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A cup of coffee
(5/15/03 8:17 pm)
Campaign Log: Canada Group
Okay, another campaign to watch the bodycount rise in.

The group
Human Paladin of Pelor 5th level
Dwarf Wizard 5
Dwarf Rogue 5
NPC (Dm run) Cleric of Pelor 5
NPC (DM run) Fighter4/Wizard1

I added the two 'shills' at 1st level, I only had 2 players in my group and they were getting crushed in the adventure.

The world is a homebrew, based mostly on topo maps of Vancouver and SW British Columbia area. I added in the map of Hommlet, Duviks pass and the area that is online in the resource areas of a lot of boards.

The groupd started out in a variation of Illefarn militia. I used the concept, not the adventure. They are supplied with most of the mundane equipment free of charge, including arms and armor. In exchange they hunt and capture orcs (and get 20 gold pieces per live orc brought in for 'questioning') The intelligence gathered provides more maps of orc camps/setlements/towns to raid.

They did Forge of Fury, and captured most of the critters inside. They killed the roper and the wizard is wearing the Ring of Wizardry I. (And loving it)
As they hit 4th level they aided in stopping a jailbreak, and found out that the reason the equipment was so available, and all had a magical effect look to it was that all the equipment had been Fabricated. The Dwarf (who is aiming for an Artificer type character) had actually earned credit vouchers for lending his skill to the item and crafting armour for the militia.

But the orc captives let the Paladin know that there was a "Pain box" inside the compound that 'ate their souls'. The Paladin realized that there was Necromancy afoot and had a mild to medium case of the moral heebie jeebies, since he ahd brought in orcs for 'questioning', and not realized what else was going on.

Now, it is important to note that IMC the timeline includes the ToEE battle, and a major orc horde trampling of the "free Lands". The Good side triumphed, but the returning armies brought home an Ebola like plague that killed 85 - 90 percent of the population. So the survivors all have kids aged 1-19 who are looking to claim all the empty land left over.

To survive the towns used Undead to do the work, and surviving wizards and clerics went a little 'situational' ethics wise and allowed the workers to exist. It's a political/religious sub-plot for higher levels. Now that the population is climbing why keep raising the dead to do the work? (answer from the emrchants: because it is cheaper in the long run!!) This necromantic tinge to morals blunts the impact on teh Paladin a little bit, but he still has issues.

With this is mind the party heads out past Duviks Pass (where they started their careers), across the plains to Hommlet, to deliver a letter to the Church of St. Cuthbert. While the wizard did that the Paladin and Cleric went to the Temple of Pelor and met with Yether teh Keen. He told them of the ochre robed folks seen the week before (automatic hook, given the religious affiliation), and the party decided to go to the moathouse the next day.

They booked rooms in the Inn of the Welcome Wench, and chatted in the main room about the Moathouse. Chat heard them, and came over to try to talk them out of it. The Paladin has been a little leery of folk since finding out about the Fabrication system, so he detected evil and Chat was not a nice person, nor was the bartender. Now Chat has a scroll of undetectable alignment, but since its a 2nd level spell it's worth 150 gold, and he was not trying to anything fancy, just make out like there were richer areas elsewhere, so I did not have him use it. (He used it the next morning when he showed up early and asked to join the group, but they said no. He is currently following them, waiting for a chance to strike).

The group headed out towards the Moathouse the next day. They met Ol Del and found out about the dragon. They used caution in approaching the moathouse. The rogue checked the area out before they got close. They flushed out the frog and killed it in 1 round. (Bull's Strength helps make paste of critters).

The rogue moved into the courtyard and skulked around, loking into the arrowslits, moving counterclockwise. He neard the doors, started up the steps and the Paladin decided it was time to stop sneaking around and walked in the front gate. He Detected evil again, but shut it down as he saw the dragon's head look around the half open door.

The rogue had heard the Paladin clump across the planks and said he "looked back at the Paladin to see what he was doing". Then I had him look BACK the way he was going and look at the dragon grinning at him.:eek

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A cup of coffee
(5/15/03 8:38 pm)
Re: Campaign Log: Canada Group
So Rogue is a tad surprised, flatfooted and not in good spirits. Dragon lightly claws him for almost half his hitpoints and hovers into the courtyard.

Initiative is everyone else followed by Big U, rolled a 1 for Init. Awesome reflexes. I figured he's just sauntering through combat, to toy with his prey. Which works until they hurt him.

Paladin backs towards rubble on left side of courtyard and shields eyes.

The group outside the walls sees Blue Dragon rising into the air. Buff Spells go up on them, too bad for Paladin and rogue.

Dragon lands in front of Paladin and chomps him for 26 points. but is 'playing' and does not do anything else too nasty, wants the sport to last. Paladin is still blinded, so is the rogue. Cleric was outside the moathouse, so I let him duck out of the windtunnel doorway during the hover round, he steps into doorway and summons Celestial Dire bat. (Which may be wrong, but I thought the bison was silly).

Help me out here, can he summon a Bat?

the Bat actually hits the Dragon and rolls almost max damage. 8 points
Wizard casts fireball and COOKS the thing. It made the save, but still took 11 points.

