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Here for a while
(4/28/03 9:28 am)
Replacement for Inner Fane Lvl1 & Door
My party is nearing the Inner Fane, and I'm not quite satisfied with Monte's vision of the defenders of one of the most (un)holy, sacred places devoted to the worship of Tharizdun. Instead, I plan upon the following:

Door: The "intelligent bouncer door" is replaced by another black, sliding door, just like in the OF. This one requires a Master Key to bypass. However, there is a special permanent Greater Glyph of Warding cast upon the opening of the door (Caster Level: 20). The Glyph triggers when any non-worshipper of Tharizdun breaks the plane of the door, even if ethereal.

When triggered, Any Doomdreamers in first three levels of the tower, as well as the new guardians on Level one (see below), are telepathically alerted that intruders are present. It also causes the exterior side of the door to glow bright purple, attracting one group of Dark Wights to the door every ten minutes -- they have been trained to wait by bridge near the door when it is illuminated. (If all groups of darkwights have been destroyed, this has no effect.)

Level 1: [EL 12 or higher]
Desciption as stated in the book, with the follwoing additions:

"The walls of this room are lined with hundreds of identical statues, each of a deep purple stone carved in the shape of a man in a long, flowing robe, hunched over, black hands folded in contemplation. These statues all appear to be perfectly identicalto each other, save for size - they vary wildly from as tall as 12 feet to as small as inches in height. They line the walls, stopping only where the wrought-iron staircase leads upwards, and where the doorway enters the room.

The "face" of the man is either hidden or nonexistant, replaced instead with a jet black Obex carved into the stone. The Obex symbol drips a thick, red viscous fluid. The room carries a sharp, metallic odor, and the near-constand sound of dripping permeates the air."

Get rid of those silly half-dragon T-Rexes.

There are actually 333 statues in the room, but only three are of any concern to the party. The largest three statues, spaced evenly around the room, with one directly across from the entrance door, are actually Rogue Eidolon (See MMII) under the control of the Doomdreamers. The other 330 statues are enchanted with illusions to mimic the blood-dripping of the Eidolon.

If the Glyph of Warding has alerted them that intruders are entering the fane, they will attack when and if any of the follwoing occur:
(a) Any intruder begins to ascend the staircase (even if flying)
(b) The door closes
(c) An enemy approaches moves adjacent to any of the Eidolon

If the Glyph was not triggered, they will only attack if ordered to by a DoomDreamer, or if they witness an attack on a Doomdreamer, and then only to attack the transgressor or any who attack the Eidolons in return.

Level 2: Tychon
If Tychon is alerted to intruders by th eGlyph, he will immediately head upstairs to alert the Vrock, which will perpare for intruders. Once they are alerted, he heads back down to defend the fane.

Whaddaya think, Sirs? Too difficult? Not difficult enough? Any suggestions? I expect my party to be in the 11-13th level range when they hit the Inner Fane.


Still here? Wow.
(4/29/03 1:31 am)

Re: Replacement for Inner Fane Lvl1 & Door
With the Dark Wights behind them, 3 Eidolons in front, and 3 levels of teh Inner Fane alerted, you might be racking up for a TPK. I'm not too worried about the Eidolons as such. It's the massing of opponents that concerns me. Even if the DD's don't band together, the alert will still enable them to buff up before the party meets them.

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
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Here for a while
(4/29/03 6:31 am)
Re: Replacement for Inner Fane Lvl1 & Door
I'm not worried about the Eidolons either, Low HP and low DCs should make them a minor diversion. However, the potential is thre for some bad times, especially if the Vrock upstairs moves in to assist.

And yes, the darkwights are probably a bit much. . . maybe they'll just stay away . . .


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