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Looking around
(4/11/03 7:47 pm)
Questions about nearing end of the module
Is the end in sight?

The party continues to advance deeper into The Recovered Temple, the current battle is at round 34, with both Iron Golems and eight the nine elite ogres
killed. They party were also delayed by three summoned dire fiendish tigers.

Susain, Thuchos, Estalion and Dugart, wait for them in the Inner Chamber, the party had a brief encounter with the doomdreamers and decided it was safer out
of the long corridor that leads to the Greater Temple. A Wall of Force is in place just to the entrance of the Temple, the players dont know this yet, but will
find it strange that one of the fleeing elite ogre is still in the corridor.

During the current battle I played out the ceremony in the Greater Temple(drums beating etc), most of this took place out of view from the PC's though they
did see a body on the alter (Xaod - He partied early with the PC's). They dont know it was Xaod but the body will be destroyed, so they may never know, though I may have something of Xaods lying around as a hint . Susain now has amulet of natural armor +5 and i guess there will be some Salamanders which hatch from the yellow egg.

DM's Choices:

Im not sure what tactics to use at this stage, will Susain, Thuchos, Estalion and Dugart decide this is the last stand and go all out(they have plenty of
touch spells and short ranged spells left) to protect The Second and Lareth so Imix can release Tharizdun. Will Tharizdun repay there efforts by bringing them back
from the dead?

Ive decided that Lareth will be with Imix and this will probably be the final battle and where i'll end the campaign. Should Lareth join the battle against
the PC"s? What will Lareth do if Imix has been defeat?

My other concern is the lack of +3 Weapons ( the party does have 1) but it has been a complaint from many of my players (fighter classes) saying that they feel useless (especially the monk). Im thinking about
putting in another +3 weapon somewhere nearby, any suggestions?

When will Imix attempt to release Tharizdun. I can see the party resting at least one more night. Imix should be ready and also concerned that the PC'sare killing off doomdreamers etc. Im thinking that Imix will wait another day, hoping the PC's will not return. If they do then will probably battle in the Fire Node (which would probably suit Imix) If the party waits 2 days,
he will make his to the Inner Chamber. (but will the Horn of Darkness be there, probably not, if the PC's have been there.)

Horn of Darkness:
Without the Horn there is no way of releasing Tharizdun..right? So will Imix pursue the party if they take the horn? What if the horn is destroyed?
Is there any info about the Horn of Darkness?(other than is silver)

Any comments of answers to my questions will be greatly appriciated. :)


Can't leave now (mod)
(4/12/03 7:17 am)
Re: Questions about nearing end of the module
I just have questions at this point. (I hate to say it, but I'm really not keeping up with anyone's campaign log so forgive me if this is redundant.)

What's the party composition?

Round THIRTY FOUR?? What's their status? Mostly drained? Few spells left? No problems because they've been fighting mooks??

Is there no cleric? A +3 bonus should be a simple GMW at this point.

Why have the ceremony be finished? It's a lot more dramatic if the party enters just in time to stop it. It also give the DD's less time to buff and prepare an ambush. As well as taking out those additional salamanders, etc....

Imix is practically a god. Imix does NOT worry about the deaths of puny mortals like Doomdreamers.

-Thrommel, who does worry about the deaths of puny mortals - specifically he worries about the most efficient way to inflict them.

Still here? Wow.
(4/12/03 11:23 am)
Re: Questions about nearing end of the module
The ceremony was finished because the party did not stop it during the battle, right?

On the +3 weapons, did you give your group ample chance to go to, say, Verbobonc and sell/buy stuff? If so, the fact that they did not convert some other items into some +3 weapons is their own lack of foresight. Also, as Thrommel says, GMW or even GMF (for druids) could be used.