That annoys Big U, so he turns and sends a lightning bolt through the door. Some good saves, some bad saves, and the buff spells make the damage painful but not deadly. Wizard steps out of doorway and gropes for potion though.

Paladin swings, smites and hits, and does darn good damage. (Mace +1 with Shock, Bull's Strength, 12 points. Rogue fires an arrow and hits! (Strength Bow 7 points) and does good damage as well. NPC fires crossbow and hits. All lucky rolls for the low BAB guys.

At this point Big U has not really done as much damage as he would like. He's down to 43 points in 2 rounds of combat. He flies up and away, waiting for his breath weapon to recharge.

the group scoops up the curved dagger and runs for the moathouse. Several rounds of healing later they are trying to sort out good tactics for dragons who want back into their lair.

Rogue heads down steps and looks around for the Dragon. And it dives in right to left and catches him with lightning. Flies away to recharge. Rogue heads back in and says "It's still out there".

They zip through the rooms, avoid the ooze and decide to head downstairs to try and find another way out.

So, do I have Big U head back in and blast anyone coming up the stairs? Could he arch his enck around that corner to send a bolt downstairs?

Did I blunder this completely? I wasn't looking for a TPK, just fun and excitment. But they did use 8 charges on a wand of CLW, plus potions.

A robot with powers
(5/16/03 3:45 am)
Re: Campaign Log: Canada Group
Help me out here, can he summon a Bat?

That's your call. Could he summon the Fiendish Dire Bat listed in the spell description? No. Can you substitute into the monster list a more appropriate monster that both fits the combat situation and the casters alignment? Maybe, if that's the way you want to run the spell. Some "purists" may say that you can only select what is on the list but I figure that the list are only suggestions and examples.

So, do I have Big U head back in and blast anyone coming up the stairs? Could he arch his neck around that corner to send a bolt downstairs?

As written Utreshimon is a medium sized creature. There is nothing but the fear of being ambushed in a enclosed environment that might keep "Big U" from following your PCs.

A cup of coffee
(6/5/03 9:38 pm)
Re: Campaign Log: Canada Group
Scheduling problems prevented playing for two weeks, but once again the Canadian team is getting beaten into a pulp, err, surviving.
The group:
Michael (Human Paladin of Pelor 5)
Kir (Dwarf Wizard 5)
Gordok (Dwarf Rogue 5)
Tyronius (Human Fighter 4 Wiz 1)
Pelan (Human Cleric of Pelor 5)

Have hurt and momentarily driven off Big U, and charged into the Moathouse to rest/recover. They scout the upper floor and head down into the basement. Gordok scouts ahead, maxing his move silently roll and ghosting down the stairs. Too bad the Gnolls have already heard the rest of the party clomping about upstairs. They fail their Listen checks for the rogue, and he fails his to hear them. He peaks around the corner, and both he and the Gnoll scare each other silly. He ducks back just before getting whomped with a battleaxe. he runs upstairs calling for help.

Paladin sparks up a Sunrod and heads down. The gnolls shift position and try and regain some surprise attack position, but are quickly cut down by the group. Players suported each other and moved as a team to take them down in a round.

And then forget ALL about teamwork as they examine the rooms. After a quick glance around for a sketch map, the Paladin, cleric and Wizard become engrossed in looking at the medallions and black armour on the gnolls. Gordok the easily surprised rogue announces he wants to open all the cell doors in the dungeon area, and wonders aloud if he will find what is causing that smell.

And has the ghast smacks him and paralyze him on its first hit. The party runs around the corner and prevents a snack from occuring. The cleric turns it, despite the unholy feel of the place. Kir unleashes a Flaming sphere to cook it. It flees into the torture room, squawking to the ghouls that things are not good.

The ghouls lurch towards the meat, and the Paladin rolls a 20 for his turn check, and turns them all, just as the flaming sphere rolls into the lineup. I made a judgement call that the turning and the flames made them want to leave the area completely, so I had them open the secret pillar door and flee into the tunnels below. (I figure they know where the door is)

The wizard rolls the Flaming sphere and kills one as it tries to get to the door. And then rolls the sphere INTO the pillar and drops it down the shaft onto the climbing monsters and takes out another one. He peers down the shaft and rolls it back and forth at the bottom, hoping to kill more, but does not follow them down to check.

They heal up, and wait for the rogue to regain movement. And the Player writes a note for himself that says "Stay with Party".

They decide they want to fight the dragon to the finish, and not leave it behind them. But check out the west doors before leaving. They find Spugnoir and heal him. He tells them about the clerics and his fight with the dragon. They spike the eastern door with pitons and prep for a dragon fight.

A cup of coffee
(6/5/03 9:59 pm)
Re: Campaign Log: Canada Group
I messsed up a bit with Big U. In 2 weeks my crib sheet from the last fight was lost, and I forgot how many hitpoints he had lost. I thought they had hit him for around 40, so gave him 62. I had him at 43 in my top post, so I guess he drank some potions. Oh well.

