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A song from the sixties
(5/26/03 6:48 am)
Lareth captured
I'm having a brain block as to what to do. The party went to Nulb upon hearing of it's haunting. They stumbled upon Lareth. Not wanting to be disturbed, Lareth cast confusion so he could make an escape, affecting all but the wizard. The wizard cast lightning bolt on Lareth. At this point I figured Lareth was mad and made an actual attack on the wizard. When all has been said and done, we have a dead wizard who the party is scrapping funds for a true resserection and Lareth has been captured, bound, and gagged. The question is, what does Lareth do? What does the cult of Tharizdun do?

A trophy
(5/26/03 6:53 am)
At this point the cult doesn't really fully know that Lareth is the Champion and they can always go fetch him with a bit of force

Lareth is gonna be majorly pissed and escape when he sees the chance.

A song from the sixties
(5/26/03 8:50 am)
Re: Lareth captured

Send the Invisible Stalkers to go free him at a time of your choosing.

One Stalker can create a diversion, the other can free him and help him esacpe.

There are many possibilities.

A guitar
(5/26/03 2:52 pm)
Re: Lareth captured
I see three options:

1. You could let the party interrogate him as much as they want, possibly even putting him in jail (if they can get Elmo to go along with it...after all, Lareth didn't actually do anything wrong, he was only defending himself). This will be a good opportunity for RP via the BoB suggestions. You can even let the party kill him. It's okay, Hedrack et al will just resurrect him later.

2. You can have Dunrat organize an escape plan for Lareth, who does not thank him for it and might even kill the rescuers. However, it's not written anywhere that Dunrat actually knows about Lareth. In fact, I'd argue against it. Too early, it is.

3. Have Lareth commit suicide. I mean, after everything else that has gone wrong for the poor bastard, now he gets captured?! That's the last straw! Life just isn't worth living.

A guitar
(5/27/03 1:24 am)

Re: Lareth captured
If the party brings Lareth to the attention of the movers and shakers in Nulb, they'll want to put him on trial. A good while back, someone played him as actually feeling remorse (after some serious roleplaying by the party's cleric or paladin). He gave himself up, went on trial, and was hanged as punishment of his crimes 15 years back.

Under no circumstances should Lareth be liberated by the Doomdreamers at this stage! They don't know that he's the Champion, and Hedrack himself seems to have given up on him. Remember that as per his journal, Hedrack had Tessimon as his first candidate.

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
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