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A cup of coffee
(5/13/03 1:44 pm)
Forge of Fury and RttToEE?
At the suggestion of a few people, I've decided to hold off on thrusting my (relatively inexperienced) players into RttToEE, and instead start them off with 3rd level characters running through the Forge of Fury adventure.

However, I'd like to ba able to add aspects of RttToEE to the Forge. I was thinking that the PCs could be in Hommlet (instead of Blasingdell, the town in FoF) a month or two before Spugnoir goes missing, and receive a tip-off from Alphon (the smith) about an abandoned Dwarven stronghold in the Kron Hills, thus starting them off on the Forge of Fury adventure.

I really want to add a few hints at the return of the EEE to the Forge -- mostly for flavor, but also for foreshadowing (and continuity purposes, once we get to the main adventure). any ideas?


A song from the sixties
(5/13/03 2:18 pm)
Re: Forge of Fury and RttToEE?
Your idea sounds good so far with the placement of the Forge and such.

Why not have the trogs that I belive are on level 2 be the ones that are suppling warriors to the earth temple, or something along that lines.

Maybe have the party find a vauge note from someone in the CRM asking them to come to work for them?

That way it ties in but not right up front, so then it appears even more planned.


A robot with powers
(5/13/03 3:37 pm)
Have Duegers work directly for the EEE..

If this is the case then you may want to add more Duerger population in CRM to makes thing more realistic.

Heh, you may want to have that succubus to be recurring villian back in Chamber of Hate.

Orcs.. be sure to know how to use orcs properly. I implore you! Those same orcs can be the same orcs trading with Rastor. Have that big man in charge escape to CRM to gain another terrorities. In fact, if one temple is wipe out, have this dude take over that temple and claim it as his own (or as a vassal).

A guitar
(5/14/03 1:26 am)

Re: Forge of Fury and RttToEE?
I would be very, very careful about dropping clues to the CRM! If the trogs are the ones supplying warriors in the Earth Temple, you should at most just leave an EEE holy symbol with the Earth symbol affixed to it. No note, unless it's so obscure that it's useless. If your players take their party to the CRM too soon, they'll die. Period.

Regarding the orcs in the FoF: I don't think they can be the same as the ones trading with Rastor. For one thing, Rastor is a heck of a ways away from Hommlet/Blasingdell. And also, the FoF orcs are opponents, pure and simple, whereas the Rastor orcs are written as a roleplaying opportunity.

Using the Duergar as workers for the EEE is a great idea. You might want to leave a missive from Oomarthis of the CRM asking his kin to send some troops, as his post is a little precarious. Just make sure not to include any references to Rastor at that point. Otherwise you'll risk that your PCs go to Rastor after finishing FoF.

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

A guitar
(5/14/03 2:51 am)
Re: Forge of Fury and RttToEE?
Another method to link the two adventures could be to make the original raiders that destroyed the dwarven stronghold part of the temple of EE. There is more then enough room to change the timeline of the strongholds destruction. In that case none of the forces in the Stronghold should have anything to do with the ToEE, though perhaps some small evidence can be found on who originally raided the place. Perhaps a corpse or two in the area with the roper with the symbol of one of the EE temples?

Personally, I would prefer such an option since you run much less risk of people learning about Mount Stalagos too early while still making it part of the region. It would also look somewhat weird that everything evil originates from the Temple of Elemental Evil. Then again, as a player and a DM I prefer to deal with new enemies now and then ;)

Roland the red
A cup of coffee
(5/15/03 7:59 am)
The dwarven Temple in the CRM
The obvious tie-in is the dwarven temple in the CRM...perhaps the players can find a reference to their king who resides in a place called Mount Stalagos...but doesn't mention where this is or anything. It can also mention Tuigans Eye. If the party decides to have this looked into (via a sage or something) well, it takes the sage exactly as long as it takes the group to get to Rastor...

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