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Here for a while
(4/28/03 5:22 am)
Failed attack on the Outer Fane
Hi all,

Been a while since i've been able to post here :(

Okay, need some advice on whats next:

Party Walked along Earth Bridge, opened Earth Door then ran screaming from the Elder Earth Elemental, retreating back into to the CRM. During there recuperation one player was lost to Thrommel (sent out to seek revenge), and both keys of earth (bad night).

Party retreats to Brindinford, and prepares for next assault. The plan now is to scry/clairvoyence the water door (they also have both water keys), teleport in and destroy whatever's there.....then teleport out again.

After repeating this tactic twice now (one for Tornwhatsit) and one for bugbears, the baddies are starting to get wise (or i hope they are) i set trap with Naquent and Mrs Red teleports in, Naquent leads the party in a running battle to the firedoor and Mrs Red Dragon breathes on party. The parties wizard fails his will save, panics, and teleports himself out of the complex (!)...that leaves the remaining party members running for there lives, hoping to get to the water door, open it and throw themselves into the Stalignos!!!

Any advice on what the baddies should do ? Maybe is a good time to introduce the redemed cleric (V cant remember his name), and try to help them out of this sticky situation.


Still here? Wow.
(4/29/03 1:55 am)

Re: Failed attack on the Outer Fane
Hi Lorrin

S'okay - I enjoy reading your players' logs at

I'd introduce Varachan now if you can. Your group has been quite successful, so he could believe that they had a chance, if they only got a chance to catch their breath and get some intel about the layout of the Fanes.

Good luck.

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Here quite a while
(4/30/03 4:25 am)
Re: Failed attack on the Outer Fane
I don't know what exactly your players did during their "running fight" with Nanquent, but the one thing that sticks out for me is the Black Sun in the Shrine of Dark Communion. Once released from its chamber Nanquent could use it to chase your PCs right into another trap ... if she has another one set.

The trap could have been to have Nanquent lead the PCs into the red dragon while Varachan lead a second assault team from the rear (moving from the Grinder room) made up of any of the following (if alive): Victor, Bethe, the drow ambassadors, Ukemil and his lions). The elder earth elemental, flesh golems and Thrommel are not likely to be recruited for such a plan.

A possible addition would be a cadre of elemental from the Chamber of Dark Elementalism ... but that'd require that someone other than Varachan lead the elementals as he is not evil and the elementals only accept commands from evil characters.

I suggest that Varachan lead this ambush as it will give him the opportunity to "save" the PCs if they get in trouble - which is likely when they get caught between the rear ambush and the Black Sun. Of course, Varachan's treachery would mean that he'd have to leave with the PCs. Once out and alive Varachan could divulge some very important information on how to defeat the Fanes ... or even to ignore the Fanes and head directly to the Recovered Temple.

Those are my suggestions.

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