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Rudar Dimble
Looking around
(5/9/03 2:25 am)
So much fun!!! A near TPK!
After a hard battle with Uthreshimon the party went to Verbobonc to sell some stuff. On their way back they ran into two ogres, but had little trouble killing them.
At night in the Inn of the Welcome Wench they met a guy named Chatrilon (:p ) He tried to persuade them to go to the ruined Temple of Elemental Evil, but the party couldn't be convinced, so he changed his tactics and decided to try and join the party. He succeeded.

The next day to party (now 6 persons) went to the Moathouse and thought they could run right into the dungeon. WRONG!!! The gnolls had set up an ambush and all PC's but one were surprised. The gnolls attacked with their battle-axes and when the players thought they had recovered their wits and could take over the fight, something unexpected happened. Chatrilon sneak-attacked the druid of the party. He scored a critcal hit and the druid was killed instantly. The gnolls and Cathrilon were on the same side, at least for this battle. Cathrilon was able to sneak attack multiple times and in the end a druid, a ranger and a cleric were killed. Another ranger was dying. Only the fighter survived and Cathrilon, also near death, ran away from the fight. The gnolls were already dead.

The fighter cured the dying ranger with some potions. But the druid, ranger and cleric couldn't be saved.

So three casualties later they had earned.......400xp/PC. It's amazing what you can do with 6 CR1-creatures if you set up an ambush :rollin

I think I'm gonna let the party run into Cathrilon some time later on, so they can get their revenge :p

Anyone else had such fun setting up ambushes or other tricks for the players (I still have Jaroo as a surprise for the party BTW :lol )

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Still here? Wow.
(5/9/03 5:16 am)

Re: So much fun!!! A near TPK!
You might consider giving them more XP for a couple of reasons:
  1. They met the gnolls in a harder situation than normally assumed for a CR 1 monster
  2. They did defeat Chatrilon - he ran away. When they meet him again, it's a wholly new encounter, which will probably earn them more XP.

As to other ambushes: I used the gnolls as well. "My" gnolls used the arrowslits, however, which was fun. It's amazing the number of arrows they managed to get off before the party smashed through the repaired double doors.

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Still here? Wow.
(5/9/03 5:32 am)
Re: So much fun!!! A near TPK!
They should earn the XP for Chatrilon, as Siobharek mentions. You can also award them, say, a +10% XP adjustment for the well-prepared ambush.

I set up two memorable ambushes, one with Garrik, the gnolls, and Geynor at the portcullis. They captured the party monk and threw him on the obelisk to feed their god. The second was at the grove with Jaroo (see the splat book revision I used), Maridosen, Vacra, and some hired mooks. It was tough, but no deaths.

Rudar Dimble
Looking around
(5/12/03 7:55 am)
XP for not killing enemy
I will give them XP for Chatrilon, but not full. I don't fully agree with you guys that they have actually defeated him. They don't know for sure that they nearly killed him, so they have not gone through the entire "experience process" as I like to call it.

Duncan Haldane
A cup of coffee
(5/17/03 7:12 am)
Re: XP for not killing enemy
I agree that the party should earn some extra XP for this fight.

I also had a big combat at the grove, which went very well for the party (I scored one hit total), but Chat got away.

I recently had him emerge in Verbobonc, where he was disguised as a beggar on the streets. He managed to get a sneak attack on the PCs, and then win iniative - and rolled a 3 & a 4 for his two sneak attacks.

He's now imprisoned in the monastry the party monk came from :-)


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