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The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(5/10/03 2:44 pm)
log update, long as usual
ok, its been a whil, my bad, lack of time prevented me from posting

the cast:

fattyboy, paladin 9, replaced pretty soon by Obad Kran, barbarian 9

bonkie, fighter 4/cleric 5

Kellial, fighter 9 (living blade)

Yaotl, lormaster (wiz9) with a dark edge and dark secret), replaced by the end of this log by his girlfriend (ingame girlfriend sertina the bard

Roka, monk 9, replaced at the end of this log by a gnome illusionist

as you guys can already gather, this module is getting deadlier every session... death&departure count is around 8 or 9 now... and thay've just cleared the mines, headed for outer fane (fire, earth and water temple wiped out...)

i'll post in a sec...

The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(5/10/03 2:47 pm)
Re: log update, long as usual
"Let's take out the water temple!" part 1: The Air Bridge Complex

Advance needed to be made, but the Fire Temple was being avoided due to its reputation of being the strongest of the four resident Elements. If Air and earth were so tough, then there was no way the party could handle the Fire Temple. So they set off towards the Water Temple.

They didn't realise that they were going to have to pass through the Air Bridge complex to reach it. With Fattyboy and Bonkie taking the lead, the party set out on their task.

The first door they found was checked and a listen check revealed an infant-like humming, though with a very deep voice. Not knowing what to expect, the party went in.

Inside, they found an abomination. A huge Attach was sitting behind a small chest, playing with shiny gems. Upon the intrusion, he looked up, stopped humming and simply stated: "Axred cruuuuush". The party stood in the doorway and noticed two large clubs lying on either side of the monster. Initiative was rolled and combat ensued.

Everyone took a sound beating, and Fattyboy was bitten by the Attach, robbing him of half his strength. After dealing the killing blow to the monstrosity, it fell forward, burying Bonkie alive. It took the party several rounds to free their fallen comrade. When he was finally freed, it was time to gather the spoils of combat. Inside the chest, the party found several large gems, worth several thousand gold pieces. Bonkie also decided to take a piece of the Attach as a sacrifice to Pelor. He cleaved its chest and carefully removed the heart, placing it in his relinquary box.

Once the little chest was secured, they pushed onwards, deeper into the mines. Soon, they came to a crossroads, with a barrack-like room on their right. Fahter Bonkie tried to bluff their way past them, stating that they were looking for the Fire Temple. The guards sounded the alarm and combat ensued. Duom-armed soldiers swarmed in from several directions and Yaotl heard someone shouting to release the 'beast'. Fattyboy pulled out his bow and started peppering away at the enemy troops. Several rounds later, most guards lay dead or dying, but then the sound of a grating chain was heard and something huge entered the corridor in front of them, blocking their way.

A chimera stood in their path, sporting a white dragon's head. It's first tactic was to unleash a cone of cold onto the party, forming ice crystals in Fattyboy's beard. The other heads started biting away at Kellial and Bonkie.

While eveyone was combatting the chimera head on, Yaotl remained in the back. He had been invisible most of the time, but had become visible again after casting a fireball on some reinforcements coming from another corridor.

Abusing the confusion the chimera was causing, a duergar warrior used his innate invisiblity to sneak behind everyone and saw an easy target in Yaotl. He lifted his massibe battle axe and struck home. In one swift strike, Yaotl lay dying on the floor. The duergar now became visible, and Tibane moved to attack his master's assaillant, barking loudly.

But something took control of tibane's mind and he backed off, ready to engage the party if they approached the Duergar. The party heard Tibne go insane for a few moments before he went quiet again.

Since they had other things on their mind (the chimera in front of them) they ignored Tibane for the moment, and so Yaotl lay on the ground, bleeding to death slowly...

Suddenly, both Bonkie and Fattyboy had a bad feeling about their mage and turned around, leaving the chimera to Kellial and Roka.
They saw a Duergar looming over their fallen comrade's body, with Tibane growling balefully at them. They both engaged the duergar, who turned out to be a very powerful melee fighter. Since out two heroes were already pretty beaten up by the chimera, their strengths quickly faded and the duergar got the upper hand. Fattyboy then made a decision that would haunt him forever. In stead of rushing past the duergar to heal Yaotl, drawing an attack of opportunity in the process, he healed Bonkie and withdrew from combat.