Now Big U had flown away to nurse his wounds, but is written as not wanting anyone in his lair. So I had him sitting on the end of the moathouse, waiting for a chance at revenge.

Kir the wizard cast a Major image and had illusions of a crowd of warriors run out of the front door, weapons drawn. Big U went into action, and noce again I rolled a 1 for init. So he hovered over the crowd of illusions and the party held back inside, out of the line of debris, except the wizard who was concentrating on making the figures move around as if in a panic.

Spugnoir sent his last volley of magic missiles from memory, and did 17 points. Everyone else missed, and the Paladin cast Divine sacrifice and took 10 points of damage to himself for an extra 5d6 on his next successful hit. He had a 20 on init as a roll, plus 3 I think for dex, and was holding action until he could charge in for a melee attack.

Question: Is this extra damage from Divine Sacrifice to melee or ranged? It does not say in the description, so it may allow any successful hit.

Pelan healed Paladin to keep hp up.

Big U finally gets a shot and sees the crowd inside his lair (illusions on the steps and the party inside the doors.) So in a grand tradition of being nice I had him land and send a lightning bolt through the group. Cleric and Spugnoir get hit, and take nasty damage. Other folks are ok.

Paladin charges and swings, and MISSES, and is now standing toe to toe with Big U. He 5' steps into the crowd of illusions that Kir has close in around him. Hoping to get lost in the crowd. (And has anyone looked at how MANY creatures you can make with a Major image? The board looked like a rugby scrum)

Next round Paladin sacrifices 10 more hp and swings on Big U, and hits. 10 d6 (they stack), and he rolls 1's and 2's only. 17 points of damage on 10 dice. Plus strength and mace of course. Pathetic. A magic missile scroll takes another 5 and Big U is really hurting. He flies up and away, painfully.

The group uses the time to RUN back to Hommlet , keeping a wary eye on the sky.

I have Spugnoir giving the group the discount, and a spell to the Wizard as a reward for rescuing him. I may throw in some cash as well.

Kir now wants to spend a week learning spells and scribing his books and scrolls to replace what was lost. Spugnoir, and Yether suggest they go back the next day to keep teh pressure on, and to examine the 'find' that Spugnoir knows about.

And that's where we left it. The Paladin has reported to Yether, who wants him to go and make sure all the undead are dead, and wants it done imediately.

If they don;t go they will miss the wagon and the artifacts, as well as the journal, notes and other cluebats. The wizard is nervous about not having any extra gear. Plus they used up 16 charges on their wand of CLW, and it is almost empty.

A guitar
(6/6/03 6:21 am)
Re: Campaign Log: Canada Group
"I messsed up a bit with Big U."
Well, due to blindsight, a dragon would not be affect by the illusion, so you helped them out a bit there (maybe, it's hard to tell if you had Big U target an image or not).

"Is this extra damage from Divine Sacrifice to melee or ranged?"
Since it doesn't say, then it is any attack. Note that this might also apply to damage dealing spells that require an attack roll.

"10 d6 (they stack)"
I realize the spell is not clear, but I don't think they stack. It specifically says max +5d6 on an attack. A 5th level paladin doing +25d6 (no save, no spell resistance) in the fifth round is obviously broken. However, I'd suggest you post this question in the Magic forum and see what others think.

A cup of coffee
(6/6/03 7:02 am)
Re: Blindsight and Divine Sacrifice
Well Major Image gives sound, smell and thermal illusions in addition to the visual image of Silent Image, (PHB 225) so would blindsight, and any other extra sense not be fooled by the illusion. So it would seem that Major image is PERFECT for confusing Blindsight. They look and sound as if they are exactly where the Dragon thinks they are, with all his senses.

Blindsight: (MM 9) Using nonvisual cues such as sensitivityto vibrations, scent, acute hearing, or echo location, the creature maneuvers and fights as well as a sighted creature. Invisibility and darkness are irrelevant, thought the creature still can't discern ethereal beings.

Now I don;t know if a Blue dragon has echo location, or if echo location wuold sound off on an illusion that produces sound and heat itself, but all the other cues from heightened senses would show the illusions to be real.

As for the 5d6 cap on Divine Sacrifice, yah, I missed the "On that attack" cap on the 5d6, so the bonus damage caps on each attack. Oops. Oh Well I have Big U surviving anyway. So they will fight another day.

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A guitar
(6/6/03 9:32 am)
Re: Blindsight and Divine Sacrifice
Good point about the major image, I had forgotten it provided sound. I wouldn't say that the dragon's blindsight is echo location, though I would say it uses sound so the major image might confuse it. It says in the dragon's blindsight description that it uses sound, vibration, and other clues, leaving it purposefully vague. I generally treat dargon blindsight as the "perfect" vision, being immune to almost any trickery, but that is a personal preference to maintain the power of dragons (like they need any help, though, right? ;) ).

(7/4/03 6:43 am)
Re: Campaign Log: Canada Group
Well the Canadians are back in the "Save the world' business.
The Wizard wanted to spend a week in town learning spells adn writing scrolls. With Spugnoir giving a good discount he wants to increase his spellbook in a big way. The party made him head back the day the wagon was scheduled to arrive.

