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A song from the sixties
(6/5/03 7:21 am)
Eeridik, the bebilith & the bugbears
[The following uses the BOB-BOVD version of Eeridik as Sorcerer/Demonologist and picks off where his biography there ends. It is meant to give further background to the existence of the bugbear band, the fiendish displacer beast, and the gray render. It is also supposed to explain why a Bebilith is summoned merely by touching a circle and is supposed to give some depths to Eeridiks current motivations vis-a-vis the PCs.]

The text is definitely not final, and comments, criticisms and refinements/additions are more than welcome!


Eeridik and the Doomdreamers

When the Doomdreamers first hatched their plan to recover part of the Temple of Elemental Evil near Hommlet and use the elemental nodes as conduits to free Tharizdun, they were unsure of the status of Zuggtmoy. Standard divination spells proved fruitless, as no Power in the Outer Planes was willing to discuss the fate of her, much less help a sect seeking to free Tharizdun.

Thus, the Doomdreamers recruited Eeridik and supported his research into demonology. After many false starts and dangerous failures, he finally managed to contact demonic servants on the 222nd level of the Abyss and confirm that Zuggtmoy remains imprisoned and will not be freed by the excavation of the Temple or the opening of the elemental nodes. Eeridik is nominally still trying to find out where she is imprisoned, how she might be freed (so the Doomdreamers can do their utmost from this happening) and wether she can be utterly destroyed without freeing her. The Doomdreamers do not want a vengeful demon princess interfering with their carefully laid plans.

After the initial news that they might proceed without releasing Zuggtmoy, the Doomdreamers assigned Eeridik the Earth-Bridge-Complex and a generous guard force. This consisted primarily of trolls, ogres and bugbears, forcibly recruited from the surrounding mountains, and a few humans to act as lieutenants. As a a special gift, Eeridik was presented with a gray render.

Prone to engrossing meditations in an attempt to contact Tharizdun, and ever more sure that their plan would succeed, Eeridik's supposed research into Zuggtmoy's status has lost importance to the Triad. He has not been contacted by agents of the fane for nearly 6 months now.

In fact, Eeridik has lost interest in his futile quest to obtain more information on Zuggtmoy, and his turned to his private interests. He has been experimenting with the summoning of fiendish servants, with increasingly successful results. One of his early failures (due to an imperfection in the summoning pentagram) resulted in the escape of two fiendisch displacer biests, now on the losse in the areas surrounding CRM 153. One of his current projects [already completed, if the DM wants to boost the encounters further] is the casting of "Summon Dretch Horde", the correct procedures for which he is now researching. He knows that he needs to sacrifice a suitable soul, but he has become careful after the events of two months ago, and so his Dretch retinue is not present yet [unless the DM wants it to be, of course].

Nearly two months ago, in a fit of over-confidence, Eeridik attempted the summoning and subjugation of a Bebillith. The summoning worked, but the Bebillith proved impossible to control, easily breaking through the copper circle (in CRM 141) meant to contain it. The prepared offerings (the souls of two prisoners who had already been tortured nearly to death) where deemed insufficient and it went on a rampage. Eeridik ordered his guards to fight the Bebilith, but they were simply torn apart. In the ensuing massacre, some of the bugbear guards managed to flee, and now reside in CRM 161-170. Most of the Ogres died, but the Trolls regenerated, eventually. In the meantime, the Bebillith confronted Eeridik: it would return in 66 days to exact a tribute for the affront of having been summoned, namely the souls of not less than four pure warriors in a holy cause. If Eeridik wanted to deliver the tribute earlier, he was given permission to summon the Bebilith at any time, merely by crossing the magic circle, where the Bebilith would appear.

Eeridik is now seriously worried, as it is only 9 days until the Bebillith arrives when he first meets the PCs. Of course he immediately sees them as a solution to his dilemma. He may try deception and even dispense temporary help, posing as an ally, to gain the confidence of the PCs, while attempting to maneuver them near CRM 141 and summoning the Bebillith. He is sure that a creaturte this powerful will not mind that the PCs might be free and armed to the teeth. Merely presenting them should be enough.

If the PCs encounter the diminished bugbear band, they will be able to obtain a rough sketch of the Areas between CRM 131-168, excluding any private areas (such as 139, 140, 145-147) [DM's discretion, of course]. They will be able to give a rough body count on the trolls, but don't know how many ogres or humans survived the fight. They are pretty sure that no other bugbears survived. They know about the dire bear in 143 and can give a brief description of Tac and Eeridik (the latter is only referred to as "mighty magic man"). Their account of the Bebilith battle is incoherent, and they are not aware that it was summoned or what is was, merely that they were suddenly called to fight a "big bad monster". [the DM is encouraged to let his imagination run totally free when inventing details describing the Bebillith, many of which exist only in the terrified minds of the bugbears.

The guy from Belgium
A song from the sixties
(6/5/03 9:01 am)
Re: Eeridik, the bebilith & the bugbears
the bebilith retribution scheme is very nice

too late for me (as my crew is going to the fanes in two weeks) but very very nicely thought out...

great work!


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