With renewed strength, Bonkie was capable of downing the duergar fighter and made his way towards Yaotl. When he finally reached the mage, it was already too late. Yaotl died in Bonkie's arms. Tibane proved to be antoher problem, but the entire party jumped on him and was able to subdue him. At a given moment, bonkie noticed a shape heading towards the door to the attach's room, but didn't pursue.

A grim mood settled over the party, as they made their way back to the exit and rode back to Hommlet to have their friend resurrected.

The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(5/10/03 2:48 pm)
Re: log update, long as usual
Downtime in hommlet and "Dead Man Walking"

Over the next few days, they sold and bought new goods and read Yaotl's will. In it, they found that he didn't want to be brought back immediately, he instead wanted to find his own way back. So they gave his body a week, and on the seventh day, he returned from the realm of the dead. During that week, Roka spent many hours with Yaotl's body, seeking wisdom and understanding about death. Sertina, Yaotl's girlfriend had also travelled to Hommlet to be with the party during this difficult time. Bonkie and Fattyboy spent many days in silent prayers, each pondering the situation and how they could have acted differently. Bonkie sacrificed the Attach's heart to Pelor to thank him for the strength that flowed through his body when he called upon Pelor.

Fattyboy received an urgent letter from the dwarven kingdom, requesting his immediate assistance in a grave matter. He was to report to Verbobonc as soon as possible and ship out to the dwarven kingdom on the last vessel to set sail. He requested that his allies join him, but they ware planning on settling the affairs with the Temples first. After consulting both Pelor and Moradin, Fattyboy decided no to join his brethren in their conflict.

Back in the mines: how to tame some apes

With Yaotl back among them, the party headed out again. they retraced their steps and come once again upon the deserted air bridge complex. They rummaged through the complex and found some documents in several rooms. Thet then explored the tunnels some more and stumbled upon four huge apes, which had pieces of manacles and chains around their legs. The apes were brutal and inflicted grievous wounds, but they were overcome. But then the real problem showed itself. An ape, twice as large as the ones they had just butchered entered the room. Bonkie, Fattyboy and Kellial exchanged worried looks and met the new challenge with stern resolve. The ape was a living killing machine. He ripped Bonkie's arms out, smacked Fattyboy into the single digits and when they finally managed to overcome him, his towering hulk crashed down on Kellial, dealing an impressive amount of damage with his carcass.

Fattyboy went to Bonkie's aid and managed to call upon the divine energies of Pelor to reattach the arm. The arm returned to life, but would never function again as it had before. Then, with combined efforts, Kellial was unearthed from underneath the dire ape's body.

The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(5/10/03 2:50 pm)
Re: log update, long as usual
An unexpected departure

That night, Fattyboy slept uneasy. He was tormented by dreams of Pelor, sanctionning him on his recent behaviour. He was found guilty of breaching several vows, the worst being his reluctance to sacrifice himself to help his fallen comrade Yaotl. Pelor then passed judgement on his paladin and stripped Fattyboy of all divine virtues.

Consumed by guilt, Fattyboy wrote a goodbye letter in the dark during his watch, packed his belongings and silently left the party. He travelled to Verbobonc at maximum speed and chartered a boat the the dwarven kingdoms to seek glory and redeem his actions or die gloriously trying.

New friends are always welcome

That morning, the party was in shock. The paladin wasn't with them anymore, only a quickly written goodbye letter. Once again, morale was at an all time low. Many may have thougth about abandoning the quest at that moment, but none spoke of it. They broke up camp and set off, looking for danger. The gap in the frontline was now filled by Kellial, who had been guarding the rear so far. Roka moved backwards and guarded Yaotl from danger.

After a few winding corridors, the ground fell away under their feet and Bonkie crashed into a deep pit. To add to the injury, a large spike was now protruding from his abdomen. He was effectively impaled at the bottom of a deep pit. With a combined effort, the party pulled him out and he then healed himself.

A little further, they ran into two abominations. Following a trail of bloodied corpses, bloodstains and bodyparts, they entered a small cavern where two owlbears had made their lair. A fierce combat ensued, but the party emerged victorious.

