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Here for a while
(5/1/03 8:49 am)
Time is on Hedrack's Side
Ok, my players got all the way through the Heart of Nightfang Spire, and very much enjoyed the change of pace away from evil cultists. There's not a single cleric in that whole adventure, heh!

Right before they left the CRM, they had cleared it all out, taking down 3 of the temples, and the 4th one was out of commission due to inter-temple fighting. They figured they could leave things alone for the time being. They never tried to actualy enter the Outer Fane, though.

Now, my questions are two-fold:

1) Well, i'll skip this question. There's a whole thread devoted to the defenses of the Outer Fane. :)

2) Hedrack has about 2 or 3 months of time to prepare for the assault on the outer fane that he knows is comming (he's been scrying). Given this extra time, what suggestions do you have for preparations he can make?

I'm assuming he's not going to bother with re-establishing the 4 temples in the CRM, they served their purpose, and with the cult as close to sucess as they are now, there probably isn't time to get them re-established anyway.

Anyway, what extra steps should Hedrack take? he's sent out an assassin or two to try to get the keys back, but both attemtps failed. I'm thinking he'll send one more (the invisible stalkers) then call it quits and wait for them to come to him.

Here to stay
(5/1/03 9:10 am)
Re: Time is on Hedrack's Side
I would change the doorlocks

j/k there, BUT I would beef up the defenses around the doors and take the sorcerers from the towers (if they live) INSIDE! Why? Well, they can use their rings to send messages to Hedrack about which door is getting attacked; see the picture?

Also; I'd try and get some funky creatures in to roam the CRM. Create your own encounter list with some wackety creatures from MM2 or Monsters of Faerun. Not too many ofcourse ;)

Here quite a while
(5/1/03 10:24 am)
Heddy's Job
Heddy's job is to keep the heroes attention focused on the Fanes. If the doomdreamers are successfull at the Recovered Temple site then they win. If Hedrack's feint proves deadly enough to destroy the heroes then all the better!

If you assume that most of Hedrack's "reserves" are busy at the Recovered Temple then he might have to just make the best of what's available. In a couple of months time many glyphs could be cast and some called planar allies as guardians. This is all very expensive, time consuming and dangerous, so there might be 1 called planar ally for each month and as many Greater Glyph of Warding at key intersections that you think is reasonable. If there's are long duration spells to thwart dimensional travel and to hide areas from scrying then he'd cast those as well in key rooms.

Here for a while
(5/1/03 10:40 am)
You know, i was just commenting to one of my players that due to this adventure, the partypretty much completely missed the Drow/Mindflayer type of encounters.

Hmm, maybe a drow scouting party could be checking out the CRM to see if it's suitable as a forward base up from the underdark?

Still here? Wow.
(5/1/03 11:26 am)

Re: Drow?
Either that, or expand on the two drow in the Outer Fane. I replaced the devil visitor with a Dhaergoloth half-demon (MoF) son of Maracla, and added a Fighter/Duelist. They might have some drow scouts/scavengers making circuits in the mines.

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
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