IMC I had Chat follow the party the first visit, and he saw them return and talk to Elmo and Yether, and they were seriously messed up on thier return to town, so he headed to the Moathouse to check on things. Big U had flown off to heal up, so Chat got in and out easily. The wagon arrived 72 hours after the party left, thinking that everything was fine. I had Big U come back and take it out.

The party arrives and sees the wagon and bloodsmears all over the courtyard. They buff up, and again use Major Image to have a lot of red shirted guards appear. Party runs in and Big U attacks. They trade shots for several rounds, and then Kir the wizard fireballs Big U, and both Michael the Paladin and Gordok the rogue critical on their hits. "Ouch". Big U drops.

The party loads the dragon corpse onto the wagon, searches around and finds the remains of the wagon group. they head downstairs to "clean out the Undead" (Pelorian Paladin and cleric in the party, they ain't keen on Undead.

They make quick work of Gren and company. They find the artifacts. They doubleback and head down into the crypts, climbing downt the pillar ladder in the torture room. Michael can sense the Unhallow effect, but heads in to find the Undead that got away last time.

Micheal dropped a ghoul with a great hit, and then failed his save and stood there while the party tackeld with teh ghouls and the ghast I added. Even with the Unhallow though the Cleric aced his turning attempt. The ghouls droped and I had the ghast run away cowering into the tunnels.

Tyronius and Gordok gave chase, and Gordok noticed the claw hewn aspect of the tunnels he was running in,and was not at all happy. (He was the first one to fail his save last time).

I had the ghast run to the undiscovered shrine, and had it hit the altar. This rush of Dark Energy allowed it to recover its nerve. The Fighter and Rogue run into the room in time to see the altar changing colour and the ghast seeming to get stronger.

I was all set for a good battle when the fighter criticalled, and did max damage. Gordok hit well as well. The ghast rolled 3 attacks, and I rolled nothing higher than a 6. So much for the Empowering effect of Big T's secret altar. They finished it off the next round.

Once everyone healed up they went to look at this strange altar. They found the secret compartments in the pillar, but everyone said "Don't use evil items near an evil altar".

So the Paladin decides he wants to destroy the altar. He does not want to touch it, but instead walks over to it, says a prayer to Pelor and pours Holy Water on the Altar.

I had him roll a Fortitude Save and had the Altar shoot a purple bolt at him. He was knocked across the room, his armour so cold it was frosting. He made his save, but I had him get the impression that the altar was annoyed. Michael stood up, brushed the frost off his armour and say "Ok, let's just leave this for the moment until we can ask the higher ups what to do."

The party wants to come back with explosives of some kind to drop the tunnels down adn bury the Altar.

The group heads back and heads east towards the Well Room. Gordok scouts ahead, with assistance from the Wizard's familiar, a construct dog. Gordok rolls a 20 on his Hide and a 19 on his move silently and spots the Ghast waiting on the stairs. The dog heads back and calls the party forward. As the ghast starts to move to atack Gordok hits and does great damage. Michael and Tyronius run forward, and meet Geynor Ton and Ysslansh as they come up the stairs to investigate the fight. A nasty little battle breaks out. Ysslansh is colour Sprayed and fails his save. The AC's are so good though that the fighters cannot hit anyone. Gordok and the Ghast are having a solo fight in the hall near Geynor's room. Gordok is doing very well, and makes several saves vs paralysis. Pelan the Cleric Turns the Ghast from behind, and it stumbles forward and Gordok kills it.

Meanwhile the fight on the stairs is still raging. A flaming sphere turns the tide and starts doing some decent damage. Kir the wizard is shouting "Don't kill them, we need to ask questions". So Michael criticals Ysslansh and knocks him down to -4. Kir starts yelling for the Cleric to stabilize the trog.

Geynor was hurt, but was able to drink his Cure potion and avoid 2 AoO's, then he drank his Levitate and headed for the well. My plan was to have him jump into the shaft, and hide there levitating and preparing to come out and attack again.

He never got the chance. Michael and Tyrone grapple him, roll amazing checks and bring him down to the ground. They pummel him senseless, and bindand gag the prisoners.

The group peaks down the well shaft, and make sure the platform is tied securely, then head North to Geynor's room. They find the box, but stuff it in a sack without opening it. They head abck to the surface, hitch their horses to teh wagons and head back to town. We ended the night with them just starting to talk to Elmo.

So they have several holy symbols, flaming eye capes, obex's, torches and incense. A description of a colour changing altar, and two evil priests they are about to question.

Any suggestions? I figure Elmo will call in Rufus and Burnes. Yether the Keen will be there at the request of the Paladin. Y'dey may be acled in over Elmo's suggestion.

The party has not read any of the items they have, the journal or the Black Cyst papers yet, but they will.

it seems the Cult is in a bad way. What do you think their response will be?

(7/4/03 7:11 am)
Re: Campaign Log: Canada Group
"Well the Canadians are back in the 'Save the world' business." - Excellent, eh! :)

"I had the ghast run to the undiscovered shrine, and had it hit the altar." - This is a great idea.

