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Here to stay
(4/24/03 7:40 am)
Random questions about Lareth, CRM (SPOILERS)
I apologize in advance if the answers to these questions are in the FAQ and I missed them or, worse, if they are even in the RttToEE book and I missed them.

1) The Northern Bridge Complex says it's "sandwhiched between the Fire and Water Temples" and hates members from both, going so far as to attack anyone they see with their sigils. But it's not! It's sandwhiched between Water and Earth! Does it hate W+E then, or F+W? One reason I ask is that the Earth temple was destroyed by Fire recently, so maybe Fire had sent tons of troops barging through the NBC to do the dirty work, pissing off the guards; and the current Earth occupants haven't had time to annoy NBC yet, etc.

OTOH the trogs sound pretty xenophobic to me, maybe they've already managed to thoroughly annoy the NBC.

2) What is the time-table for Lareth's resurrection and identification as the Champion of Evil? I believe eventually the PC's find documents saying that he is basically the champion. I ask because the Lareth encounter was botched and the PC's killed him. They're currently getting rid of the hobgoblins in the temple right now, so I was thinking maybe the spies in and around Nulb could find Lareth's body and spirit it away to get resurrected (so when they return, his grave is disturbed, and being PC's they'd logically conclude he must've been undead and clawed his way out of his grave rather than the more obvious solution) But I don't know an appropriate time campaign-wise to do this.

3) I figure the Earth temple might be up for some revenge against Fire. OTOH maybe not: the destruction of the Earth temple by Fire was actually a good thing as far as the trogs are concerned (otherwise they wouldn't be there). But they might be looking to enlist the aid of intrepid cannonfo...adventurers for retribution, maybe on principle alone. Or would they be more interested in a strike against Water, their nearest competitor?

I'm aiming to make some of the CRM encounters TPK's if the players don't manage to enlist the aid of the various rival factions. I want to give the players who "wasted" points in Diplo and Bluff something to do.

Here quite a while
(4/24/03 8:11 am)
Re: Random questions about Lareth, CRM (SPOILERS)
1) I assumed that it was a typo. The NBC is sandwiched between the Water and Earth Temples. Oamarthis' letter to his Masters is evidence that tension exists between Earth Temple and NBC and between the Water Temple and NBC.

2) I assumed that the discovery of Lareth was left open for the DM to decide, but has definitely has occurred by the time they reach the Recovered Temple. Under the page 149 description of Lareth is states: "Lareth possesses the items in the Balck Cyst intended for the Champion, if they have not been stolen by the PCs." This statement implies that it is quite possible for PCs to advance into at least the Outer Fane before the Champion is found. I used the "finding the Champion" as a plot device to put tension into the game. I used hints during their initial progress through the CRM about the cults search for their Champion (as per the module) However, now the insane cultists (clerics, as an example) captured and questioned are in rapture, raving about having found the Champion. This makes the PCs nervous because it give them the sense that their oppononets are nearing some catacysmic event. There is a sense of urgancy to get into the Fanes and stop the doomdreamers (they still think the Fanes are their ultimate goal). Once they find out about the Recovered Temple my PCs may skip the Inner Fane and head there immediately. This is okay, they can always return and investigate the Inner Fane later.

3) The temple rivalry is pretty open ended. The goal isn't neccessarily to destroy a temple but to become more powerful. Sometimes knocking your opponent down a couple notches can help you become more powerful, but this is done by a weaker Temple only if they are certain of its success and assured that any retribution can be avoided. Therefore, a Temple gathers it strengths and waits for an opportunity. Your players could be just such an opportunity, especially if they can get the PCs to pretend to be from an alternate Temple then the one who hires them as mercenaries.

Just some thoughts

Here for a while
(4/26/03 12:18 pm)
Re: Random questions about Lareth, CRM (SPOILERS)
1) I, too, would say that it's a typo.

2) The party didn't really botch things by killing Lareth. In fact, it will be a nice surprise when they run into him again. IMC, I was going for having the identity of the Champion be discovered about the time the party could access the Outer Fane (when they have four keys). Then somtime during their forays into the Outer Fane, Lareth would be resurrected and would go through the ritual that would give him his power.

Zag:rollin ig

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