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Here for a while
(4/7/03 2:19 pm)
Scry -- Who uses it and when?
When do the master of the Outer (and Inner) Fanes start to use scrying on the party?

When did your party start to scry on them?


Mister J
Here for a while
(4/7/03 8:21 pm)
I haven't gotten to the point of scrying as of yet, as my party just now made a very brief foray into the mines , but I have been keeping that point in mind for use later. Personally, I am going to wait until the party poses a legitimate threat before the Doomdreamers pay any mind to them.

IMO, I'm sure a party or two has stuck their nose inside the mines before, so it's not a complete surprise to the people in charge that it is happening again. They will trust in the "outer defense" system they have (the mines and elemental temples) to take care of the problem at first.

Now, when two or more of the leaders of the temples in the mines are taken down, I think the Doomdreamers are gonna start keeping tabs on the growing nuissance headed their way. Also make sure that someone or something is left alive and escapes back to tell them about it in the first place. If a temple is quiet for a couple days, I don't think the Doomdreamers would get to worried, seeing as the temples are at each other's throats all the time. But, as long as they get word that things are getting ugly, that's when I would do it.

As for when my party will scy, I can say with much confidence that they probably won't. I have played with alot of these guys for a long time, and they just don't realize the power of scrying! I can't remember once any player in our group (except for me, when I play a mage occasionally) has cast a spell for long distance recon or been happy when they get a crystal ball. It's just not their style.

Unfortunately, it will be a major weakness... :evil


Cordo Crowfoot
Here to stay
(4/7/03 11:32 pm)
me too
I'm worried about my group too, no one with the scry skill and no one with over a 10 intelligence.

Here for a while
(4/8/03 2:42 am)
same with me :(
My party just doesn´t use stuff like scrying. But at least we got a new wizard in the group. Maybe he acts different. But I don´t think so. That might become a major drawback for them.

As for who first starts scrying and when ... well, I decided that it begins at the earliest when they attacked or have taken out the first temple. Otherwise they are just a minor problem that noone cares about. That´s what the CRM is there for, after all.
And who ? Hmm, I think I will start with Varachan. Even if he doesn´t support them from the beginning. He has to know if they might be powerful enough to help him. So he will watch and maybe even relay some information to Hedrack or whoever.

But that might all change according to the happenings then ...


Mister J
Here for a while
(4/8/03 5:38 am)
Re: me too
No one over a 10 INT?!?! :eek

So I assume that magic flinging is not thier strong suit. While I can see that working, it does seem extremely difficult. They would have to hack through the entire temple inch by inch. Not a pleasant experience.

Just a question, I just started third edition with this game, so what spells are used to provide scrying ability. And, does the scry skill simply improve your chances, or can you use the skill by itself?


Still here? Wow.
(4/8/03 6:22 am)
Scrying & Doomdreamers
You can always fling magic with charisma. :)

Btw, Mister J, be wary of of the term Doomdreamers. The actual Doomdreamers are a very select group and (per the module anyway) do not even notice the party until the party breaches the Inner Fane. That's right, until after the CRM and Outer Fane are wiped clean. If you inadvertently let slip comments about Doomdreamers too early, the fact that there are an elite group of clerics commanding people like Hedrack would not then be a shock to them after defeating the Outer Fane. The name Doomdreamers should give the players some worry...especially after they finally manage to take down Hedrack. Just a side comment and opinion, and YMMV. :)

For scrying, you should check out Andy Collins Scry Rules. It all starts with the spell scrying and then greater scrying. Some others are discern location, locate creature, and vision, but these are not scry checks.

Cordo Crowfoot
Here to stay
(4/9/03 3:03 am)
Re: Scrying & Doomdreamers
> You can always fling magic with charisma.

Yes that is the case... my group has a sorcerer (who is leaving) who does a lot of spell slinging.

A new player is going to make a new arcane caster, but he looks like he is leaning towards sorcerer as well.

Here quite a while
(4/9/03 3:59 am)
Re: Scry -- Who uses it and when?
I allowed the first scrying attempts against my PCs by the Outer Fane (Varachan) when intelligent NPCs survived an attack and was able to provide detailed "second hand" information about the PCs. There has only been two major NPCs to survive my PCs: D'gran (twice) and Riu (twice).

They have been questioned by Hedrack and Varachan. Varachan was then assigned the duty to monitor the PCs progress and plans using his crystal ball. Varachan now walks a thin line between providing reliable information and not giving away too much. If everything Varachan tells Hedrack about the PCs is a lie then his ruse may be uncovered. So, he's given Hedrack half-truths or easily verifiable information about the PCs. It's been successful so far and I haven't felt the need to have Hedrack scry the group.

My player have no idea that the person scrying them (and they have noticed some of the scrying attempts) is on their side ... indeed they are not at all certain that the person scrying them isn't a benefactor, outside the CRM, monitoring their progress. Of course, they feel if it was a friend scrying then it sure would be nice if whomever is doing it would send a magical Sending to confirm that it is a friendly scry.

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