If they have never had the chance to procure +3 weapons, did they get the +4 mace from Tychon? You can also consider changing one or two items on the remaining bad guys: Dugart (+3 morningstar instead of +2, +1 large shield instead of +2 light fortification, +1 full plate instead of +2), Thuchos (+3 heavy mace instead of +1, no helmet of flying, +2 glamered full plate instead of +2 full plate, pearl of power - 1st level). In the above, I maintained cost. I would NOT just place a +3 weapon (18,000gp worth) randomly in the temple just because the players are griping. If the monk feels useless, he needs to come to grips with the class abilities, knowing he will get ki strike.

If your players are likely to ignore the warning bells (they seem like it), and you decide to have Imix summon Tharizdun, and it succeeds, all is not lost. As a precursor to Tharizdun appearing, you can have Unariq VolTalsimol appear and if he is defeated, "killed" and therefore sent back, then the PC's might still close the prison before it is too late. I'm not sure how I would use at this point, perhaps they have to destroy the orb or whatever.

The horn is the only way to release Big T, so if the party takes it or destroys it, Imix will follow them. Big hassle there. :)

Here for a while
(4/12/03 10:04 pm)
Thanks for the replies guys:

Yep 34 Rounds, party still look pretty strong, the fighters have been doing the bulk of the work. The parties cleric still has a number of spells:

The party as is:
Taygor (13th lvl Human Cleric)
Luksa (8th lvl Mage, 3 lvls Half-elf Thief)
Deth (11th lvl Human Monk)
Vindin (10th lvl Fighter, 1st Lvl Half-orc Ranger)
Gnasher (11 lvl Half-orc Barbarian

Both Deth and Luksa are close to Lvl 12.

The battle started with Beholder, 2 Stone giants and the Ropers all in the same area, then the 2 iron golems + 9 elite ogre guards, plus numerous long range spells from the doomdreamers at the party, they decided to retreat and handle to golems separately, using create wall spell to hold one back, the wall also slowed down the dire fiendiish tigers.

I gave the party the opportunity to interupt the ceremony, they were probably unware of who was on the
alter (hard to see when you have 9 ogres standing infront of you, plus dire tigers later on). The drums were beating etc, they stopped and a cold chill hit the area.

I can see the party resting, but they may also want to continue because the doomdreamer etc have used quite
a few spells. The wall of force may hold them back depending on what spells are available to the party.

RE: The +3 weapons, I have told them they should sell more items, but they dont seem willing to pool all there money to buy one item, everyone want to by something for themselves. I even through in a Razor Boar from MM2 during a random encounter which needed +3 weapons to damage. I'll see how they go. They have had plenty of opportunity to buy them. I may need to drop more hints.

Anyways thats the situation.


Here for a while
(4/13/03 5:02 am)
Re: Questions
My other concern is the lack of +3 Weapons ( the party does have 1) but it has been a complaint from many of my players (fighter classes) saying that they feel useless (especially the monk).

I can't wait for 3.5. If nothing else, I'll be incorporating the revised DR rules. DR 30/+3 is just stupid. The problems your characters are having are not endemic to the module, they are a problem with the whole game (especially the monk).

IMC, 2 clerics and the sorcerer all regularly memorize GMW. And at upcoming level 12, the sorcerer will probably be taking the Chain Spell feat (T&B). Which would mean +4 weapons for everyone. Oh, and the Druid 8/Shifter 3 bought a Bead of Karma, so now he has +4 GMF. Whee...

Not to hijack the thread, but it seems (based on levels) as though your party didn't go through the Inner Fane. And neither did Andorax's crew. My party will definitely be level 12 going on 13 by the time they reach the Recovered Temple. How many parties do bypass the Inner Fane? And is the difficulty level appropriate for a level 13 and 4 level 11s?

I'm thinking I might have to boost the Recovered Temple a little for my party of 5 12's and 2 11's (by the time they get there).

Oh, and another thought... a wand of GMW (caster level 9) costs about 400 gp per charge. 6k for a partially used 15 charge wand might be a very useful piece of treasure.

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