"I was all set for a good battle when the fighter criticalled, and did max damage." - But you cannot critical undead (or elementals, constructs, etc.).

"Any suggestions?" - I'm a little confused. Did you give Geynor Ysslansh's levitate potion? It's gonna be a pain to keep the trog prisoner because everyday they'll need new saves against his stench. With the evidence of the presence of these clerics, Elmo and even Y'Dey might get involved, but I doubt they'll call in Burne and Rufus. The reason is that surely someone can't be attempting to start up the ToEE again. They would have heard something by now. Y'Dey would have "felt a disturbance in the force" if you will. I think Elmo and Jaroo will do most of the questioning himself, possibly with the player's present.

"It seems the Cult is in a bad way. What do you think their response will be?" - Hmm. I'm thinking that as soon as the party reads that journal they will expect the bad guys to try to break the prisoners free. The cult is actually ahead of the party because they undoubtedly know that the clerics were taken and their cover might be blown, so they should move their base of operations to another location. Pick one of the buildings in the town and do the same thing as with the miller. The next step would be for Jaroo to impersonate someone and kill the prisoners. Dunrat, after all, knows how things are done (he's from the Outer Fane) and the two priests are now liabilities. Get rid of the evidence and mangle the heads so that speak with dead will not work. They will then try to recover what relics they can by either ambusing the party, stealing from them, or maybe even attempting to buy them.

(8/7/03 11:48 am)
Re: Campaign Log: Canada Group
Well another delay, but the Canadians are back at it. Short session.

The group got the Pelorian priests to talk to the prisoners. Everyone was questioning them. A zone of truth spellw as cast. I had Geynor answer a few simple questions and then say nothing. The Trog was wrapped in blankets soaked in Beer to cut the smell. (To thin the secretions with alcohol, I thought it was a good idea and let them use it.)

The Dwarf Wizard was in his room looking at the loot, and found the journal. He read through it, and gathered all the cult treasure and took it with him to the Temple. I had Chat follow him and chat briefly. ( a little Chat chit-Chat). Since the Dwarf had read the journal he knows Chat is a cult member. He leaves Chat behind and heads towards the temple. The Wizards construct familiar smells Chat following them, but Chat is a little leery, he is not sure what has happened, so he goes to the Mill to confer with Dunrat.

The group reads about the Mill, and decide to investigate. Elmo and the young priest come along, (it is their town after all). The party rogue sneaks ahead (and rolls 20, 19 for sneak and move silently), and then an 18 to listen at the door. (annoying moreso because he used my dice for it)
He hears Chat and Dunrat talking, and then decides to open the door. So he tries to sneak open the door, and I had teh tiefling on the other side of it. She attacks. and the hot rolling 20 sider rolls a 3 for my attack roll, then a 5 for initiative.

And Gordok the unprinatbly lucky rogue takes a step back and grabs my dice, and rolls another 20, max damage on the bow and the cult has one less tiefling. Gordok lets out a yell and the party runs across the street and goes for the door.

And here the party discipline once again falls apart completely. The tanks engage and go after Chat and Dunrat. Cleric and Wizard cast some protective spells. (Wizard uses Mirror Image), and notices the dust as he does so. "Wow, this place is dusty, like a coal mine. and the OOC says, dusty areas can actually explode, I saw it on the Learning Channel." Lousy rolls by my dice. I think I hit once. And they all roll hot and deal great damage.

Second round. The Wizard casts into this Learning Channel enhanced dusty room, a Flaming Sphere. yes, that's right, a LARGE ball of fire, right into the middle of the room.
*Can we say Boom* I did not bother with the 20% roll. I just had the place go off.
Now it was at night, but I had the dust still there, and the mill running, just for show, and sound effects, and because the Wizard is a pyro in training.
So the mill goes up. And people are stunned and shaken, and smoldering. I roll lousy again, althugh I did manage to nail the rogue a good one or two shots. He uses Bluff well and hammers out great damage. The Paladin fails his save against Dunrats Tharizdunesque spell, and is dazed. (no books, what spell was that again?). The Wizard AND cleric both wanted to Spellcraft the casting to see what he was using, and were disturbed that they had no clue. But by this time the cultists are dead, and the group drags the bodies out, and starts to try to put out the Mill.

Meanwhiloe back at the ranch, well actually the cells for the prisoners, I took Infiniti200's advice, and had Jaroo head for the Temple, tell the priest there were injured at the burning Mill, and kill the prisoners. Not worth helping them escape, besides they proved they were weak.

So by the time the group gets back to the temple, the bodies will have no heads, and their leads will be reduced to the gear they captured, which thwe wizard made sure he took with him, otherwise Jaroo would have it by now.

And that's where it ended. Once again the party has entered a village, and destroyed part of it. It's their trademark.

(8/18/03 5:22 am)
Re: Campaign Log: Canada Group

So the party defeats the cultists in the Mill, and drags the bodies out as the place is burning. They help put the flames out and [ile the bodies into the cart for examination/looting.

When they return to the prisoners they find the, dead, and beheaded. Grim feelings all around.

