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Dan Harms
A cup of coffee
(5/31/03 9:32 am)
Earth Temple Battle

Too late to post a campaign log, but I can at least describe the more interesting events.

The group:

Galrosh, Dwarf Barbarian 2/Fighter 3
Cheer, Halfling Cleric 6
Silas, Human Sorcerer 1/Fighter 4/Dragon Disciple 1
Kethian, Half-Elf Rogue 6
Slya, Lizardfolk Fighter 2 and cohort to the infamous
Squee, Kobold Sorcerer 6

The group had annihilated the forces at the west gate, and slowly made its way north. They slew Terrenygit, then headed north and went after the Swordmaster and Miikolak. It seems the group has concluded that if there's anything worse than troglodytes whose scent knocks down your strength, it's troglodyte clerics whose scent knocks down your strength wearing full plate and beefed up with protection spells.

The group's heading up the passage toward the Temple when I have them make Listen checks. They hear the chanting, so they start to beef up. Cheer casts Magic Circle against Evil and Bless, while the kobold grabs three alchemist's fires, turns invisible, and starts running toward the temple with his slippers of spider climbing.

The group arrives at the ziggurat. They announce their arrival by shooting a troglodyte worshiper, then moving in. The group hits the cause fear, and the only two people who could be affected (Galrosh and Slya) are. They both run, despite the cleric's remove fear. The trogs start running for the rest of the group, while Snearak commands the xorn to attack and summons an earth elemental ("Hey! That's our wand!"), but they're wedged out by the circle. In the meantime, Squee appears on the ceiling above the priest and tosses a couple of alchemist's fires his way.

Player: "If you want to cast a spell, you'll have to make a Concentration check."

Me: "He's not casting a spell. He's pointing the wand straight up."

An earth elemental appears on the ceiling, and proceeds to smack around the sorcerer. He decides to run. The rest of the group is fine, staying away from the xorn and fighting off the troglodyte warriors and mephit who've entered the combat.

Snearak casts Hold Person on a fighter, and fails. He then sees the sorcerer. Hold Person. I consider this to be a frustration tactic - no way the kobold's going to fail a Will save, right? Well, now we have a spider climbing upside-down kobold who's frozen while an elemental heads toward him.

I tell the player there's one thing I know he can do with mental effort: deactivate the slippers. He decides to, and hits the ground, with 4 HP left. He plays dead (what else can he do?).

I stress to the group that all they've seen is the kobold sorcerer under attack fall down from the ceiling and lie still. They start heading out to help him - the elemental's gone, but the xorn's still there. Galrosh, just returned, starts striding into the room, smashing through everything to get to Squee. Slya does the same, and the rest of the group follows. This means the xorn is able to hit the front-runners, but after four rounds, it's dead. That's when Squee gets up and starts shooting magic missiles at the priest. Everyone groans and heads up the ziggurat. Snearak doesn't last much longer.

The End

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