After some more exploration, the party spotted a large figure down the corridor. He was quite large, wielding an immense blade. Bonkie asked him to lower their weapon, which he didn't. Roka prepared a stun attack in case the big brute made any sudden moves. The figure down the corridor also said something in a language no one understood. the entire situation ended in a stand-off. All of a sudden, the newcomer made a running jump and landed right next to Bonkie, his flamberge above his head. Roka attempted his stun attack, but failed. At the same time, Yaotl started preparing a spell,w hen suddenly, a figure detached itself from the wall and put a rapier to his throat. "I'd stop whatever I was doing if I were you" hissed a female voice. Kellial immediately responded and drew his great sword. He held it to the rogue's throat and stated: "And I'd lower my sword if I were you".

Yaotl, despite the rapier piercing his skin, recognised the roguish figure as Allandrielle, the elven rogue who had been their companion in past days. At the same moment, she also recognised him and lowered her rapier as he discharged his spell harmlessly.

The necesarry introductions were made and the barbarian was introduced as Obad Kran, wood elf envoy. Unfortunately, she didn't understand common and her dialect of wood elvish wasn't easy (not to say impossible) to decipher by Yaotl.

With the newly found allies in tow, the party pushed on. They came to a large pool of water, which the barbarian wouldn't cross. There was a boat at the edge of the water, and so Yaotl used a dimension door to get the barbarian across, while Bonkie, Kellial, Roka and Allandriele took the boat. They made it halfway across the small lake. Suddenly there was a glimpse of something moving along the boat, just below the surface. Before anyone could act, the small boat was suddenly capsized. Everyone landed in the water and Bonkie was suddenly fired upon. A coral-like arrow embedded itself in his leg. Bonkie and Kellial suffered greatly in the water, the weight of their full plates dragging them downwards.

Allandrielle drew out her daggers and cut Bonkie's armor straps, releasing him of the weight, while Kellial also cut his own armor straps. Both fighters were now unarmored, but afloat again. Yaotl saw what was transpiring and took to the air. He prepared a nasty little spell in case their assailant showed himself again. Everyone was swimming to the shore as fast as they could, harried along the way by the naga. Yaotl got a few clear shots and blasted her with his dreaded darkbolt.

The barbarian, who was amusing himself by watching everyone suffer in the water, unable to fend for themselves grew bored of the show and wandered of into the corridor. He was promptly attacked by several duom-armed guards. He happily accepted the challenge and chopped them all down without much trouble. He proceeded into the hallway and came to a throne room, with a marble throne, several nicely set tables with silver platters filled with fish and nice rugs. He ate half the fish and used the empty tray to bang on the throne. He couldn't have made his presence known any better way. A few moments later, a fishlike creature walked in and demanded his business. Obad Kran gave him a reply in wood elvish, but the Kuo Toa shook his head and demanded to know who the barbarian was. Still not getting a reply, he wandered off to search for reinforcements.

After a while, which felt like an eternity, everyone was safely ashore. But the barbarian wasn't where they had left him. So without armor, the party went after him. They caught up with him as he was assaulted by two kuo toa magic users. After exchanging blows with them, Obad Kran made a run for it, and wasn't pusued. The rest of the party, unarmed and unarmored as they were, didn't stand a chance in a pitched combat and also withdrew towards the boats again.

The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(5/10/03 2:51 pm)
Re: log update, long as usual
The assault on the Water Temple

The party was exhausted and depleted. Yaotl and Kellial shared an application of Water Breathing to dive and retrieve all the equipment which was lying at the bottom of the lake. The armors came up, as did the backpacks and the naga's body. She was carrying some nice treasures, which were divided among the party members. Yaotl then spotted an underwater passage to another cave. He went in and found several human prisoners. He got them all out, with the help of Kellial and left them in the care of Bonkie. After all the equipment was retrieved, the party made camp near the shore. During the night, Kellial heard some noises and woke the rogue. She woke up in a bad mood, listened for a moment, failed to hear anything and told him to leave her to her beauty sleep.

