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Still here? Wow.
(4/14/03 8:31 am)
Written Items in the CRM
This is a list of the written items in the CRM, notes, books and scrolls. I provide this so that you can more easily go through the list and create these as handouts for your players. Various web sites already have examples of these, check the FAQ for links. If anyone wants to add descriptions to the books or provide full text for some of the messages, please do so. The language of the written text is provided in brackets. I'll upload the Word doc to ZFC's site.

C8. Letter to Mereclar from Naquent, discusses recruiting local orcs as guards and mentions that clerics of the Outer Fane are busy searching for the Champion of Elemental Evil. [common]

C11. Letter to Terrenygit from the High Priest of the Outer Fane (see module for text) [draconic].

C15. Book, torn and worm eaten, bound in leather, untitled, tells of the brief history of the mines up till the Dwarves left – it was a mine rich in various ores and minerals until evil priests called Doomdreamers arrived and sent monsters in to kill all the dwarves. [dwarven]

C40. Black, wooden bound book, old and worn, only ¼ filled – old set of records of the Temple of Element Evil. Contains: basic history, fate of Lareth the Beautiful, a raised Lareth knows much about the Cult of Tharizdun and remains at large – probably in Hommlet or Nulb – and could become a dangerous loose end for the cult to deal with. [common]

C47. Square, flat, blue-green stone with “Waves Pound Relentlessly” inscribed on it. [common]

C66. Religious books on Moradin: [dwarven]
- The Hammer and Anvil
- The Holy Forge
- Stoneworking in the Service of Moradin

C67. Non-magical holy book bound in silver with inlaid gemstones (worth 400gp), titled Worshipping Moradin. [dwarven]

C74. Books and treatises on elemental air and worship of evil deities:
- Wind Walking Around the World [common]
- The Many Facets of Torture During Worship [common]
- Summoning Demons for Service [abyssal]
- The Whirlwind [auran]
- Abyssal Sermons [abyssal]
- Why Air is Better than Earth [Elven]
- Casting Air Spells [Elven]
- The Worship of Yan-C-Bin [auran]
- Treatise on the Effects of Wind [common]
- Tornadoes, Vortices, and Cold [common]

C75. Very vile and graphic books:
- Evisceration with Wind [common]
- Demon Worship and Summoning [abyssal]
- Illustrated Guide to Torture [common]
- Cultivating Festering Wounds [common]

C76. Scrolls in brass tubes: [dwarven]
- Treatise on volcanoes and the minerals and metals found in them (diamonds, gold, iron, and a few others).
- Mentions the dwarven queen Tulian Saltheart and the fabulous diamond that her craftsmen created from a raw diamond found here in the mines. It was named after her: Tulian’s eye. When the mines were evacuated by the dwarves, Tulian’s Eye was hidden somewhere.

C97. Battered brass scroll tube – describes the dwarves’ conflict with the horrible sound beasts (destrachan). The dwarves encountered them while first digging in the mines, finding that they created their own tunnels. The creatures killed the miners wantonly and destroyed equipment and even the very minerals they mined. The dwarves drove them off repeatedly, with terrible losses. [dwarven]

C120. Two things:
- Complete map of the fire temple (C106 to C123, Map G)
- Letter to Tessimon from Hedrack in the Outer Fane – discusses guard pay (3sp/day) and mentions, “Things move apace. Soon the Doomdreamers’ plan shall come to fruition and the Dark Master will be freed. First, however, we must find the Champion to fulfill the prophecy. Watch for potential candidates. Perhaps you, yourself, could be the one.”

C122. Book of the Dark Eye – details worship of the Elder Elemental Eye, including how to operate one of the black stone altars in conjunction with the tentacle rods.

C158. Copper tube – map of C133 to C154 (Map H); areas C150 and C151 are marked “Danger” in dwarven; area C152 is marked “Possible Danger” in dwarven.

C159. Message to Eeridik from Kelashein of the Water Temple, about a large bribe and to help her in a mission against the Fire Temple.

