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Xanthos Prince of Darkness
Here for a while
(4/22/03 2:50 pm)
The Inner Planes.
IMC I have decided to use a larger set of inner planes. So far I have: The four Elemental planes (Fire,Earth,Air,Water) plus the four Para-elemental planes (Magma, Ooze, Steam and Smoke) and the two Energy planes (Positive and Negative) plus the Temporal plane (Time).
Thinking about it I think it would make sense to tie the Elemental Evil to a mixture of the Negative and the correct Elemental planes. According to MotP there can be intermediate planes that do this. These would be the Quasi-elemental planes. Does anyone know what the names for these are and have they ever been published somewhere?


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Here quite a while
(4/22/03 3:54 pm)
Re: The Inner Planes.
Air: Lightning
Fire: Radiance
Earth: Minerals
Water: Steam

Air: Vacuum
Fire: Ash
Earth: Dust
Water: Salt

These are from the 1E Manual of the Planes. I know that the Planescape campaign setting changed these slightly.

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(4/23/03 4:47 pm)
Re: The Inner Planes.
I've always gone off of what Chartam says. What's more, I've added an extra 'layer' to the fun.

Imagine, if you will, that the Energy Types don't match up the way the "Elemental Savant" prestige class would have you believe. Given the presence of the Para and Quasi planes, you get a slightly different configuration.

Plane: Energy:
Lightning Lightning
Ooze Acid
Ice Cold
Fire Fire
Earth Sonic

Now, given this, we add what I call the "one step" rule. Any plane only one step removed from one of the above can also make use of that energy type. Thus:

Lightning: Lightning direct, Air as one-step.
Cold: Ice direct, Air and Water as one-step.
Fire: Fire direct, Radiance, ash, magma and smoke as one-step.
Acid: Ooze direct, Water and Earth as one-step.
Sonic: Earth direct, Ooze, Magma, Dust and Mineral as one-step.

Most of the associations currently available are still available, but there are more options and a better "lineup".

The only left-out planes from this are the negative planes of Vacuum and Salt, and the Positive planes of Radiance and Steam.

For the sake of "classic" affinities (and yes, in defiance of the one-step rule), I make exceptions to the rule thusly:

Ooze may not make use of Sonic
Salt may make use of Acid
Radiance may make use of Lightning
Steam may make use of Fire (heat).

That only leaves Vacuum out, and yes, it lacks for an elemental energy type...that's what it gets for "nothingness".

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