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(6/3/03 9:16 pm)
What to do with Chatrilon?
I wanted to see how this idea I have would be received.

I know that my party wants to hunt down Chat and dance in the puddles of his blood. Chat has killed one player after becoming all chummy and managed to escape. He warned the Millhouse occupants, and fled when the tide turned during the ensuing (I love those beads of force).

Now I wanted to have Chat return with a big WTF?!? Since the party is a higher now. This got me thinking ‘what would he have done after fleeing Hommlet’?

This is what I have decided…

To me Chat is an assassin working for the greater evil. I like the idea that Hedrack may even have orchestrated Chat’s involvement, and having Chat report to him in some fashion.

Now since Chat failed to stop the pesky little adventures from going to the moathouse and failed to stop them with the assistance of Dunrat. He has effectively gained entry into Hedrack’s bad books. Due to Hedrack’s past I see him as having no tolerance for other’s mistakes and for punishment he has Chat tortured (for while to reiterate why failure is bad) and then has him run some errands. It is during one of these errands that Chat comes into contact with Thrommel, who seizes the opportunity to indirectly affect Hedrack and “embraces” Chatrilon making him his spawn and thrall.

Now Thrommel not really caring for his new childe leave him to fend for himself after a nasty conflict. Chat having now several grudge and the feeling of superiority decides to confront Hedrack. During this encounter Hedrack demonstrates his abilities and subjugates Chat into the role of servant/slave/subordinate. Now Chat is quite frustrated and full of hate, flee the confines of Hedrack and peruse those who must be responsible, the Adventures.

I know the above may have holes in it but it is just general to see what others may think and hopefully get some good advice/feedback.

Any comments?


A guitar
(6/3/03 11:32 pm)

Re: What to do with Chatrilon?
I like the idea, actually. To expand a little:

Thrommel hears about the PCs from Chatrilon and sees them as the perfect tool to free him of Hedrack's control. Therefore he sends out Chatrilon to gather as much intelligence about the party as he can and in subsequent forays try to kill as many of them as possible. Thrommel's reasoning for this would be that either the group is powerful enough to dispatch Chatrilon the vampire, or the group loses - in which case Thrommel can just wait for the next group. And the next, and the next, and so on.

Chatrilon might even carry with him some scraps on information to make it easier for the group to get in touch with him.

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(6/4/03 4:10 am)
Re: What to do with Chatrilon?
Do you want a true 'WTF'? reaction from your players? Instead of having him come back as buffed up (insert backstory explanation) repeat opponent have him come back to help or otherwise warn the PCs.

Yup, use him as an 'enemy of my enemy' role play device. What could be more than to take an NPC they desperately want to ace and tempt them with him being useful (though not a true ally). Change the backstory so that he is nothing more than a nasty hired thug that Dunrat picked up. When he makes it back to the CRM he gets a bit involved in the politics all the while trying to understand what is going on. Then he gets 'recruited' into working with the other 2 assassins in the OF. From there he learns a bit of what is really going on and decides he has to not only escape but inform the only group he knows of that is working against them. You can even foreshadow Varachan a bit by having Chat realize his 'escape' was easier than he thought it would be due to some fortitidous events, whom Chat chalks up to just good luck.

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(6/4/03 5:25 am)
Re: What to do with Chatrilon?
Good ideas. Assassins are very tricky to manage. You never know when one might not be entirely loyal. Let's make the assumption that one of Hedrack's current assassins is unswervingly loyal. The other, however, isn't. Hedrack does not want to waste the other assassin out of hand, so he has been grooming a replacement: Chatrilon Unosh. When Chat is strong enough, he will be ordered to murder his way into the Outer Fane. If he succeeds, then congratulations are in order. If he fails, it's time to find another replacement. I know there's a good spell that Hedrack could use such that Chat would die before revealing his master (someone on the boards mentioned it...possibly in the BoVD).

Optional: to follow Taxman's idea, have Chat realize the situation he has been put in and he doesn't like it. Therefore, he attempts to recruit the PC's into helping him. The odd part about it is that he cannot reveal his master, so is he really trustworthy? If you're really mean, you can have him implicate Varachan, or less mean, Naquent.

A cup of coffee
(6/4/03 5:51 am)
Re: What to do with Chatrilion?
You could turn him into a, never mind. ;)

Seriously...another thought is buzzing through my head here, although I don't fully have it fleshed out.

A) Chatrilion is not insane, but working for the cult for the fat stacks of gold. He probably doesn't know much as to what's going on.
B) Hedrack does indeed do a little "negative reinforcement" when Chatrilion returns in failure

I think that, if Varachan has the stones for it, he might try to recruit Chat. Even if Chat is evil...he won't have any love for Hedrack or the cult after a thumbscrew and pincher session. Varachan could use Chatrilion as a contact to the players...who WON'T trust Chat any further than they could throw him. (Less far, assuming you have at least one high STR character :b ) Meanwhile, Chat would either look for an opportunity to take as much cash as possible and blow town...or betray Varachan to Hedrack...which might also not work, since Chat's credability with Hedrack might be pretty low.

Or you could just say bugger all and attack the party with a flight of dragons...:evil

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