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A cup of coffee
(6/2/03 12:39 pm)
Well, several months ago my group completed RttToEE. World was saved. Hurah! Bring on the dancers!

Now, I'm planning the next part of the campaign. My game is set in the FR, in the Western Heartlands and there was sub-plot involving a large advenuturing group of Banites on a unholy mission against the "forces of chaos" at the CRM. Well, it turns out that the leaders of this same group of Banites were the brothers of one of the PC's [who is NG, and had left home at 17 when he discovered his family were secret agents for the church of Xvim/Bane]. This made for some nice roleplaying in the CRM, plus an interesting three-way conflict for the PC's to deal with.

For those of you who have finished RttToEE, what are those characters doing now? Have they enjoyed the new adventures more or less than Temple? Have you involved any returning characters or themes from Temple? Are you running your own created adventures of published modules? Do tell, do tell.

A song from the sixties
(6/3/03 3:57 pm)
Once I finish running RttToEE (I have yet to start), I'll be running my conversion of Return to the Tomb of Horrors.

If you choose that route, make sure to tone down the Winter Wights from their ELH incarnations. They're CR23 or so.

A song from the sixties
(6/4/03 7:13 pm)
Man, congratulations - my group isn't anywhere near finished. But my current thinking has two not necessarily exclusive streams:
(1) a 3e conversion of the GDQ super series. In the official Living Greyhawk stuff I've seen, there's no indication that the giants have been overthrown - so I saw it as an opportunity to work in one of my favourite series. It's already got tie ins with the Elder Elemental Eye, although I think I'll have to shift Eclavdra out of it. Q1 is going to represent a lot of work, since 3e Lolth is much, much more powerful than as written in that module. I'm also thinking about using as much of Monte's Queen of Lies as possible for the Vault of the Drow.
(2) Using the "Oathbound" campaign setting. It's got some nice features, but I'll probably need to get hold of other background material from the setting before using it.

I'd also like to use some of the higher level WotC stuff as well, like Lord of the Iron Fortress... I'm still some way from having to make any firm decisions, though.

A guitar
(6/5/03 12:25 am)

I'll probably put the PCs on hold for a long while and then I'm going AU with a new bunch of PCs (same crew, tho)

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Roland the red
A song from the sixties
(6/5/03 7:04 am)
City of the Spider Queen
It has been mentioned before, by others, that City of the Spider Queen makes a good second module if you play in FR.

It starts a bit lower level than the PCs, but I figure blasting through the first few chapters will be welcoming to those who survived the Temple of All-Consumption...They should reach a point where they are evenly matched and finish the module at an appropriate level.

I like this idea because it sort of mirrors the original Temple, Against the Giants, Vault of the Drow theme.

I plan on having Lolth be a pawn (so to speak) of Tharzidun, and when he is defeated (doesn't return), Lolth is found out by the other gods. So, she does what spiders do and scurries off to hide, thus denying here followers spells...which brings us to the City of the Spider Queen...

There is a module in Dragon #100 that has the party face the Lich-Queen of the Githyanki...I'll work that in after City of the Spider Queen as a final adventure, and use the "spark of divine energy" presented there as a way to propel the PCs into Epic Level...

Roland the Red
Who wishes he could play daily...

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