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Gruule The Axe
Here for a while
(5/9/03 9:37 am)
Clever DM uses for dead PC bodies?
A couple of the PCs IMC died recently and I'd like to use their bodies against the party. Any clever ideas beyond the usual (zombies, etc.)? I thought about making them into Corpsebombs...

Still here? Wow.
(5/9/03 10:53 am)
Re: Clever DM uses for dead PC bodies?, not really. About the most "clever" thing I did with a dead body was to take the head and nail it to the west gate door next to the skull that was already out there.

If you haven't used it already, you'd be surprised how effective just a simple zombie conversion can be.

Wait...I just hit on an idea. Something I remembered from WotC's website. Take a look at the Gutpuppet. This might do nicely as a creature to inhabit a dead PC. If you want to be particularly nasty, you could add a cage with 2-3 of them to one of the NPC's posessions...suggestions welcome for someone who might keep such things as "pets". It would explain where they came from, and help add to the "oooh, I hate these guys" factor.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

Gruule The Axe
Here for a while
(5/9/03 2:42 pm)
nice. I think maybe I'll use a combination of things. Thanks for the input.

DM Dan76
Here for a while
(5/9/03 4:03 pm)
Dead Pc's coming back
I had a PC in my group that did everything he could to annoy the other players. He walked the edge of evil and finally the PC's had to kill him. They carelessly left his body in the mines. It was found and then taken back to Hedrack.

I had Hedrack turn him into a Corpse Creature (from the book of vile darkness) and then had this ex-PC sent out to find his old friends. Let me tell you, the expression on a few of the players faces when they realized they were fighting their old friend was priceless. I had him inflict some damage and then retreat back to the outer fane. The players are a whole lot more carefull about leaving dead bodies lying around now.

If you don't have the BoVD, then I would recommend using the ghast template (found at monte's Website). It makes for a tough, intelligent undead for the PC's to encounter.

Roland the red
Looking around
(5/12/03 7:45 am)
Famous Last words
Well, a party of 10 characters (yeah, thats right 10. I am insane.) was assaulting the Old Temple a la Hobgoblins Lair. Since there were so many characters, it was pretty much a frontal assault ( I doubled the number of non-named hobgoblins and goblins to make it balanced)...

The battle went well, at first, driving the forces all the way back to the dais area where the hobgoblins were able to refocus and make a defensive stance. It was a slug-fest (more so than before, they were mowing 'em down at first)...well, the gnomw wizard makes a comment:

"You know, I have never taken any damage in this campaign"

Wouldn't you know it, the group had ignored the staircase down to the Dire Apes Lair and of course, said wizard was in the rear lobbing spells...

Two hits and a rend later, the Dire able was using the gnomes split body as makeshift clubs on the wizard and the archers...I made them all roll Will saves (DC 13 is all) just for flavor, but an archer (fighter) failed and was stunned for round...he died as well...

All in all, it was pretty cool. The players LOVED it! even the poor gnome was too perfect...

Roland the Red...

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