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Here for a while
(5/1/03 9:42 am)
Hedracks assassins
My party has well and truly attracted the attention of Hedrack - and he has already sent Thrommel against them (although Bit T chose not to kill them).

I guess the next thing he will send is one of his assassins. Now I Hate auto-killing party members, so I'd much rather change these assassins to something else.

Any ideas?


Still here? Wow.
(5/1/03 10:17 am)
Re: Hedracks assassins
Why did you decide to send Thrommel after the party first? That's an impossible encounter for them at this point (assuming your party just defeated the second temple and is likely not higher than 8th level).

The assassins are not auto-kill. I'm not sure why you think that. Three things have to happen: (1) the PC does not notice the assassin, i.e. failed spot/listen check, (2) the assassin has to actually hit, and (3) the PC has to fail the fort save.

Perhaps githyanki or githzerai would be suitable alternatives.

Here for a while
(5/2/03 3:18 am)
thanks for reply
I sent Thrommel against them because I thought it would be something Hedrack would do. (Why bother messing around, just kill 'em and be done with it).

However, I played it that Thrommel had alterior motives and saw the party as maybe a way to escape Hedrack - hence he scared 'em but didn't kill em. It also gave them a feel of what the Outer Fane was like.

As for the assassins, I know there has to be checks and saving throws. What I meant by auto kill is "Pls save vs Fortitude" ... "I've failed" ... "your dead then". I dont like that. I know its going to happen with some spells, but i'd drather not add to it.

I'll check out those monsters you mentioned.



Here for a while
(5/2/03 8:52 am)
Assassin options
There are a few ways I see that would allow you to keep them as assassins...

1) The death attack can be used to paralyze the victim for 1d6+1 round/lvl IIRC. Perhaps Hedrack wants to the assassins to take them alive, so they don't do the death attack thing... It is still nasty to be paralyzed will combat goes on. You could also give the assassin a poison (strength poison is nice) that can be used to incapacitate his foes instead of using his death attack.

2) I have thought of house ruling the death attack to immediately drop the player to -1 hp instead of death. It is still pretty ugly, but it gives the other pcs a chance to save their friends. Alternatively, use the drowning rules. On a failed save the PC goes to 0 hp, next round -1, next round dead. Kinda like drowning in your own blood.

Just some thoughts..

Here for a while
(5/2/03 9:08 am)
Re: Assassin options
Some nice ideas there Bogon. Thanks.

I particularly like the 'drop to -1' rule. I may make it a little worse and make it -1d8 though.

Nice one.


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