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Here for a while
(5/11/03 3:02 am)
Final Battle - Getting closer
The party are heading back to Homlett to rest up and advance some levels.
Pretty much all the doomdreamers are dead, The Second remains, its presense
is still unknown to the party (though they were told of a Aboleth is around).
The Horn of Darkness is still on the altar, ready for someone to take.

It is here that im at a crossroads, Do i gather the remaining forces,
Imix, Maliskra, Lareth and Salamanders to move forward with the ceremony,
if so i'll have them in the Greater Temple preparing to free Tharizdun.
(this way i dont need the PC's seeing Imix crawling on hands and knees to actually
get there, due to confined spaces of the temples corridors).

Or do i leave the place empty and hope the PC's dont take the horn if they
manage to defeat The Second. Will they then venture into the Fire Node, who
knows. If they do, they then have a opportunity to get some more magical item
that may help in a final battle against Imix.

I see the first option making it look time is moving and the PC's have no control
over it, it now or never for Lareth and Imix, why wait.

Then again, they could be aragant, let them come to us, lets take the horn and
bring it into the Fire Node where it is nice and warm. One of the PC's actually
went behind the curtain to fight Susain and saw the horn, the saving throw against
the cold made him leave, im sure question will be asked if the horn is now amiss.

Ive read other people logs and looked at there endings, im still undecided.

A question for Andorax - Where was your final battle held at?

The more I think about it, im sort of leaning toward having the final battle
in the Fire Node as writen in the book (Lareth will have the Horn- feeling it
save with him). The Second will remain, hoping to kill some of the PC's when they
return, fleeing into the Fire Node if need be - maybe giving more hints to what
will happen. The party may decide to wait things out and wait for Lareth and Imix
to arrive, which take me back to the crawling Imix in the corridor leading from the
Fire Node Gate to the Greater Temple. *hmmm*

Suggestions, unforseen issues, comments greatly appriciated,

Here for a while
(5/11/03 4:36 am)
Re: Final Battle - Getting closer
I'd decide based on how safe the remaining cult feels. The only reason for them not to perform the ritual ASAP is because they feel like they have a shot at successfully freeing another Prince to help with the ceremony (and thus make it more likely to succeed). With all the Doomdreamers dead except for the second, that seems unlikely to me, so I think they'd go ahead with the ceremony, and have the final battle in the greater temple.

A nice touch with the size issue might be to describe the corridor between the greater temple and the fire node gate as being smashed out to 50' high (or however tall Imix is) -- when they released Imix from the node, they suddenly realized that the temple wasn't quite constructed properly for this task, and Imix smashed out the hallway with his own fists. If you're worried that the opposition is too strong for the final battle, it would be perfectly understandable for Imix to take his rage out on one of his attendants at this point, and leave a dead body in the node gate room.

Here quite a while
(5/11/03 5:23 am)
Re: Final Battle - Getting closer
(this way i dont need the PC's seeing Imix crawling on hands and knees to actually get there, due to confined spaces of the temples corridors).

If you're having issues concerning Imix's height then just consider him quasi-deity, or an avatar. One of the salient divine abilities to such beings is Alter Size. Imix the size of a human is not going to be quite as impressive as the 50 foot tall Imix as many of his stats such as strength, AC and damage dealt by weapons are going to change to match his new size. You can basically assume he's as big as any room allows him to be.

That's what I plan on doing, unless someone can talk me out of it.

Here for a while
(5/12/03 12:25 am)
Re: Final Battle - Getting closer
I solved the Imix size issue by having him traverse the lower corridor from the Fire Gate (IMC it's 30' high, but that's still tight for The Big Man) as a wall of flame - he just rolled down the corridor, filling it completely and engulfed everything in the corridor (including one fire-protected PC) as he passed.
I decided 4d8 damage - with no save possible in the corridor - was enough fire damage (he didn't sit there burning folk - he wanted out into the Greater Temple so he could stand up).

If your group are expecting firey trouble, they should be able (with a little forethought and preparation) to get a round or two of spell-buffs off before the bad guys reach the Greater Temple (Alarm spells, Sonic Glyphs of Warding, even just a fast scout keeping watch on the gate and running off when the beasties come through) - so a wee bit of fire damage shouldn't be too tough on them.

The wall-of-Imix was a good visual and gave my group a real fright when it stood up and took 50'-tall humanoid form. :evil

And I agree that it makes for a real climactic fight if Imix (and Lareth?) try the ritual to free Tharizdun while the PCs battle the Greater Temple is my venue of choice.


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