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Boden Blagden
Here for a while
(4/12/03 8:28 am)
The group takes out the Bebilith.
The group went through an almost empty Fire Temple and defeated D'Gran again, but again D'Gran escaped. He is definitely a menace to this group. They killed Firre and rescued the Bard. These are the only two left in the Fire Temple because the others have already gone to witness the arrival of Imix. The cleric of the group destroyed the fire alter. They then went down and hit the Earth Bridge guards hard taking out the ogres and gnolls without a fight and the bridge guards and trolls were taken out very quickly. The rest of the guards that were in the barracks surrendered, and at that time Eeridick and Tac showed up.
I used Eeridick with the Acolyte of the Skin PrC and he took acid orb as his 4th level spell. So, he hit the cleric with a acid orb and the fighter attacked Tac. Tac quickly tripped the fighter, but Eeridck couldn't cast because the wizard was setting dispell everything he does. So, Eeridick took his dagger and slid it accross the circle and the Demon appeared. Eeridick was killed like a round later by the PCs and Tac took off away from the Bebilith The PCs ran but the cleric was too slow and got knocked down. the party came to his rescue though and healed him, but when he got back up he was too slow again and was hit and killed but not before doing greater magic weapon to the Barbarian's axe. With the axe and a lot of magic missles the Bebilith was taken down. The group lost their cleric though, who had signed a DNR earlier in the campaign. I only remembered to use his armor destroying thing once, so he could have done a lot more damage than he did. That is where we stopped for the night, but I thought they were done for when the Bebilith showed up. Just losing one character was actually good.
On another note. The group has the Demonstone right now. The now dead cleric did have it. They think it a figurine of wonderoud power. They really haven't payed any attention to it or analized it closely yet. What sort of things does the stone wisper anyway.
"Go ahead and kill him."
"Take it, you deserve more."
"Torture him, make him suffer."
Stuff like that.
I am not sure who will get it eventually, but I am going to pay attention to who is carrying the clerics body.
Just wondering. If a Monk is turned by the demonstone will he lose all of his Monk supernatural abilities since his alignment has been changed to Chaotic.

Still here? Wow.
(4/12/03 10:57 am)
Re: The group takes out the Bebilith.
I like the whisper suggestions, especially "Take it, you deserve more." A figurine of wondrous power, indeed. :)

A monk who becomes non-lawful loses his class special abilities, which includes all supernatural and spell-like abilities, though not the unarmed attacks and extraordinary abilities. Hopefully, the monk will rid himself of the stone and atone for his transgressions. IMO, I would not make the atonement a huge hassle because it will make your players really hate this type of thing and (also IMO) corruption of the good guys should be a frequent goal of the evil guys.

Boden Blagden
Here for a while
(4/18/03 11:22 am)
Re: The group takes out the Bebilith.
Another question for the stone. Would it be obvious where the whisper is coming from. I don't know how others handled it when the stone was picked up, but my group has not really been in cotact with it all that much. The Monk carried it in his Havard sack for the over 3 day trek back to the city. Once it was identified it was claimed by the Barbarian/Sorceror of the group. I need to have them make will saves still before I can really do anything, but I what I really need to know is whether the person with it would know that the stone is what was whispering to him. Or would it be like a whisper or thought in the back of your mind. If he can tell that it is whispering to him he will probably disregard it automatically. I think that it has to have a way of making people keep it or it wouldn't ever be able to take over someone unless they were really weak willed.

Here for a while
(4/18/03 2:21 pm)
Re: The group takes out the Bebilith.
Well, first of all I think you should make the will saves in secret, instead of having the players make them. That way they won't know that anything is even happening if they pass, and it will make the gradual emergence of the whispering even more scary because they (hopefully) won't even be suspecting anything out of the ordinary. Of course, apologies if that's what you meant and I misinterpreted.

As for where the whispers come from...... IMC the suggestions did just appear as 'thoughts in the back of the mind' at first. I let the suggestions carry on for a bit without telling the player what was up, getting them all spooked out and such. Soon afterwards I took the player aside and explained what was happening, and that let them know what to roleplay etc. (thankfully this particular player was very into the roleplaying side of things, and could deal with the situation well). I ruled that once the character actually began carrying out the evil suggetsions and actually suffered the alighnment change, then they also became aware of the source. By that time, of course, the character should relish the stone's presence instead of wanting to get rid of it. And of course, if you go down the "pass the stone on to spread the evil" road, then the character would have to know that the statue was the source.

Wow, I think I waffled quite a bit there. In essence, I think that yes the character will eventually realise that the statue is the source of the whispers, but not at first. Only after they wouldn't want to get rid of it any more anyway.

The burning is love

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