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A song from the sixties
(5/26/03 4:18 am)
fire temple destroyed. where now?
Hello to the Collective.

My group have now finished the fire temple and have destroyed the earth and water. They actually went through the fire temple in brakeneck speed, doing very well to kill Tessimon (a hold person got through her defences just as the barbarian had lept onto the platform). To be honest, the bridge complex with the Bebilith and the sorceror (can't remember his name now) was more of a problem.

Anyway, they have also managed to activate and use the altar and recieved the magic item(s) worth 50K. One of the group is evil (an assassin) and one is almost evil, and they worked together away from the rest of the group.

They are now at a stage where they need to return to Verbobonc to sell and buy. Only the air temple remains, and 2 of the bridge complexes are deserted.

I'd really appreciate some views on what you would do next. The levels in the party are 9,9,8,8,8,7,7,7 so they will breeze through the air temple (LOL _ no pun intended there) but are going to struggle against ol' Hedrack.

Love to hear your views.


A trophy
(5/26/03 9:26 am)
I ASSUME you had Hedrack scry them a few times at lenght so that he knows their tactics. It also seems that there is quite a big number of characters walking around. What I would do is have Hedrack sent a message to the Air temple along with Ukemil and his lions.
Prepare defences and ambush these fools!
A Silenced Large Air Elemental with some buffs is gonna be nasty for even such high characters!

Hedrack must have taken notice by now so beef up the air temple confrontation and let them get the note of note. Piss them off, so they will come gunning for the inner fane and then it's all out carnage goodness for the DM ;) :evil

A guitar
(5/26/03 11:05 am)

Re: well
There are 8 PCs? That counts for something. My group did the same (took out three temples fairly quickly, then regrouped in Verbobonc). I sent the succubus from the Chamber of Hate along with Victor the assassin. The succubus managed to charm the rogue and after a night of passion he was so addled that he never knew what he told her. Suffice to say that after that the Outer Fane knew all of their tactics, strengths, and weaknesses.

And I might actually consider letting them have a go at the Outer Fane. The Water Door won't be that bad. Maybe Varachan can send them a warning about not using the Fire Door.

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

A song from the sixties
(5/27/03 12:08 pm)
Re: well
ooooh - some good ideas there - thanks.

I'll check out the guy with the lions, and i like the idea of beefing up the air temple.

8 players are excessive i know - but we are all long time friends, we all get 1 night a week to play, and i'm the only bloody DM :O( But they all started the adventure from 4th. I thought by now the xp would have reduced the levels somewhat, but not for some of them. To be fair though - there have been a number of deaths. No-one in my group believes that 4 people would be able to cope :O)

Anyway - thanks for the ideas and grateful for any others,

Dinsdale :hat

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