They search the bodies, and the next day read everything written that they have discovered. They know about the secret agent in the town (who they figure is responsible) They also know he is a shapechanger, the priest and guard saw Elmo walk in and tell them to go help at the mill.

Now here is a problem. I forgot that the wizard has a construct familiar dog with scent. Could the dog smell Jaroo's scent in the room and track him to the Grove? Does scent change with form? Is there a Doppelganger scent?

The party had levelled at this point. And began to catch up on mundane and arcane tasks they had not had a chance to do. They wrote some scrolls, identified things, and made a couple of magic items. An entire week has passed, and I let it go by without cult intereference. The cult is trhying to figure out how bad the situation is. Plus I forgot about the scent, so I did not have the party chasing Jaroo.

So all equipped they head back to the Moathouse to check out the obelisk. I had Festrath be a ghast by this time, doing laps in the puddle of water and sleeping on the Black Sun will do that to a person.

They descend to the bottom of the chamber, and begin to scout around. I had Festrath use the potion on fly and summon various pseudonatural beasties to torment the party. Some good damage was done to the party. Festrath was flying up above the light level of the party and using longer ranged spells to harass and damage.

He dropped down on the far side of the obelisk, trying to get to the Grell door and release monsters to attack the party. The rogue spotted him though and fired an arrow. Paladin rushes forward and arrives just in time to see grell coming through doorway. He and the Grell start battling furiously. grell is missing most of the time (great AC on Paladin), and Paladin is thumping the Grell silly.

Festrath is out of summoning spells so buffs himself up and then drops to the ground to go melee. And walks into a fireball by the Wizard, and then is turned by the cleric. Festrath is rapidly pounded down in hp's. I tried to have him run over to the obex and activate it, but he was dropped before he got there.

Paladin finally drops the Grell, but has been ground into hamburger. The entire party is hurting. They patch themselves up and start to look around.

Wizard has brought the torch with him. He had identified it and had learned it was for revealing things ni area of dark Power. So they spark it up here and look around.

Long story short, Rogue sees gems, touches it, reappears up top. Get's down eventually. Everyone looks at the gem. He eats it, Dex up by one.
Fighter tries it. Stat bonus. (I forget which, Int I think)

The rest of the party passes. And then they decide to make sure nobody can get to this nexus of evil. So they use the Stoneshape scroll on the crack in the wall and seal it up. (ACK!!)

So the water starts to pool, they retreat to the lift and head back to town.

So the obelisk room will fill with water eventually, and then the tainted water will run out the top of the well room, like it did when the plug was in the floor and it was just a well. So now I have to figure out what will happen when this water of madness seeps out.

Any suggestions? I have issues facing me...

Can the dog track Jaroo? Anyone have this problem in their campaign?

What will the water do? Psuedonatural fish in the river?

To fix it, they will have to get the crack open and then divert teh water.. not an easy task..

(8/18/03 6:44 am)
Re: Campaign Log: Canada Group
"Can the dog track Jaroo? Anyone have this problem in their campaign?"
Technically he should be able to track Jaroo. Personally, I'd have the scent change whenever he changes form. Either way, Jaroo would be aware of the "rule" and would take precautions, so it is still unlikely that he would be tracked to the grove in any form. So, I'd allow the dog track Jaroo to town, and then suddenly the track would disappear.

"What will the water do? Psuedonatural fish in the river?"
What a frickin' nightmare! Those bastard PCs! ;)

I think it will take a couple of months (at least) to fill up, then a couple more before it seeps out into the moat and the surrounding countryside. You got a lot of work to do in creating some interesting byproducts, but I think a lot of pseudonatural catfish with the ghoul template would be appropriate.

"To fix it, they will have to get the crack open and then divert teh water.. not an easy task.."
They need to cleanse the water, and then ... wow, lots of stuff. Really tough. Maybe you could have the paladin have a nightmare prediction of what happens, so that he could get a clue to seal off the pit at the top, not the bottom.

(8/31/03 5:08 pm)
Nulb Encounters: Wat undead?
Well I used the huge clue bat and had prophetic dreams about waters of madness seeping out of the well. The party (all 6th level now) returned the next day to the moathouse and used stoneshape and the stone plug in 32b to seal the well back up. So there was no toxic Love Canal of Madness happening. I did not want to deal with it.

The party then decided to continue on to Nulb. They had Xaod with them, his visions of a fiery disaster blended in well with their visions of watery disaster, they decided it meant that the Elemental Temple was the problem, despite Xaod's experience with teh Hobgoblins the month before.
So the party goes along the unused road, no random encoutners, hits the dark dreary weather around Nulb and decides to scout in every building. They have issues with towns, they've almopst destroyed two so far in their adventures.
The first building they enter is the Hostel. Gordok the Rogue announces he wants to scout behind the bar to see if a cashbox is there. The Paladin says he is going to wander over to the bar as well. And as I describe the bar the Paladin announces. "Hmm, this town has a bad reputation and all, I should detect for evil." (Well a tad late there, but his Wisdom was *just* high enough for the class.
Meanwhile I had had Wat inside the bar peaking out 'surreptitious like' with him being incorporeal and all. So the group once again splits up and wanders about the bar, and he studies the Paldin, ready to Death Attack.