The next morning, Bonkie used several spells to repair the armors and they were ready to set off. They went through the throne room again and walked into the kitchen. A big pot was boiling over the fire and the barbarian took off the lid and smelled. He was about to take a spoonfull of the stew when a human walked in, dressed like a modern day cook, complete with white hat. He demanded to know what they were doing here and told them dinner wasn't served for another two hours. Bonkie didn't want to attract unwanted attention to themselves and nodded. They traced back their steps to the boats and tried the other corridor.

They explored the first few corridors without incidents. The rogue scouted ahead, invisible and all, and saw a demonlike creature in a large room ahead. She came back to report on it. While everyone was debating what to do, Obad Kran wandered off and encountered the creature Allandrielle was talking about. Combat ensued and the party had to catch up fast. The monster was not much unlike D'Gran, only with a fishlike Kuo Toa head instead of a normal one. It immediately dropped an unholy blight on everyone, sickening and blinding them all momentarily. It got hit a few times, but the cast a darkness upon itself and on a rock, leaving the party in a wake of confusion.

Obad was not the kind of elf to mess with, and pursued once again. He followed the fiend down the corridor and came up to a large indoor lake. He was shot upon from within the water and fell back to get assistance. A few minutes later, the group followed Obad's lead and approached the lake. The entire cave was bathing in a bluish gloom, but there was no time to admire the scenery as several strange bolts pierced Bonkie's and Kellial's armor.

The water seemed only knee-deep at first, but a dark blue tint gave away that it became a lot deeper after a few feet. Obad made the first leap and crossed the deeper area with ease. Bonkie and Kellial attempted to follow him, although less gratiously. They both landed short and went under due to the weigth of their armors.

The creatures below the surface proved to be a tough challenge as they clawed at anything that landed in the water. Bonkie was badly mauled, as was Kellial. Yaotl flew above the water, firing magic missiles and other nasty spells at whatever manifested itself close enough to the surface. In return, several volleys of arrows were loosed upon him. Once again, he heroically descended and pulled Bonkie and Kellial back to the surface. As a result, he ventured too close to the scum and was pummeled into unconsciousness.

In the mean time, Roka and Obad had waded further and were now approaching a sort of altar, rising up from the water in the middle of the cave. Several fishlike creatures were on it, as were the two leading figures Obad had encountered before.

Both heroes decided to wait for the rest of the party to catch up. Several rounds later, Yaotl had been healed by Bonkie and they also ventured closer to the altar. They all noticed the fish-like creatures guarding it and rushed them. Obad, Bonkie and Kellial all attacked the two closest guardians, but were at a disadvantage due to the higher ground. At last, they put them all to the sword and climbed onto the altar itself.

The two apparent leaders of what had to be the water temple were holding back a little, using a strange marble block with two huge swordfish statues on it as cover. Bonkie attempted to perform a bull rush on the female cleric, but she held him back and even pushed him back a little. Obad rushed the other cleric, and dealt him a nasty blow. Roka was looking for a flanking position while Yaotl was still catching his breath in the back, after escaping another near-death experience only moments before.

Suddenly Obad noticed a lot of movement in the water on his side of the altar and before he could act, about a dozen Kuo Toa guards surfaced, wielding wicked-looking shortspears. They began to crawl out of the water onto the altar. The fiend which had eluded the party before also showed himself, hovering near the ceiling of the cave. Moments later, things looked even more grim on Bonkie's side of the altar as a huge water elemental surfaced and pummeled him into submission.

Then, the female cleric spoke: "Well well well... nice try, but not good enough!"

She apparantly wanted to strike a deal with the party, hiring their strength of arms to destroy the fire temple. Seeing all his fellows surrounded, Bonkie gave his word to do her bidding if they were allowed to live afterwards. They were accompanied by half a dozen Kuo Toa warriors and two Kuo Toa clerics, one of whom had to be protected at all costs since he carried a scroll that could devastate the fire temple if he lived long enough to use it.

The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(5/10/03 2:53 pm)
Re: log update, long as usual
Unlikely alliance

After the necesarry explanations, they were lead to a room in the mines where there was an exit leading to the lake. Two boats were moored, and they were asked to board. After a short trip across the water, they came to another crack in the crater wall, and disembarked. The Kuo Toa cleric assured them that they were very near the fire temple and that stealth was the key to success. Detection at this point would spell the doom of the entire mission.

