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Boden Blagden
Here for a while
(4/14/03 3:42 pm)
Prince Thrommel.
What would Thrommel do if one of the PCs asked if he was "the" Prince Thrommel.
I had the encounter with the PCs and Thrommel during last game and I don't think I did very well with it. The good thing is they didn't attack him. This was smart on their part, but I don't think they went along with it because they were scared of him. I think they think they can get his coffin and then destroy it and rid thier selves of him. I think that would make Thrommel just more furious with him. I don't know why vampires need their coffins anyway. They can hide underneath the earth and find lots of ways to stay out of the sun.
Anyway, Thrommel has proposed to them that they get his coffin for them and he will let them live. They agreed and asked how to get to his coffin and he told them how. Now if they double cross Thrommel they might be seeing the biggest fight of their lives. Of course Thrommel could as easily double cross them. They were kind of rude to him, and they refused to go get him so sacrifices. Oh well.

Can't leave now (mod)
(4/15/03 9:13 pm)
Re: Prince Thrommel.
Well, here's my take on myself, for what it's worth:

Thrommel will be the first to admit he's the Prince Thrommel if someone asks. He's looking for some recognition and a taste of his former fame/celebrity.

IMO, the vampiric transformation has brought out all the worst aspects in Thrommel. He used to be this famous, benevolent ruler who selflessly did brave and generous acts.

Now think of the most spoiled celebrity you can -- that's the blackguard Thrommel. He's petty, snobbish, and a bully. He demands the respect he feels he's due. (That's one of the things that drives him nuts about the Doomdreamers -- they don't treat him special or stroke his ego.)

Now, Thrommel is pretty desperate to get away from the Doomdreamers, but if there's one thing he's not going to tolerate, it's disrespect. People who disrespect him usually find themselves on the humiliating end of a domination. Or worse.

The key to Thrommel is his ego -- keep flattering him and you're fine. But if you don't treat him with the manners due his royal personage, you just made the short list in his weekly meal planner.

-Thrommel, who's not just a royal personage -- he's a royal pain.

Here quite a while
(4/15/03 9:19 pm)
Re: Prince Thrommel.
So, he's kind of like Lestat?

Kind of funny, though: WWTD.

For a Klondike bar.

There's no business like gnoll business

Still here? Wow.
(4/16/03 7:48 am)
Re: Prince Thrommel.
"So, he's kind of like Lestat?"

Except he doesn't have a stupid name. :)

Anyway, I like Thrommel's take on Thrommel. Play him like you would, say, Britney Spears. Oh! Better yet, Michael Jackson, you can't get much more spoild than that, AND he looks the part! Heck, just show your players a picture of Michael Jackson!

Can't leave now (mod)
(4/16/03 9:55 am)
Re: Prince Thrommel.
Ooh, oof -- Infiniti -- you really know how to hurt a guy! If it wasn't noon I'd fly over there and puncture your neck right now! :evil

It's not so much spoiled brat as it is snobby vanity. Thrommel insists on being doted on because that's his station. He's royalty - he's inherently better than everyone else and they had best fawn all over him to demonstrate that they know it.

Maybe it's more like Marlon Brando arrogant.

FYI, Marlon Brando was so worried that he was going to look fat in "The Score" that he would refuse to wear pants on the set. Thus they could only do shots up close and from the chest up.

-Thrommel, who read it on the internet so it must be true.

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