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Here for a while
(4/24/03 8:52 am)
Fun with Trogs in the Earth Temple Area
Ok, last night my group continued their push in to the CRM at the at the main gate and down into the Earth Temple outskirts.

THey had taken care of all the guards at the gate except the Trog priest, which started to fall back toward the trogs area. (which happened last game, so we started last night with the trog priest hidding in the dark with the trog guards just north of the gate)

He slowly gathered support so the party ended up facing 2 normal Trogs, 3 Warrior 1 Trogs, the Swordmaster, the Cleric & her elemental and the Trog priest from the gate area.

After a long drawn out fight in the tunnels the fight eneded with 3 party members in negs but stable to be captured and the 2 normal Trogs and one Trog Warrior one dead. The Trogs chased the remaining three party members out the main door and closed it behind them.

So now what I have to figure out is what will happen at the main gate , with all the guards dead?

I was thinking the Trogs could do a Stone shape to block the main gate so no one can slip in. Posssibly moving one of the trogs Warriors up to listen for sound of intruders.

Since Terrengyit is still alive and he is part of the "gate guard" I guess reinforcements can still arrive as described in the module.

What does the hivemind think?



Still here? Wow.
(4/24/03 11:14 am)
Re: Fun with Trogs in the Earth Temple Area
Terrengyit is going to immediately send word to Naquient that the main gate has been assaulted, likely by sending a trog north to the Air Bridge and having him flag down a SER or somesuch.

Needless to say, Terrengyit is not going to be in any hurry at all to replace the humans and Gnolls at the main gate. He's quite likely to try raising any corpses from the fight as new Zombies, for one thing. For another, he may contact a tribe of Trogs elsewhere and encourage them to relocate, although this will take time.

Basically, if the PCs strike again within a week, about all they'll find is a fairly large assortment of zombies (still, zombies in heavy armor can be a serious threat).

If the party waits, I'd fluff up the gate compliment with another batch of Trogs, or possably Lizardmen...something that would fit Terrengyit's prejudices better.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

Here quite a while
(4/24/03 12:01 pm)
Re: Fun with Trogs in the Earth Temple Area
The trogs will need at many Stone Shapes to completely secure the entrance. The main gate is pretty big and would require some effort. The spell doesn't create stone but just reshapes, the very stone you use has to come from the stone holding up the door. However, you could dig down behind the door and the build a stone barracade right behind the door (5 feet). If Terrenygit is casting it then he can "excavate and rebuild" a barracade with a volume of 15 cubic feet. However, the main gate is 20 feet across and one of Terrenygit's spells would could seal the main gate with a 8 inch thick, 20 foot long and 1 foot high wall right behind the gate. The gates are 15 feet high so to completely seal the door with this 8 inch thick wall would take 15 spells! A 4 inch thick wall would take 7 spells, and a 1 inch thick wall would take at least 2 spells. Bursting down this 1 inch thick wall is a DC of 22. The gates alone has a DC of 26. The stone wall is almost like having an automatic "aid another" to keep the gate from bursting and thus might serve as +2 to the Gate DC, of 28. A thicker stone wall will have a higher DC (+2 for every inch) and in the case of them using 8 or more Stone Shape Spells to build a wall at least 4 inches thick then the wall sets the DC (28 for a 4 inch thick wall) and the gate now serves as the "aid another" for a total DC of 28.

I suspect that enterprising PCs will use Stone Shape to bypass the arrow slits and therefore to truely "seal" the Western Entrance they'd need to seal up the doors in those guard rooms. If you assume the dimensions of a standard door to be 3 feet by 7 feet then one Stone Shape could create a stone wall 4 inches thick with a burst DC of 28. The normal door would add 2 to that for a DC of 30!

Terrenygit would have to cast at least 5 Stone Shapes to completely seal up the Western Entrance. Terrenygit is a cleric of Tharizdun and can only memorize two Stone Shapes per day and would need three days to accomplish it by himself, or two days with help from the other clerics from the Earth Temple (the main gate could be sealed that very night by Miikolak and Uskathoth, but still requires a second day to memorize three more spells to seal the other doors.

Of course once you seal the Western Entrance you make getting reinforcements difficult, forcing the Earth Temple to either:

1) Attack the dire apes or the Athach and then to negotiate with, or defeat, the Northern Bridge Complex to gain access to the bridge and the Air Bridge.

2) Attack or negotiate with Vranthis, Attack or sneak past the Umber Hulks, Attack or negotiate with the trolls and then attack or negotiate with the Western Bridge Complex to gain acess to the Fire Bridge.

Access to a bridge can lead to negotiations with the spider eater riders and then flown to the Earth Bridge and into the Outer Fane for help ... if they really want to admit that they can't deal with this problem on their own.

Personally, I think the Earth Temple is screwed because of the nature of the CRM. There is no real easy way to get help as they are surrounded by potentially hostile forces. Do you really want to let the commanders of the Air, or Fire, Bridge know that you're under attack? It might prompt them to sell that little bit of information to one of the other Temples who may then want to take advantage of the situation.

Sorry. This was a little long for a response. Just some thoughts.

Here for a while
(4/24/03 1:50 pm)
thank you for the thoughts
My plan was actually to just make a large door-stop (5' long by 1' high and 1' thick) right inside the doors that will prevent it from being opened easily. That way they will have to make a huge amount of noise trying to break the door down to get in.

Or as suggested they might stone shap thru the wall to get in which is fine.

Also this will only be a short term fix untill Terrenygit can make arrangments to get new guards for the area.

He will keep stone shape memorized to remove it if needed and see about getting a scroll from the earth temple to put it back up if needed.

I like the idea of a group of trogs showing up a week or so down the road to cover the gate.

AS for letting Naquient now, it will end up being easy as she will be returning in a day or so with the bodies of several members of a previous attack that escaped. SHe plans to have them added to the display that is outside of 3 of their friends that did not get out earlier.



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