It was now the rogue's moment to shine. Armed with invisibility, she scouted ahead and reported back to the party repeatedly. After a few empty rooms, she found an occupied cavern.

Several ant-like creatures were working on recent excavations, unaware of the rogue's presence in their vicinity. They were unarmed, save for one, who looked like a warrior, armed partially armored.

Allandrielle memorised the layout of the room and its occupants, counted the ants and reported her findings to the party. Bonkie called for a small tactical meeting where a brilliant strategy was devised: "ok, everybody pick one bug, rush em and put them down befor they can raise an alarm!"

The plan was executed with ruthless precision, and even the support troops were silenced within three rounds. Covered with gore and ant entrails, the party pushed on.

In the next cavern, a strange diamond like pattern was engraved in the ground. The Kuo Toa cleric announced that this was the border of the fire temples domain, and that there was no turning back now. In the room, there were also four basalt pillars and a hovering glowing orb in the middle of the room. The barbarian pulled out his bow and fired upon the glowing sphere. One moment later, a large fire elemental stepped out of the pillar and attacked the party. He dealt soms nifty damage, but was put down before anyone heard an alarm go off anywhere near.

The barbarian was wondering if any more of these interesting creatures would appear if he fired on the orb again. Before anyone could respond, another of his arrows struck home and another fire elemental assaulted the party. Yaotl, who had assigned himself as main bodyguard of the Kuo Toa's, rolled hisi eyes in contempt and pushed on, abandoning the barbarian to fend for himself.

No more arrows were fired after the second elemental nearly downed two party members. Badly bruised and partially burned, the party moved on, keeping a watchful eye on the barbarian.

The next cavern held a deadly surprise. It was a smoke-filled cavern, with visibility limited to five feet or less. Yaotl and the Kua Toas were in the lead, when suddenly, the floor below their feet fell away. Yaotl and his familiar went down, as did 3 Kuo Toas. After frantically looking for a sollution, Yaotl was brought back up, and three dead Kua Toas were left behind at the bottom of the pit. The source of the smoke was discovered soon after in the form of a head pumping the heavy smoke into the room. A soaked blanket brought temporary salvation and the party pushed on.

The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(5/10/03 2:54 pm)
Re: log update, long as usual
A near disastrous attack on the Fire Temple

After vanquishing another guard post and finally getting detected by a hell hound who was able to flee and report their advance, the party stood in front of a heavy curtain.

The Kua Toa cleric declared that the actual temple lay behind it. Some preparations were made in the form of supportive spells (protection from fire, haste, bull's strength) and Bonkie and Kellial threw the curtain back.

Inside the Fire Temple, there was a blazing heat. Murals depicted demons involved in gruesome activities. In the center of the room was a floating altar, with a female cleric on top of it. She was wielding a strange tentacle-like weapon and her left arm was more like a claw than an arm.

Because of the advance warning of the Hell hound, and the delay of casting their boost spells, the Fire temple was well prepared for the party's arrival. Several skeletons were seen in the room, and they seemed to be on fire. There were also several robed figures in the gigantic cavern, and several fighter types. One was of particular intrest: a salamander like giant, wielding a huge two handed sword.

The party split up: Bonkie and Obad making an assault on the left flank where the clerics and mages were, while Kellial, Roka and Allandrielle attacked the right flank where the salamander and two fighter types were standing.

Yaotl remained with the Kua Toa clerics and the Kua Toa fighters to defend them whil the cleric cast his spell.

A fierce combat ensued, as the party was well aware that this was the toughest temple of them all.

Before they even reached their opponents, the party was blasted by two fireballs and one fire strike. Licking their wounds, Bonkie and Obad crashed into the left flank.

Obad made an impressive leap, leapt over the fighters (one of which was a rat type warrior) and landed on top of the fireball-tossing mage. With one swoop of his magical flamberge, he cut the mage in half. Bonkie engaged the two fighters in the front, hacking his way through slowly. A poisoned blade bit his flesh repeatedly, but he managed to shake off the effects...

