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Here for a while
(4/15/03 5:48 pm)
Most fun I've had in a while...... (LONG)
We took a break from RttToEE to play in another DM's campaign for a while as soon as the PC's cleared out the Crater Ridge Mines, before advancing on the Outer Fane. I wanted some time to study an Advanced version of the Outer Fane that was (I think) provided by Siobharek.

The module was intended for 4 characters. There have been 5 characters at the least for the entire module (most of the module was done with 6), which caused me to "advance" the monsters somewhat to eliminate the "walk through the park" adventure. One of the guys in the group quit playing and 5 has been the norm recently.

The party is headed by a halfling Rogue/Shadowdancer by the name of Roldo Bottomleaf, the group named after him, "The Bottomleaf Posse." Twice in the Crater Ridge Mines, the group was killed down to him and one other (in the immortal words of Eddie Murphy, he knows when to "GET OUT!!!!!"). He was at least a level and a half ahead of the rest of the party going into the Outer Fane, and for some reason was the sole possessor of all of the keys.

There has been some speculation about the ability of the Towers to be able to reach the bridges with their Lightning Bolts. Looking at the picture provided and the height of the towers, I made the judgement that the towers would only be able to reach a certain distance from the edge of the Outer Fane. Fortunately for the characters, they chose the Air Door to make their first assault. Looking at the map, the island provides some relief from both towers Lightning Bolt attacks due to the distance from the bridge (they weren't so lucky when approaching the Earth Door).

The Thief....I mean.....Ummm.....Rogue, approached the door, invisible with his Slippers of Spider Climbing on, from the outside of the bridge. He touched the key to the door and as soon as it started down, he bailed over the side of the bridge to watch what appeared.....Which was nothing. After three rounds, the door closed. The rest of the group was watching from the Crater Ridge Mines end of the bridge (with the Thief being invisible, they saw the door open and close several times before he was heard in their midst). He went in a little ways without opening any doors and even approached the stairs before testing the door without the key and other things before leaving. I didn't realize that he had made a false map that he showed to the group about what he had found......An ELABORATE map with several traps, and two or three secret doors. I had to struggle to keep a straight face while he was describing his encounter with a "floating cleric" (being the Air Door) that told him "Hedrack was down the hall on the right," or something equally full of BS.

This deception worked about three rounds after the group actually entered the Fane and opened the first door. HUGE surprise.....It didn't match Roldo's map. Unfortunately, the mage in the group had came in with a "See Invisibility" fired up. They happened to open the door to the Invisible Stalkers, which revealed "a thin outline of a couple of clouds." They left them alone and went up the stairs to the Arrowhawks.

I took some liberties and decided that since the Stalkers were Air Elementals of a type, they squeezed through the cracks in the doors (couldn't find this in a Monster Manual), but the mage noticed and saw them in time to launch a Fireball at them. This of course filled the requirements of the Stalkers to go find Hedrack. After several rounds of fighting the Arrowhawks in the 80 foot tall room, they had just opened up the door to the Trolls (where the Ogres used to be) when Hedrack showed up. The party quickly fled and returned to Rastor.

Behind the screen, I had Hedrack Scry on the party by choosing the individual that had opened the Earth Door. The Thief failed his Will save to notice the sensor, allowing the Succubus to memorize the area (the inn room). When everyone left for supper, she teleported to the room and went ethereal. She followed Roldo to the main room where he was performing comedy. After two of the four PC's (one of the guys didn't show up for the session) left the room, she went through the wall and changed herself into a rather succulent Halfling specimen and returned. I'd seen on the stats provided by Siobharek that she had some Bard skills, and used those to her advantage. I claimed that she was a low-level Bard, but would LOVE to hear adventuring stories. Of course, Kenroy (Roldo) couldn't help but elaborate on some of the heroics that the group had performed, of course insinuating himself into the most pivotal role of the battle. I all but had tears in my eyes from laughter by the time I had talked him into walking me to my room. The Succubus had previously checked for empty rooms on her way to the main room and had staked a claim. Roldo excused himself to go "freshen up" before the encounter, and used this time to explain to the others in the group that he was going to "sex up a hottie halfling." He removed all magical items and left them in the care of the group, to return to the "woman" of his dreams.

When he knocked on the door to the room, she was already in bed. I assure you, he wasn't disappointed. I told him when he crawled in bed that she quickly kissed him. I told him to roll a d20: A 5. That doesn't cover it, didn't notice the level drain. I told him that as they were going, she kissed him again, roll another d20: A 1. You guessed it.....Another fail......He's beginning to get even more nervous, knowing that I'm bending him over somehow. I tell him that she kisses him again, roll another d20: A 6. Do you get the feeling that his dice were cold???? I'm almost in tears laughing so hard. especially after he makes the comment that he "hopes she's not ugly." FINALLY, on the 4th try, he notices a drain, nothing to do with the copulation. He excuses himself, with her wanting a good night kiss: Another 4. After losing 5 levels, I'm about to wet myself laughing. As he's walking to the door, she says "Roldo." He refuses to turn around until after the door is opened. When he does finally turn around, I tell him that the Halfling is gone, and in her place is a beautiful female with wings and fanged teeth. He slams the door shut and returns to his room.

Luckily, the next day he makes 4 of his 5 saving throws and only needs one Restoration spell to get him to the bottom of his previous level (lost about 7,000 XP). He kept laughing, making references to the movie "The Ladies Man," saying that not may people have "sexed up a Succubus and lived to tell about it!!!!!"

I can't remember a more memorable role-playing session. Just wanted to share that with all and to question Siobharek to see if he has an advanced area of the Inner Fane or the Temple......

Thanks for listening to my psychotic ramblings, and hoping that Siobharek is keeping up the good work......

Click here to see the DM Assist.

Looking around
(4/15/03 7:19 pm)
Re: Most fun I've had in a while...... (LONG)
Great story... God only knows how you managed to run this without spilling the beans sooner!

And on an unrelated note: I looked at your site, DM Assist looks cool, but... where do I download it?

Here for a while
(4/16/03 10:28 am)
Re: Most fun I've had in a while...... (LONG)
It's not available for download yet. I'm still working on getting the new version caught up with the old version before I send it to WOTC to make sure I'm not breaking any laws. I'll post a HUGE message when it becomes available.

Thanks for the kind words.....

Click here to see the DM Assist.

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