And total mayhem ensues when he walks *through* the bar and wails. Only the Rogue fails the save. (everyone else rolled hot for every encounter, ever had THAT happen? every time something nasty pops up they all roll perfect)
Wat wins initiative and swings that ghost touch sword. I am all set for massive damage, blood mayhem and saving throws, and I roll a 4. Once again I roll so low that even with all the bonuses and special abilties I miss.

And the Paladin rolls to turn Undead and rolls amazingly high. (He turns as a 4th level cleric, I think he roled 17 or 18 for his roll, and 10 on the 2d6 Turn Damage.

So Wat, who is supposed to kick butt, and has crushed other parties, flees through the wall wailing in terror.

The party searches the area, and heads upstairs. They search the rooms and then deal with the Allip. very easy to deafeat when it is turned and cowering, although some minor annoyance damage was done by the swirling furniture. :)

As the party moves back to the ground floor I had Wat return and swing the sword through a wall and attack from behind. I was using the move through walls concept with a lot of fun. Drove the party crazy. Did excellent damage on the Paladin, who in annoyance announced that he was sick of not being able to see teh ghost for the walls, and wanted to burn the building down.

The wizard (who had torched the Hommlet mill the day before) agreed and they decided to start at the bar and take the place out. A few flasks of oil and a couple of ALchemists Fire bombs later, there is a nice blaze going in Nulb.

Question: What will become of Wat? Will they find his sword in the ashes? I won't give full xp for the 'kill', although they did survive the encounter (what would you guys give as XP for the building?) Would any of Wat's personal effects be left in the ashes? He is freed once the building burns down. But is he killed?

The party leaves the fire and scouts ther est of the town. They found Lareth. Issue: WHY is he shown as wearing platemail and a flaming eye shield in the picture, when he only has bracers and a cloak on?? Or am I missing something obvious?? Read the wrong page etc??

Anway: They chat with him, and I tried to rememebr all the things from the best of boards. They gave him a couple of hundred gold pieces in gems and he told them of being powerful once, and being a dupe. He used Big T's name, so I used the plot line from the module. This gives them info they did not have before.
The rogue had found the Lolth holy symbol in teh moathouse, and offered it to Lareth. I had him refuse, but he was touched (well he's already touched, but you know what I mean), I figured it might help ease relations.

The Paldin was not happy about leaving an evil person behind, but realized that if Lareth was strong enough to deal with Nulb, he would probably kick butt on the party.

So off they went, scouting the town out. They were debating the merits of finding out who owns the area, maybe trying to lay claim, and then found the boat.

They turned the wraiths and slashed the Jelly into small pieces and flaming sphered the small ones. The Paladin shone again with Great Cleave. He was taking out small jellies with ease. And then they took out the wraiths.

So they found the lockbox and the treasure. This gives much needed cash to the group, they are cash poor. The wizard wants to use the cash to equip them with items. I think after they take out the temple they will spend more downtime making items, then on to Rastor.

(9/1/03 8:19 am)
Re: Nulb Encounters: Wat undead?
"Question: What will become of Wat? Will they find his sword in the ashes? I won't give full xp for the 'kill', although they did survive the encounter (what would you guys give as XP for the building?) Would any of Wat's personal effects be left in the ashes? He is freed once the building burns down. But is he killed?"

If the party encountered Wat and then decided to torch the place to end his threat, they certainly get full experience. It might even be appropriate to give them a bonus for defeated him permanently. If they never encountered the ghost, that would be a different story, but they survived (it seems) two death attacks and deserve the XP. I'd say that the magical sword can survive the fire, but not the other stuff. Maybe a search check DC 22 or so would uncover, after the fire burns out (maybe a day).

"They found Lareth. Issue: WHY is he shown as wearing platemail and a flaming eye shield in the picture, when he only has bracers and a cloak on?? Or am I missing something obvious?? Read the wrong page etc??"

You are not missing anything. That's another example of artistic license. Or, perhaps Monte had originally planned for Lareth to have armor and changed his mind after the artist had already drawn the picture. Some people have given him the armor anyways, but personally I think it's a tad mroe effective if he doesn't have it. Or perhaps, it's in the back room of the herb shop. After all, the armor is useless in a town full of incorporeal undead.

(9/1/03 8:16 pm)
Re: Nulb Encounters: Wat undead?
That's another example of artistic license. Or, perhaps Monte had originally planned for Lareth to have armor and changed his mind after the artist had already drawn the picture.

He had plate in ToEE, so maybe the art was done with that in mind before the stats were done...

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(9/2/03 7:23 am)
What does Lareth know?
Well I had Lareth tell about Tharizdun being the power behind the first temple/war/monster uprising. I also had Lareth say that Big T steals the worship of the God's themselves, and that Iuz and Zuggtmoy were dupes. He also bragged that Lloth courted his (Lareth's) worship, and that she too was duped.

What else would he know? and tell? He's a few fries short in his happy meal so he *might* just babble out of loneliness, then start thumping folks when he realized what he did.

