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A cup of coffee
(6/5/03 2:32 pm)
Mereclar Captured!
Last game session my party took out the guards at the Main Gate for the second time (they were restocked). The first time the party took them out, one character did serious damage to Mereclar, who feigned death and ran off when the PC moved on.

The second time Mereclar got trapped in the barracks and surrendered. Now the PC's have him prisoner and I was wondering if anyone had ideas on what to do with him, and what he knows if captured.

I figured he is most likely just hired help and not a true believer, and he likely doesn't know much about the clerics or who they really serve. He may have met a representiative of the outer fane, who he gets special orders from, and he likely knows the layouts of the other gate, and bridge complexes. Any other ideas on his knowledge, and/or his attitude towards the party?

An inanimate object (mod)
(6/5/03 5:32 pm)
Re: Mereclar Captured!
All these NPC's getting captured! They growed that new crop of players real smart-like this yar, dint they?

You might want to adapt some of my Diary of D'Gran. IMC, D'Gran was the captain of the gate. I liked the little game he had going on with Kelashein and Tessimon, myself.

I wouldn't have him know anything about Big T, but he might have heard of the doomdreamers. I'm sure he knows Hedrack.

I see him as a fairly competent commander. Combined with his CE alignment, I'd say he's going to be arrogant and impudent at first -- demanding to be treated like an officer taken prisoner. He'll scold the party if they treat him badly and sneer at them that they don't know what they've gotten themselves into. (Pressed for details he'll lie as much as possible.)

Once it's clear his life is on the line, he'll tell them anything he thinks they might want to hear, not worrying about the truth one bit -- they want to hear about treasure, there's a huge stash down the mining trail (oops, didn't mention Vranthis, did he?) They want to hear about force strengths? There's 90 trogs holed up in those caves. Who gives the orders? A powerful cleric named Tessimon who can kill you with a single word. (Never too early to lie a little bit and build up Tessimon.)

Basically, he's going to try to bargain with info, but he's going to throw so much disinformation out there that your players will be hard pressed to tell what's true and what isn't.

Good luck. Those are tough (but fun) sessions to RP. I suggest you make a list beforehand. Or better yet, have your players submit the questions in e-mail beforehand.

-Thrommel, who wonders if that thar crop a new players aint summa that genetically modified stock...

A cup of coffee
(6/5/03 8:29 pm)
Re: Mereclar Captured!
Thanks for the suggestions, a list is a great idea.

My players are usually pretty smart about combat and NPC interation, I lose less than half of my humanoid baddies to death. Thing is thay haven't been taking the Temple all that seriously yet. The fact that they are capturing NPC's now is a good sign of their seriousness improving. Too bad it had to cost so many lives... (8 PC deaths alreay and only 1/4 of the way through the CRM)

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