C165. Rolled-up piece of paper, written in goblin, “Offer bribe to Chief Urolax to join the Fire Temple – Tessimon”

C188. Books on Magic:
- Sculpting Spells [common]
- The Importance of Evocation [common]
- Toads, Rats, and Cats [common]
- Powerful Magic [draconic]
- Affecting Reality [common]
- Arcana in the Art of Torture [common]
- Fehlid Grimm’s World of the Arcane [gnomish]

C189. Two combat training manuals: [common]
- The Rules of Combat
- Attack and Defense

C208. Eight various books worth 1d6 gold apiece:
- Untitled collection of sylvan poetry [sylvan]
- Recipes of the West [common, regional]
- The Adventures of Jim Zed [common, fiction]
- Gem Mining and Cutting [common]
- Owning an Inn [common]
- Herb Lore of the South [elven]
- Dirty Combat Tricks [common]
- The Fine Art of Locksmithing [common]

C211. Map of the Northern Bridge Complex (Air Bridge), areas 198-217.

C213. Letter to the Outer Fane from Oamarthis (see module for text) [common]. Twenty books worth 1d10gp each:
- The Temple of the Elements [common] secret history of the Temple of Elemental Evil
- Worshipping Dark Gods [common]
- Elemental Powers [common]
- Reptilian Cults of the Past [draconic]
- Ugthor’s Reprisal of Grummsh [orcish]
- The Burning Eye [common]
- The Many Facets of the Elder Elemental Eye [common]
- The Lure of False Gods [common]
- The Slaughter of the Peasantry [common]
- The Benefits of Mass Suicide [common]
- Demons Versus Devils [abyssal]
- Hedging Out Celestials [abyssal]
- Everyone Loves a Sacrifice [common]
- Renter’s Pictorial Guide to Cult Worship [common]
- Curses of the Fiery Orb [common]
- Getting the Most out of Torture [common]
- The Fascinating World of Disease [goblin]
- The Elder Elemental Eye Book of Sermons [auran, terran, ignan, aquan]
- How to Get Celestials to Talk [abyssal]
- Advanced Torture Methods [abyssal]

C223. Message to Uskathoth from Hedrack on a piece of parchment, in draconic. It discusses the recent takeover of the Earth Temple by the troglodytes after the Earth Temple crushing defeat a year or so ago at the hands of the Fire Temple. Hedrack supports the troglodyte and feels that they will serve the Elder Elemental Eye well, as will a being called Ogremoch.

Edit: Left out C211's map.

Edited by: Infiniti2000 at: 4/29/03 10:51:01 am
Here for a while
(4/14/03 4:32 pm)
Re: Written Items in the CRM
:) Great titles.

Here for a while
(4/15/03 8:56 pm)
Re: Written Items in the CRM
Totally awesome, Infiniti!!!

Man, some people here come up with the greatest stuff.

Still here? Wow.
(4/16/03 7:56 am)
Re: Written Items in the CRM
Hey, thanks. :o

I remember before someone asking about book titles, so I thought I'd throw something together. Also, I'm on a binge-prep for the CRM so I'm trying to get together all the handouts for it. I'll try to pull some examples of the handouts from others' sites and put the text here, but if anyone wants to preempt me (Thrommel?) please do. :) Otherwise, I'll get around to it eventually. I'll try to post as neutral text as possible (like these book titles, it was very hard not to include really campaign-specific stuff like my world notes), so that you can more easily customize it.

Still here? Wow.
(4/17/03 4:42 pm)
Re: Written Items in the CRM
Okay, the Word document has been uploaded to ZansForCans's site. Also, Tessimon's map of the Fire Temple, and the Dwarven map of the Eastern Bridge Complex have been uploaded. I removed the room numbers and the areas that should not be on the map such that you can just print them out and hand them to the players (or just show them the maps digitally if you wish).

Enjoy. :)

Still here? Wow.
(4/29/03 10:51 am)
Edited the list above, forgot Oamarthis's map.

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