from what I've seen so far, yours definitely belongs there.

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Looking around
(4/6/03 1:26 pm)
Re: Verbobonc City detailed, at last!
Thank you Siobharek
I have just uploaded the .pdf to the Zan for Can's site, as well as the raw FCW file (map: Campaign Cartographer2 file).

If you have any ideas who else would be interested in these docs, please let me know.

And please, let me know any comments, etc on the work. Anything to help you DM's out there have an easier time with your job.
I hope Verbobonc City will now be a 'funner' experience for your players, than just "buy magic items, heal, rinse, repeat".

Cordo Crowfoot
Here to stay
(4/6/03 5:24 pm)
Re: Verbobonc City detailed, at last!
Really an impressive effort! It's interesting to me not just as a place to buy magic items but in that you seem to have put thought into what defensive measures and the like a city would have to adopt in a D&D world...

A few initial comments/questions:

1) Paladins detecting evil - Maybe I have an pessimistic view of human nature but I would guess between 10 to 25% of people will detect as evil. My guess is that they would let anyone with a faint aura go on through, as that would cover the vast majority of those cases. It would even be too overwhelming of an administrative task to confiscate and track weapons and magic items from such persons, I believe.
Then again if you had a moderate or above evil aura, my guess is that you would be completely disbarred from entering the city. Of course there are probably persons running people smuggling services to get such people into town, at a fee. :)

2) Taxes - Persons just entering without wagons or other means to carry large amount of goods will not be assessed any trade taxes? I think that's fine, just wanted to confirm if that is your intent.

Looking around
(4/6/03 6:58 pm)
Re: Verbobonc City detailed, at last!
Hi Cordo

1) Detecting Evil at the gate. You are correct. A faint aura would have the paladins get suspicious. If they 'looked' heavely armed, they may remove the weapons/magic items.

Moderate auras would absolutly have weapons/magic items stripped.

Very special cases of Strong auras would be allowed in (as you know, all religions are allowed to worship in the Cathedral of Trithereon, so this implies that a 'evil' high priest may show up - with permission).

In any case, all holy/unholy symbols are allowed into the city, but holy symbols (of non-good deities) are also ‘bagged’ at the gates- peace bonded.

A side note: yes, I have several 'schemes' that the thieves guild has for 'smuggling' items/people past the guards. Stay tuned for the upcoming suppliment: Villains and the Law.

2) You are correct about the taxes. No TRADE taxes will be assessed for individuals or those without carts/wagons. Please note, however, that they are still charged a duty to enter the city (between 2cp to 1sp if mounted). This was not always so, but has been established by the city as a means to keep out the (poor) refugees. (thus the tent city outside the walls for those who cannot afford the duty).
If your PC's are deemed to be citizens of Verbobonc, they can waive this fee.

Thank you for your kind words. Any further questions, don't hesitate to ask. :)

Looking around
(4/7/03 10:34 am)
Re: Verbobonc City CC2 files
The Campaign Cartographer2/ City Designer 2 files are now available on the website.

This should help all DM's who want to customize the map for thier own needs, or to get better 'close ups' of city areas.

(6/13/03 10:28 pm)
Great job!
I just want to compliment you on your work. It will be tremendous resource for me in the future when my party visits Verbobonc. I am very interested in the supplement, if you are still working on it.

(6/14/03 3:27 pm)
Re: Great job!
Yes, I am currently working on the suppliment (Thieves & the Law - Verbobonc). Mainly reguarding the Thieves Guild in Verbobonc, and how city officials/law handles them.

I have delayed slightly on this effort, as I hope to convert the entire project (including the city) to conform to D&D 3.5E when it comes out next month.

P.S.: I also plan to purchase Monte's Arcana Unearthed and put a conversion of the city for players who wish to have a generic city with that suppliment as well.

Runechild (mod)
Council of Magisters

(6/14/03 10:33 pm)
Re: Great job!
{I also plan to purchase Monte's Arcana Unearthed and put a conversion of the city for players who wish to have a generic city with that suppliment as well. }

Very cool. Contact the Council of Magisters when you get it done, we'd love to spotlight a link to the material!

-Thrommel, who thinks the AU/3E/3.5/RttToEE crossover combos are going to be really exciting.

~Council of Magisters~
~ Arcana Unearthed ~

(6/15/03 4:47 pm)
Re: Great job!
Teeny-tiny request... would it be possible to supply higher-resolution GIF/JPEG maps for those of us without CC2 access (Mac user here)? There are a few on the site where the road names are hard to read. If you don't want to host bigger ones, maybe a .zip for my file archive to go with your PDF? If not, would you mind if I got someone else to do it? I think one of my players has it.

Otherwise, thanks a ton for this work. My group is getting ready to leave Hommlet and there is much to do on my end to prepare. This helps a lot!

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(6/15/03 6:23 pm)
No problem Zans

I can take better resolution .jpg's, but to keep the file size reasonable, I would have to take many more smaller "block-level" pics.

I will be doing some additional map work (more street names, more details, some changes for AU, etc), to be released about the same time as the suppliment (see above). So, please, feel free to modify, copy, jpg, etc any parts of the map to suit your purpose (you player has the CC files?).

I glade you enjoyed it.
P.S. I have heard other threads indicate some worry about theft of magic shops by PC rogues. I have many solutions that both the thieves and merchants (security) have come up with.
See sections: Buisness Quarter - Security & Religion in the Market.
Also individual locations: B3 - Chapel of Zilchus, C5 - Silver Consortium, etc.
Most magic items are 'made on order', but those shops who cannot aford security for items they have in stock, wizards (Silver Consortium, etc) offer a service to place the 'illusion' of the item on display (while the real item is safe within a vault). Only brought to the store when a purchase is made.

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