Obad withdrew his blade from the mages corpse and suddenly found himself surrounded by 4 burning skeletons. He hacked away at them, but his cold enchanted blade did little to hold them back. To add insult to injury, the rat-like monstrosity also chose him as a main target.

On the other flank, Roka performed a brilliant manoeuver: he stunned the salamander, effectively disarming him and threw his mighty, burning greatsword into the fire. Kellial also closed in an engaged the champion of fire.

In the mean time, the cleric on the cental altar had performed some kind of ritual and a large golden egg was floating in midair. It burst moments later and several shapes dove into the fire, unnoticed by the party. Freed of her ritual, she took a better look at the situation and noticed the Kua Toa shapes near the entrance.

Howling like a madman, she focused all her energies on the clerics as she realised what was going on. The Kua toa cleric had explained he needed five rounds to prepare his spell and destroy the fire temple once and for all. Yaotl and the Kua Toa fighters were able to fend everything off for three rounds, but then, a flamstrike made it through their defenses and burnt the Kua Toa cleric to a crisp.

Yaotl also went down in the same sea of flames and divine energies.

In that same round, the salamander found himself disarmed and jumped into the flamepit to fetch his sword. His ring of feather falling prevented any damage from the fall. Roka moved to his next target and performed a stun attack on the champion of Fire. He succeeded and Kellial was now facing a defenseless enemy. He didn't hesitate one moment and coup de graced the champion. One fell swoop later, the champions head rolled across the room. The hell hound took it personally and bit deep into Kellials arm. He made things a lot worse by unleashing his breath weapon simultaneously. Kellials cloak of resistance caught fire and was lost.

On the other flank, Bonkie was taking a serious beating.

Obad Kran noticed, but was too engaged himself to lend assistance. He focused all his attention on the barghest and managed to slay it before succumbing to it himself.

Freed from his biggest thread, he disengaged the burning skeletons and moved to Bonkie's help. He drew several attacks of opportunity, but made it to Bonkie's side and together, they put an end to the life of Firre.

Back on the other side, Roka was about to pay dearly for his efficiency. Several fire mephits appeared in the flames surrounding the altar and unleashed all their magic missiles on him. He managed to dodge several of them, thanks to his special training years earlier, but the volleys came too fast, and he went down. That same round, several salamanders crawled out of the fire and exacted a bloody vengeance upon the now helpless monk. They picked up his body and threw it into the flames. His body bruned to ashes before it reached the bottom of the flame pit. Kellial was unable to help his ally, but did manage to slay the hell hound. He ignored the salamanders and rushed to Yaotl to administer a healing potion.

The surviving Kua Toas noticed how things were going (how badly that is) and retreated, leaving their 'allies' to fend for themselves.

Kellial then gathered all his courage and prepared to prove his skill as a living blade one final time. He charged into the pack of Salamander, just as the salamander blackguard rejoined his brethren. The end was near for Kellial, but it would be one hell of a fight.

In the mean time, the rest of the mephits who had some magic missiles left unloaded upon Bonkie, lowering him to five hitpoints. Feeling the end draw near, Bonkie prepared to meet his god. Obad didn't despair and wheeled about, ready to fend off the buring skeletons that were homing in on them again. He would defend his friend, but there was no doubt in his mind that he would flee if things got too hairy...

The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(5/10/03 2:55 pm)
Re: log update, long as usual
The passing of Yaotl

Yaotl regained consciousness one round later and assessed the situation.

The rogue was cowering in the corner.
There was no sign of the monk, except some ashes floating through the air.
Bonkie was staggering.
Kellial was about to be slaughtered by five salamanders.
Obad Kran was proving to be ineffective against several skeletons which seemed to be on fire, and Yaotl knew the barbarian was a liability anyway, with little or no loyalty towards them.

It was time to act, he thought, and the price would be high... But his longtime friend Bonkie was worth saving...

Gathering all his strength, he spoke a dark language and became a living torch for a moment. The entire room went dark, and the flames in the fire pit grew to twice their size. The heat was unbearable for a moment...

