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Here for a while
(4/10/03 9:32 am)
Thrommel's abduction
I have been putting up some flavor bits for my players about the surrounding states and thought it was a good place to sneak in a bit about Thrommel without being too obvious. The following is a paragraph out of the entry for Furyondy. I don't know if I got this idea (the bit about the bards' songs) from here long ago or from my own head, but I like this rationalization for the slightly discordant stories in GH canon and RttToEE. Plus, I can still use Kylearanon's song ;)

See what you think... comments welcome:

The goodfolk of Furyondy were instrumental in the Elemental War but paid greatly for their contribution, or so the legend goes. Shortly after leading the great victorious Battle of Emridy Meadows, the much-beloved Crown Prince Thrommel III disappeared. Betrothed to Jolene, daughter of the Plar of Veluna, and serving as Provost of that state, the Prince was poised to join these two major powers of Good with a formal ceremony celebrating their love. The highly anticipated wedding never happened though. Short months after returning from the victory over Zuggtmoy's forces, the Prince vanished and was presumed kidnapped, sending the country reeling in grief and anger over their lost hero. The truth has never been uncovered and he remains missing to this day. Rumors abounded that the act was last-ditch revenge supported by some surviving faction of the Temple. Others believe the Scarlet Brotherhood or agents of Iuz were involved. Now more than twenty years in the past, the likely abduction has been blended with the Prince's great victory in bards' tales so that many songs and poems now lament of his capture during the Battle of Emridy Meadows. Historians remember the events more correctly, however.

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Here for a while
(4/10/03 5:16 pm)
Re: Thrommel's abduction
Nice - exactly what I needed.

I've given one of the new PCs a character hook relating Thrommel and given them the Ballad of Emridy Meadows; I knew this was different to the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer, but it was too cool to resist, and I hadn't yet gotten around to resolving the two (the player isn't the greatest of Rpers and hasn't read tLGG). I'm going to give this to her now...

Here for a while
(4/11/03 12:31 am)
Re: Thrommel's abduction
Hey, nice to see that the little piece of poetry is of some use somewhere 8o ...


P.S.: Nice flavor text, Zans ... I might use it as well after adapting it to my story-line .. thanks ... :)

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