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Here for a while
(4/27/03 10:43 pm)
Darktheatre Adventure Resource
I must apologise for not being sure who to pay homage to, but this site is great.

I’ve a question about one of the handouts; that is, the Dwarven history handout and reference to ‘elven maiden’ in it.

“I pray only that his tomb has been sealed and protected. Imagine our enemies fear if he were with us now with his fair elven maid.”

I may be thick, but who is this referring to?

Thanks a heap,

He who needs to know.

Here for a while
(4/27/03 11:48 pm)
Re: Darktheatre Adventure Resource
I had thought it might be reference to Queen Tulian, but it's pretty clear in the module that she's a dwarf. So I came up with another idea based on the three statues in the room near the secret room containing Tulian's Eye -

The three statues are of the legendary founders of the Dwarven community in the CRM: the mighty warrior Rastor Hammersong, the beautiful Queen Tulian Saltheart, and the expert miner/smith Durlum Soulaxe. It's a tragic love triangle: Durlum loves Tulian, and created the Eye for her; but Tulian loves Rastor. Rastor falls in love with an elven princess, though, breaking Tulian's heart, from which she never recovers emotionally (hence her name "Saltheart"). Durlum launches a smear campaign based on fear and bigotry, and Rastor is ostracised by many in the community; unbowed by the shame, he continues to carry himself with dignity and honour, doing all he can for his people. But it was not enough when the doomdreamers came.

This is one of the reasons Rerrid remains in town - although his clan has been dishonoured, he knows it was not deserved. He stays near to the place that mattered to Rastor, trying to make a difference in the rough town. He knows the real story of what went on with Rastor, Tulian and Durlum...

The blade spirit is the bitter ghost of Durlum, who might give the party his version of events. Angry and vengeful, Moradin has nonethless bound him to service. He must remain in undeath until he has atoned for his jealousy and for his sin against a good man, by helping those who come to avenge the dwarves. He must labour to create the things they need (also helpfully reducing the party's need to travel to Verbobonc to restock) - so long as they can prove that they are indeed Moradin's chosen. A roleplaying and sort of side trek adventure opportunity to find the secret temple and Tulian's Eye that I thought my players enjoyed a fair bit...

Anyhow, that was just how I used it - if someone can shed more light on what it was supposed to me, I'd also appreciate it...

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