Then, time seemed to stop for everyone. The room grew very cold, despite the huge flames and all eyes were directed at Yaotl. Behind the elven mage, a shimmering portal opened and a huge four-armed creature stepped out. Everything moved in slow motion except for this creature. A dark aura emmenated from it, as it leapt onto the platform. The flames intensified, and the altar was momentarily hidden from view. They could all hear the female cleric screaming and then the tearing of fabrics and the crushing of bones...

The flames dwindled and extinguished as the demon strode across them and slew the salamanders in one fell swoop. The mephits followed soon afterwards and the skeletons were pummeled to dust.

After leaving the entire fire temple in ruins with a trail of broken bodies in his wake, the fiend walked to Yaotl and told him that it was now time to fullfill his part of the deal. Yaotl took a moment to sort through his belongings, leaving his lorebook and documents in a neat pile and turned towards Bonkie.

"If it hadn't been for you, none of this would have been necesarry... "

Bonkie understood the sacrifice his friend had just made and just nodded.

The fiend stepped back through portal, and Yaotl followed him. The portal closed right behind him. Where they had disappeared, a black pentagram was chisseled into the ground.

Broken, bruised, battered and with a very depressed mood, the survivors of the party picked up all their stuff, rummaged through the corpses, picked up Yaotl's belongings and made their way to the civilised world, away from these mines of doom...

The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(5/10/03 2:56 pm)
Re: log update, long as usual
Of sad losses and newly found friends

On their way back to Hommlet, the few survivors of the group split up to do their seperate business. They would rendez-vous back here two moon cycles later (two weeks). Obad Kran went his own way, back to his tribe to report his findings, while the rest would head back to Hommlet to restock.

On the way back, Bonkie and Kellial saw some smoke rising nearby in the hills. They rushed to the origin and found a convoy under attack from orcs and goblins. They made short work of the assailants and rescued a strange gnome from a certain death. Two wagons of the convoy were on fire. While Bonkie was using create water to extinguish one of them, the second one exploded, blasting everyone off their feet. The gnome was very grateful for his rescue and salvaged what he could from his now drenched wagon. A large steel box contained several strange looking devices. "Fireworks", the gnome explained. "That's what blew the other wagon to smithereens..."

Bonkie and Kellial gulped when the little fellow wanted to accompany them, his backpack filled with volatile fireworks. The gnome would come with them to Hommlet and was convinced to offer a prayer to Pelor for his salvation.

Once in Hommlet, Bonkie ran into Sertina. Yaotl had appeared to her three days before to announce his passing from this world. He told her that Bonkie could use all the help he could find and that he was worthy of her trust and sword. Reluctant to depart after years of adventuring herself, she had closed the door behind her and had departed for Hommlet where Bonkie would arrive shortly after.

Roka had left a new will, stating he didn't want to be resurrected. He would seek peace in death and find his own way back to this plane, just like Yaotl had done before.

New weapons were bought, loot was sold and several magical items were traded.

Two weeks later, everyone was present at the rendez-vous point. the new party consisted of Bonkie, the only veteran and survivor of the original gang; Obad Kran the wood elf barbarian envoy; Sertina, Yaotls girlfriend and bard of renown; Kellial the living blade and Erde Smöke, gnome illusionist.

A heavy mood settled over the party as they once again approached the entrance to the mines. Bonkie opened the door, sighed, and stepped into the gloom. "Hopefully we'll all walk out next time we leave" he muttered... No one heard him, except for Sertina, who put a comforting hand on his shoulder. He tried to smile, but couldn't...

The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(5/10/03 2:59 pm)
Re: log update, long as usual
Final exploration of the mines

The simplest thing was to push through to the now ruined fire temple and put the altar out of commision. On their way, they ran into some Kua Toa's and Kellial apparently hadn't forgotten about their double crossing. He won initiative and while Bonkie was still contemplating his options, Kellial had already charged them.

Combat ensued and the gods werent favoring our heroes. First Kellial lost his greatsword to the Kua Toa's sticky shield. The Bonkie did the same with his bastard sword. Kellial also lost his backup greatsword and Bonkie lost his backup basterd sword. Obad Kran was frozen in his destructive rage by a well placed hold person spell. Sertina saved him by a break enchantment spell, otherwise the Kua Toas would have been able to coup de grace him. (I rolled for the fun of it and killed him twice... Coup de Grace is waaaaaay overpowered!) The gnome illusionist summoned a great fireball and threatened to throw it at the Kua Toas. Great drops of sweat formed on their fishlike foreheads, but they held their ground.

