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A cup of coffee
(5/28/03 12:40 am)
Unexpected player actions
The group that I am running is almost at the big Imix fight. They have a knack for doing the unexpected and at times I'm just not sure how to handle it. In the last fight they tried to disintegrate the purple curtain in the main temple. They are found of casting analyze device on most items/constructs that they find. Yes, they really wanted to control the iron golems.:eek They then managed to knock out The Second and use a spell called Mind Raid to find out where the orbs were and how to get them without doing all the fun experiments.:( They are also about the only group that I have read about here that uses t-port as their main transport mode. Everyone in the portable hole and t-port someplace safe. I used the oracle to ambush them several times so they made a t-port item and come in in two groups.>: Some days it just doesn't pay to gnaw thought the straps.

Does anyone else have players that do weird stuff like this to the campaign?

A boxing glove
(5/28/03 3:15 am)
the unexpected?...but I'm omniscient :)
My experience for many years has been that you just can't second-guess the players...they WILL surprise you from time to time.

I just had The Big Fight with Imix and had the pleasant surprise of Lareth being disarmed of both the Rod of Force and the Orb of Oblivion, as well as a PC performing incredible invisible acrobatics to actually snatch the Orb of Oblivion from Imix's grasp...(just as he was about to use it to break Big T loose)...that PC then used the Orb's many powers against Imix, summoning beasties that would otherwise have been used against them...

One DM can only think of so many things...that's why this board exists (and is so useful :) ).

Let the players surprise you - you provide the framework but they write the story!


A song from the sixties
(5/28/03 9:24 am)
I can sympathize...
I really can sympathize with you. My party has been doing the unexpected all the time. After trying to enter the CRM at the western gate and being pushed back, they decided to climb up and over the ridge and enter at one of the bridge complexes!

Heck, half the time, I don't think that my players even know what they are going to do next. They sit there talking about going one way, but when it comes time to go, they change their minds on a whim! My secret is that I just don't plan ahead at all :( I just read and reread the module so that no matter where they go, I have a good grasp of what needs to happen.

As for teleport, I have a Cleric with the travel domain among the party. He uses his 5th and 6th level domain slots to hold teleport and 4th to hold a dimension door. The party is also small enough that he can take everyone along.

I don't know how it has worked out for you but it is a minor annoyance to me more than anything else. Sure they can teleport in somewhere, but they have to have some information about it first. I am blessed with a party that doesn't even consider gathering info via divination or scouting. I wouldn't address (aka hose) the teleporting of your party specifically, as it is one of the most useful powers of a high level party. Let them enjoy it. Of course you can use it to. Isn't there a rather high level wizard (Falrinth or festalon or something like that ) in the recovered temple? There ois also the tourbillon in the Inner Fane. What's sauce for the Goose....


A cup of coffee
(5/28/03 11:08 pm)
Re: Unexpected player actions
This is my first time running a long term book campaign. In my previous games I let the players feed me ideas, I'm not sure how many of them figured this out, or I picked 4 or 5 ideas out of my brain and threw them out to see which ones were given a life of their own. The campaign has a limited number of characters and most of them are dead now. The group has the silver horn that must be blown to summon the dark gateway that the orb must be put into so there is no chance for Big T to make an appearance anytime soon. The group still wants to go in and get Imix and anyone else 'hiding out' in the fire node. I'm thinking that this is stupid on their part and how much warning to give the fire node. They never did find the mage and doom dreamer that were going to try and kill the purple worm so they could go to the fire node and raise the alarm. I wonder how Imix will take knowing that he has to sit around until they can make a new horn?

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