And what will Hommlett (Y'dey, Elmo etc) do when they find out Lareth is still alive? My party is reportibng to them about activities they uncover... and Lareth used his name, and they know he was in the Moathouse 20 years ago.

(9/6/03 5:03 pm)
The first visit to the temple....
Well the party searched the ruins of the hotel and found the sword. They decided to leave the evil Lareth alone and press on towards the temple.

They decided that a direct approach was the best system (because the rogue character who thinks of these things was away that night), and walked into the front gate.

They saw the hobgoblins shortly AFTER the javelins were thrown, and the alarm was raised. (Really, what is it with some parties wanting to announce they are in the area?? What ever happened to the skulking about part?) The Paladin waded into the group of Hobbers and with Great Cleave and a shocking mace, dropped them pretty quickly. The Hobgoblins at the temple door attacked, and the alarm was sounded inside the temple.
The Second wave was taken out rather quickly as well. And then the party decides to wait awhile to see what else happens. They just mill around waiting.

So I have the temple on Full Alert, everyone buffed and ready. Which does not really help, I mean these guys are only 5 or so hp's. The party finally decides to enter the temple, and the Paladin decides to run in shouting for Pelor's Triumph. He charges to the first row of pillars.

I had the hobgoblins spread out behind the pillars and poping uot to launch them. Thanks to his very high AC, he was untouched. He killed the first 2 hobgoblins he came close to. And we ended the night there. (one player missing, fussy baby, and a wife to pick up from work.) Hey, that's reality fantasy is the hobgoblins and such. lol

(9/6/03 5:06 pm)
Whoops, I forgot to ask for Hivemind advice.... any suggestions for Hobgoblin tactics? They've had time to gather forces, buff etc.

Using 3.0 rules mostly....


(9/8/03 6:15 am)
Re: ooops
This is what I did....

Rarkus should be invisible (from the Adept) and have drunk his potion of spider climbing and should be on a pillar up high and looking for spell caster to engage.

Also, the Dire Ape should be up one of the pillars waiting to jump down in the middle of the party.

(9/11/03 6:59 am)
Massacre in the Temple
Well 2.5 hours for 6 rounds of combat is a new record, although we did stop and watch funny mpegs and deal with a cranky baby halfway through.

The Paldain, backed up by Tyronius the Fighter Wizard advanced to the pillars and engaged hobgoblins. They tok a few javeling shots but Great Cleave was doing wonders. I had the Warriors (all with MW GReatswords? yikes, cash cow!) charge in a formation from the area off to the left of the nave. This put a lot of pressure on the fighters. They formed a line starting at a pillar and tried to hold formation.

Xoad had acommpanied them and was swinging like a madman, unfortunately that meant he was missing most of the time. lol hey, you cannot fight the Dice Gods.

The I had the Dire Ape wade in from the rear, with Rurkus suddenyl appearing with a flanking shot on the Paladin. and I rolled a 2 and a 4 for attack rolls. Paladin survives the attack, but is chewed upon by dire Ape. Paldin in NOT doing well.

The cleric Pelan turns and sees Rurkus apepar and casts Hold Person. Rurkus fails his save and is held. Gordok the rogue moves next to him and drops him. My BBEG is toast in 6 seconds. What is UP with that??

Kir the Wizard again shows his pyromaniacal leanigns and lets off a fireballl into the hobgoblin line/ Toasted bits are everywhere.

The Dire Ape again made Paladin a tasy meat snack and Paladin drops from all the damage he has been soaking up. Pean summons a Celestial Bear to plug the line/ The bear does some good damage to the Ape. The rogue is rapid shotting the Ape as well, and doing great damage. I had Krebie trying to get to Rurkus to heal him, but he healed the Ape instead, to keep it going.

A second fireball wipes out a bunch more of the Hobgoblins. Xoad has dealt with the dogs pulled in from area 4 (and where IS area 4 on the map?? could not find it... I just brought the dogs into the fight :) )

The paladin has been healed into consciousness by the cleric and takes a round or 2 to suck down healing potions. He steps forward, takse the damage from teh Ape, smites it and drops it. Kreb uses spell of invisibility (I had augmented supplies) and retreats. The rest of the hobgoblins, only a few left, pull back towards the far end of the temple area.

The wizard moves to the door and opens it to allow the 40 men at arms to enter the temple and set up a defensive perimeter. What 40 men at arms you ask? Why the illusionary ones he created with his major image spell. Nothing like 10, 10 foot cubes of soldiers to really push a morale check.

The party has used a lot of supplies though, so they grab the swords, Rurkus' gear and head out to go abck to Hommlet. They want to rest up and come back to the temple again later. They have cash now, so they want to make some items to enhance their skills. Plus the Rogue is still feeling the effects of the ghost.

And that's where we left it. They may head to Temple, or try out this odd town called Rastor they found a mention of in the notes they found.

One other thing. After the fiasco at the millhouse. I relaized that the magic bird was in a tree, and the owner was killed. There is no attachment on his end is there to see though? Or is it justa command word? Otehrwise there is a pricey magic item lost in a tree. (Until some kid climbs the tree and uses it as a toy or something)

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