The Kua Toa cleric showed himself and it was a familiar face, the cleric that had accompanied them to the fire temple and who had abandoned them!

He politely asked them to leave before he had them cut to pieces. When they asked for their weapons back, the Kua Toa demanded a small fee for them... 100 gold pieces per person. After paying up 500 gold, the party left the Kua Toa in peace. Both Obad Kran and Bonkie then took Kellial apart, telling him that if he ever pulled s astunt like that again, it wouldn't be an enemy that ended his life...

They then made their way back to the fire temple, where they found the altar surrounded by a sort of force field... there was no way to touch it!

Sertina did her best to assimilate all the knowledge Yaotl had gathered along the way, but it was a slow process. It would take time, and time was a luxury the party didn't have!

Torches along the way flickered purple and the sky was now constantly overcast around the volcano. The signs were not good at all.

At the end of all this, the situation is as follows

Bonkie, only survivor of the original group, fighter 4 / cleric 6
Kellial, fighter 8, living blade 2 (quint. fighter)
Sertina, bard 10
Obad Kran, wood elf barbarian 10
Gnome illusionist 10 (devoted illusionist) (name not sure yet)

one hell of a deadly module if you play the bad guys in a smart way... *shivers*

Still here? Wow.
(5/11/03 7:30 am)
Re: log update, long as usual
Wow! I like the dark pact. Quite a way to take out Tessimon. :)

"Roka moved to his next target and performed a stun attack on the champion of Fire. He succeeded and Kellial was now facing a defenseless enemy. He didn't hesitate one moment and coup de graced the champion."

Being stunned does not make you helpless. You cannot coup de grace (CDG) someone who is stunned.

"I rolled for the fun of it and killed him twice... Coup de Grace is waaaaaay overpowered!"

I don't think CDG is overpowered, though it is widely suspected that hold person may be broken. Remember that CDG requires a full round action and provokes AoO.

Keep up the good writing, Philip, and don't stay away so long next time. ;)

The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(5/11/03 1:38 pm)
Re: log update, long as usual
thanks infiniti

appreciate the comments !

as usual, my site has also been updated

it contains a lot of stuff, apart from the log off course

it's located at

It's down right now at the time of my posting and will remain down for a few more hours due to DoS attacks at our server... we shut down appache, and are installing tools to prevent future DoS attacks!

anyway, i have various sections on my site, rumours, plots, allies&enemies, gathered clues

feel free to check it out!


ps: check in a few hours, preferably tomorrow (it near midnight here...)

i'll post a msg when the site is back up!

The guy from Belgium
A song from the sixties
(5/16/03 11:02 am)
Re: log update, long as usual
oooooooooooh, i can't resist giving this away:

my paladin, who has fallen out of grace with his god (pelor) is now officially the new champion of elemental evil!

he has always been observed by the dark gods and they have (unsuccessfully) tried to turn him to the darker ways at every turn...

but now:

his god has deserted him, despite the fact that he tried to please his god at all times... therefor, his god isn't all he thought... and the dark whispers started getting a foothold in his mind

he met some (wrong) people and attracted some unwanted attention to himself

then the dreams came, horrifying images...

the dreams persisted and slowly, his sanity started failing him

then, the broken shell of a dwarf he once was, he encountered a man dressed in all-black robes

come my child, it is time you faced your true destiny

his will failing him, he followed...

they entered a dark building and they stood in a lightless room, and yet, amidst the darkness, an even darker 'blob' was floating in midair, with an aura of purple emenating from it

"my child, you know who i am... and i know who you are... now fullfil your destiny and assist me..."

and so:

i present:

Fattyboy, blackguard champion of elemental evil

he'll receive either the four half elemental templates or something even more vile...

hehe, cant wait to see my party's faces when they'll face off against their former leader!!!

hehe, damn i'm evil!

ps: server is down indefinately, new site located at:

ps2: sessions stopped until the end of june, exams (final exams, i'm graduating this year!) coming up...

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