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A song from the sixties
(5/26/03 1:41 pm)
Naquent captured!
Last thrusday i sent Naquent and 2 invisible stalkers into Verbonoc to get the keys back.

He cast silence on both of them and sent them in to ambush the cleric, who had 2 sets of the keys. The cleric was busy creating items, and was not wearing armor. He barely managed to get away and call for help. Naquent rushed to "help", and zapped the cleric with a Greater Command. Unfortunatly, the cleric made his save. :( he countered with a "hold person" which, of course, worked.

He managed to finish off the invis stalkers, tied up Naquent, and they are going to begin a strict daily regiment of Geas/Quest/Lesser Geas until they can extract as much information out of her as they can.

My question is: how much does Nquent know? I'm assuming enough to let the players know to skip the Inner/Outer fane's and head right for the recovered temple.

Now, their average level is 12, so going to the recovered temple is feasable for them, but i'd like them to hit the outer fane first. Does anybody have any suggestions as to how the present it to the players so that they hit the fanes first?


A guitar
(5/26/03 2:42 pm)
Re: Naquent captured!
She (do you play her as a "he"?) knows everything Varachan knows. Check out the text to see what he knows. She knows about the recovered temple and the Champion and all that, but she probably still thinks that she needs to protect the Inner Fane, and any questioning will probably show that that is what she is trying to hide. She probably doesn't know the defenses at the recovered temple, and might not even know that the fire node is the one excavated. Therefore, the party will realize the Champion is found, but nothing about it will be done yet (i.e. not very pressing) and that Naquent is protecting something in the Fanes (maybe the Black Cyst and the stuff located there?).

"...he countered with a hold person which, of course, worked..."
:eek Where was the freedom of movement or spell immunity? :)

Maybe Hedrack will take steps to interrupt the questioning. Surely he knows what's going on. If you need further help in this area, let us know.

A song from the sixties
(5/26/03 2:58 pm)
Well, i said "he" first and didn't realize until after the session that Naquent was a girl. I figure there's not harm in it, so i left it be.

re: spell immunity;

You're right, i should have added that. In my defense, this was my first session in about a month, and my tactical skills were a bit rusty. I do like the idea that if i play up the confessions right, it'll simply reinforce that they should go back to the fanes. I thought about seeing if Hedrack would enterupt, but who would he send?

Bethe, Ukimil and the lions? that prolly won't work, they're in the middle of a large city. Varachan? Possible, and potentialy quite interesting. I'm 100% sure Hedrack wouldn't go himself.

A guitar
(5/26/03 3:33 pm)
Re: Naquent
"In my defense, this was my first session in about a month, and my tactical skills were a bit rusty."
No problem, I didn't mean anything by that remark. I run a high level cleric (just made 9th actually) in the rotating campaign and I would personally rely on my high Will save. It's likely that Naquent would do the same. The realy question is, however, and this goes for everyone else reading this, did you apply the insanity score to the Will save (Madness domain)? Once per day...

I would send in a windwalking Bethe with a refuge stick. Hedrack would give Bethe orders to "not let that bitch talk." Bethe might paralyze her and bring her back to the Outer Fane for Hedrack's (dis)pleasure or just kill her right there and mutilate her face/mouth to avoid a speak with dead.

A guitar
(5/26/03 11:10 pm)
Re: Naquent
Hedrack could also use a planar ally spell or high level summoning spell and summon a fiend with teleporting powers. Combined with a greater scry, the fiend could simply transport in, grab the bitch and teleport out or kill the bitch and then try to kill some PCs as well.

You might want to give them some information though as a reward for good thinking. If it takes several days of geases before she even starts talking, Hedrack will intervene before she can spill any beans. It would take him a few hours to realize she failed (unless he was watching at that time or unless he was foolish enough to make some kind of arrangement with her for a message) and a few more hours till dusk before he can prepare the proper spells and another few hours to send in the cavalry or assassins. Unless you assume the cult has agents within Verbobonc and Hedrack can warn them with a sending spell. In which case reactions might be quicker.

Edited by: madfox at: 5/26/03 11:15:26 pm
A guitar
(5/27/03 1:19 am)

Re: Naquent
Hedrack might even be allowed to use the Tourbillion. With that, he can send anyone to Verbobonc. Of course, that's not as precise as sending in a demon to 'port her out, but it will get around the issues of demons in 3.5 not being able to teleport more than just themselves (cf. Fiend Folio where it applies to all the critters there).

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

A boxing glove
(5/27/03 5:38 am)
Naquent's info...
I'd definitely let the PCs have some info, having captured Naquent. It's a respite from the frustration of fighting the 'faceless' cult that they've got her, and would be very frustrating (and could seem DM-contrived) if she just turns up dead suddenly. They should get a reward.

Let them know the heirarchy of the Outer Fane (Hedrack, Varachan, Naquent, Ukemil, then minions).

Let them know what guards the gates (Chymon, The Greater Earth Elemental, the Stalkers and Arrowhawks, and the Elder Tojanida).

Let them know there's a demon and a devil in the Outer Fane, and that the important ceremonies take place in the Greater Temple.

Let them know that there's a way through the Greater Temple to the Blasted Yard and the Inner Fane, but Naquent has never been there personally, I'd say, so no further detailed info on the Inner Fane.

Tell them the Doomdreamers rule the cult and that they reside within the Black Spike in the Inner Fane. Tell them the Triad rules the Doomdreamers and give them a little information on what they look like and their character (sadist/masochist/tentacled beast).

Let them know that the test of the Champion has been performed several times (at least Hedrack and Tessimon failed the test) - tell them that those who attempt the ritual and fail are blasted and cursed by the Dark God.
Tell them that Hedrack introduced Tessimon to the Infernal(Abyssal?) Machine after she failed the test.

Tell them there's a prison in the Outer Fane which houses spies and do-gooders captured by the cult - let them know that the spies are a source of pleasure for the First's appetite for pain.

...and lastly, if there's anything really, really juicy that you DON'T want to share (and let's face it, they're bound to ask), remember the spell Forbidden Speech (BoVD) which makes it >impossible< to share information on a given topic, by any means - even telepathy/mind-reading.

...then have Bethe turn up and kill her :)


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