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A song from the sixties
(5/16/03 9:47 am)
Iuz Plotlines?
I started a thread about using the Scarlet Brotherhood and I thought to start this one about using Iuz.

I would think that he would be extremely interested in the reconstruction of the ToEE. If his agents were able to report back to him, certainly there has been someone in Hommlett for years... what would he likely do about it?

With the CRM being hidden from him, or is it possible to hide something like that from a demi-god, what course of action would he take?

I think it is likely that he would try to send somebody down from his realm to check in on the old site at least, and if he caught wind of the EEE/Tharizdun connection he would at least try to stop the process.

It would be interesting to see Iuz agents working along side of the PCs when they take on Imix.

What would you guys do to incorporate Iuz back into the plot?


A cup of coffee
(5/17/03 4:48 am)
Re: Iuz Plotlines?
One of my players has rolled up an interesting character to try out, and I was thinking of using the Iuz angle to work him in. He'll probably be a mercenary working for spies of Iuz. As a hired thug, he won't be in on detailed information about the temple, but he'll have the connections to Iuz necessary for me to make some good RP use out of it. :evil

I'd love to see what would happen near the final battle if Iuz were involved more heavily. Could make for a great post-Imix plot twist when the party isn't expecting it, and could be used to set them up for further adventuring.

Roland the red
A cup of coffee
(5/17/03 10:08 am)
I think maybe using the divine Imix (on the post-it pages) would be appropriate if an avatar of Iuz shows up...those tow could duke it out while the party focuses on the Lareth et. al. very dramatic

A cup of coffee
(5/20/03 3:50 pm)
Re: Iuz
When my players first hit Verbobonc, back in the day, I dropped some hints about Bigby being in town.

Why you ask?

Well, the Crook of Rao is missing and it's assumed to be in the hands of followers of Iuz.

A song from the sixties
(5/20/03 10:15 pm)
Re: Iuz Plotlines?
Of all deities, it's easiest to hide things from demi-gods; according to D&Dg, deities have a "portfolio sense", where they know about things happening related to their portfolio - the greater the god, the keener they sense they have ie. they can see further into the future and past and they can see when it affects fewer people.

From memory, demigods could only sense something happening on a pretty large scale - at least a thousand people. I think Iuz's portfolio is pain, deceit and suffering, so he wouldn't really have any way of knowing in a divine manner of events in Hommlet or at the Temple of All Consumption.

I dont think he'd do much more than what he's already got going ie. have his agents keep an eye for things. He might therefore hear about the cultist activity going on in Hommlet and wonder what's going on - maybe he thinks that his lover Zuggtmoy is back in town, because as far as he knows, she was the original power behind the Elder Elemental Eye... I don't know how he'd feel about that; while he may have been Zuggtmoy's lover, but I doubt if he's the sort to look her up and give her a call, unless he thought he could gain something about it. He had a fair bit invested last time, and got burnt, so I don't think he'd be too keen to go down that path again (didn't St Cuthbert show up at some stage to throw down with him?)

Would Iuz work out the connection between EEE and Tharizdun? I don't see how he could. In fact, I don't even know if Iuz knows about Tharizdun at all; he hasn't been a demi-god for very long, so unless his mother Iggwilv or someone shared the details with him, he might not even know. Unless he's found and tortured the odd Tharizdun worshipper in Dorakaa.

Iuz might get interested if he knew that Hedrack was still alive - after all, Hedrack was his man before disappearing (presumed dead) at the fall of the second Temple. If Hedrack survived, he may wonder why Hedrack didn't return to him.

Or maybe, instead of Iuz, you could involve other Iuzites - maybe former associates or comrades of Hedrack.

Just my random thoughts...

The guy from Belgium
A song from the sixties
(5/21/03 12:24 am)
Re: Iuz Plotlines?
Well, the Crook of Rao is missing and it's assumed to be in the hands of followers of Iuz.

*shock* and spoiler alert!

the crook of rao was a fraud

it was iuz himself who caused the flight of fiends, wanting everyone to believe the crook of rao did the trick

that way, the flannaess would think it was safe with most fiends (the 303 devils and the demons and the sort) banished, while it was iuz himself who caused their retreat

why? i'll leave you in the dark on that, in case any of you play living greyhawk (it's a module from that series that deals with this matter)

anyway, iuz has other issues than getting involved with the cult again... veluna and furyondy are constantly on the lookout for an opportunity to strike at him, there's trouble at his northern borders as well, and he has a much deeper and darker plan than let the world end at the hands of some madmen...

i really don't see a plausible way of getting iuz involved here because of his other issues, plots and schemes


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