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A trophy
(5/23/03 4:51 am)
The South Entrance, report and question
Day 35
As we woke up in this small village of Rastor, already at breakfast the local rules-lawyers were badgering us. Giving a half-orc the post of Sherrif in such a community is quite a good example of how things are going here.

Rerrid, the dwarf, seems a good man, though he has lost a lot of self-respect, which seemed quite logical after hearing him telling about his clan being driven away by clerics and monsters from their own mines.

He and his clan now live here in Rastor, together with some humans and (half) orcs. They would be verry happy if we could clear out the temple. People from there travel to town regularly to buy and sell.

Almost none in town has been near the old vulcano in ages. We talked to a wizardess, Tymerian, who had been there some years ago and lost her whole group of companions. They were blasted out of the skies by lightning bolts and later imprissoned by undead. She said she would help us, but won't join us in going there. I also spoke to one of the Orcs, but their camp is the other way and they are just hunters.

So we saddled our horses and went out of town. As we were leaving, the Sherrif spoke to us again, this time in a to happy way. He is clearly incompetent and under the influence of drugs or booze. While we rode away we saw some other people swaying al little ... this town is doomed.
DM's Notice Tanbrosh addicted people heading home after getting their dose. Just a little hint, so I don't need to work to hard later on ;)

At the end of the day we encountered some heavy and deep tracks, and decided to camp some distance from the path.

Day 36
In the middle of the night a grey giant creature (Grey Render encounter, he dislikes fire ;) !) came to our camp to put out the fire. I was ready to attack as soon as it showed violence but the others were not as smart. Joe cast at him and Johan fired an arrow at it. So it attacked and Johan was torn apart. When the monster slowly walked away, seemingly unaffected by the harm we did to it, I didn't follow and the rest backed off to. It is a shame to lose Johan, he will have a hard time telling his god how he died, whichever one he followed.

We packed up again and rode further to the vulcano. As we rode over a hill we saw a group of warrior escorting a small prisoner in their midst. We rode a little closer and Barion told us he sensed they were all evil, all except the prisoner. We asked them about their business and they told us it was their job to get people who "nose around", and that we were on "their property". They refused to let the prisoner go so we attacked them. Joe's sleep spell knocked a few down while we killed the rest. We bound one of the knockouts and freed the small man, a weak gnome.

He was very relieved that we had freed them. He tried to look tough and said he could defend himself, but he couldn't when I punched him unconscious. We tried to talk to the woman warrior, but she started giving headbuts and screaming, so I knocked her out to. Later we woke the gnome, his name is Ali Chemicali, quite an odd name. He says he is an acid caster, but we'll see about that tomorrow. He is eager to turn the vulcano into acid, so he goes along.

We brought the woman back again, and after a deaththreat she was quiet and answered our questions. She told us she was a hired guard, and it was their duty to guard the entrance to the mountain complex. Further on there were temples, but she has never been there. There seem to be lots of monsters there. Joe and me wanted to leave her somewhere tied up high in a tree, but Barion wants to take her with us ... so now she hops along behind him.

We travelled a little further and set camp again.

Day 37
Ali C. can indeed cast some spells, as he boosted himself this morning. He doesn't have enough spells to boost us yet, but I can understand that. After an hour or so we came to a Y in the road. The left part seemed very often travelled, but the woman wanted to go right, to her entrance of the vulcano. She told us some more and there seem to be four temples inside, that are on hostile terms with eachother. There are two entrances, we will take the one to the left.

That brought us to a wide and high caves, with a great double door some yards in the cave. Arrowslits lined the walls, but there was no-one behind them. As we pushed the doors open and rode on, I was shot from a platform that hung high near the 35 ft ceiling of the cave. This was a very long and wide room with several other hallways and huge bronze doors. As the shooter yelled for help, we set ourselves up for combat.

Well ... that came ... and how. 2 Ogres, 2 Clerics, a high level fighter and some 20 gnolls and human guards came pouring in the hallway, wave after wave. There were a few times when I was on the brink of galloping away, but the combat never seemed quite that hopeless. I healed myself a lot and near the end of the combat brought Barion and Ali back to consciousness so they couldn't be killed easily. To bad one of the clerics got away. He had quite some magical powers.

We healed ourselves with the potions we found on the dead bodies and loaded all magical and masterwork stuff onto the horses. Some miles away, we set up camp and hid our trails from any followers.

DM; Well, this was a bit nasty. The size of the room effectively stopped my defenders of getting around and the PC's cleverly closed the ranks and had their AC in the mid 20's. Kellial can't use any of his nice feats in his half-plate, so that was a bummer. Choranth died as did Kellial. Fachish survived. The "normal" spell selection of the two clerics bothers me enormously, since they are pretty useless.

Question mark; I am thinking of raising Kellial and Choranth and giving Kellial the sword of air. But will Fachish do this or will he report this to the masters and ask for help? The south entrance just got wooped (barely though). Most players are now lvl6, so that means fireballs. What is Fachish his best move?

A guitar
(5/23/03 6:50 am)
Re: The South Entrance, report and question
Good report and good try to get them to go to the main entrance. A grey render's a tough random encounter, though. Ouch. ;)

I modified the spell list according to the splat books, and there's a few BoVD suggestions as well. Fachish's best tactic, as provided by the honorable Andorax, is to use silence on the large air elemental and send it after the casters. Very simple and very deadly. Those casters are gonna be useless inside the silently spinning vortex. I'll copy over my suggestions on Fachish at the end of this post.

I'm not sure if I would have Choranth and Kellial raised. Perhaps you can give the sword of air to graud if he's still alive. Who is still alive?

pg. 61 (C73) - Fachish:
Feats: point blank shot, precise shot, quick draw, reach spell, reduce spot and listen by 2.
Possessions: Replace +1 full plate with +1 blinding full plate, remove both wands, replace +1 large steel shield with large steel shield, reduce AC by 1.
New Prepared Spell List (6/6/5/4/3; base DC = 14 + spell level):
0th – cure minor wounds, detect magic, guidance, light, read magic, resistance
1st – bless, cause fear, command, cure light wounds, obscuring mist*, regenerate light wounds
2nd – endurance, hold person, resist elements, silence, wind wall*
3rd – cure serious wounds, flame of faith, gaseous form*, summon monster III
4th – air walk, confusion*, death knell (reach)

Tactics: given time, Fachish will summon the large air elemental and use silence on it. He will buff with regenerate light wounds, endurance, resist elements (fire – unless he has other info, like acid), wind wall, and air walk. Start with confusion. If the elemental is injuring someone badly within thirty feet, ready an action to use a reached death knell (likely on a mage type). If no one approaches, he can spontaneously cast reached inflict light wounds, or protect himself with obscuring mist while curing.

A guitar
(5/23/03 6:59 am)
Re: The South Entrance, report and question
IMC, Fachich did indeed raise Kellial (he only has the one scroll, and isn't high enough level to cast Raise Dead himself). Kellial has proven himself as a loyal, capable servant.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

A trophy
(5/23/03 8:34 am)
Re: The South Entrance, report and question
Choranth and Kelial are dead. The rest of the named NPC still live.

A trophy
(5/24/03 3:34 pm)

Re: The South Entrance, report and question
Full Log here:

A trophy
(5/26/03 1:43 am)
I still would like some opinions on new defending forces?

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