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(7/15/03 6:01 pm)
Any conflicts with the paladin? I just don't see these two in the same group.

Offgall Fizziwigg
(7/15/03 6:44 pm)
Re: Forgotten Realms Campaign Log
No conflict. The pally doesn't know. He never saw the skull, and now his player is gone. He's temporarily out of the game. Plus the dark elf has a hat of disguise and always has conceal alignment on, which is 24 hrs a day. He appears as a high elf.

Offgall Fizziwigg
(7/20/03 9:09 am)
A smooth 3.5 transition
Alright. I was reluctant, and pretty upset that they are renovating D&D 3e. I wish they woul have waited till it was time for a 4th edition. I have given in. They have some cool things in the update. I am buying the DMG today. I am going to start a slow transition in my game, where as I look through the material, I will decide what parts of 3.5 I want in my campaign. There are a few things I am not digging. For instance, I have a problem with Gnomes favoring the bard class. I think that's rediculous. I will keep Illusionist. I do like the new feats though. The spells and magic items got a neat makeover. So I will make a slow transition. I have already made some changes. Identify works as per 3.5. So does resurrection and the changes to boots of striding and springing. So I will buy the DMG today and be inspired for tomorrow's session.:hat

Offgall Fizziwigg
(7/29/03 8:03 am)
Enter the CRM
Finally, the moment I was waiting for arrived. My PCs entered the CRM. The cast:
Kyo - human mnk7
Broderick - human ftr6
Kierna - drow psi6, ecl1
Amalys - air genasi rog3, ftr2, rgr1, ecl1
Grimboulder - NPC dwarf, clr6

After scouting and scrying, the PCs decided on a plan to infiltrate the main entrance. They knew there were guards behind the arrow slits and they hear voices down the south corridor. They decided to put invisibility on Amalys and give her a silenced coin. Kyo would follow her in, and together they would silently take out the guards in the other rooms.

Well, it didn't turn out that way. The rest of the party was outside. Amalys and Kyo waltzed into the crossroads, and being no place to hide, the gnolls at the table spotted them. "Who goes there!" Kyo charges. He went for a flying kick, but missed, landing on the table. One of the gnolls pulled the alarm, and it rang throughout the complex.

Though, it wasn't stated in the module, I allowed a chance for the party outside to hear the alarm, and I rolled a natural 20. So they heard the alarm and moved towards the entrance. Inside, the gnolls attack and miss Kyo. Amalys refocused to take a turn at the beginning of the next round. One of the gnolls ran for the door to regroup with Mereclar's enterage. At the beginning of the next round, Amalys cut down the gnoll who went for the door. Kyo attacked a gnoll at the table, dropped him, and sprinted down the hallway to the door to the room with the human bowmen. He kicked in the door, and saw the four men with bows pointed. Two gnolls chased Kyo down the hallway, but could not attack. Three of the bowmen then fired at him, two connecting for some decent damage. Amalys tossed her silenced coin to the entrance only to hear a bar slide into place on the door she was next to and the howling of the beast within the room. She made her save.
The next round, Amalys moves to the door leading to the gnolls at the arrow slits. The hasted Kyo tumbles into the crowd and kills two of the humans with his flurry of blows. One fires his bow. The other draws his sword and attacks. The gnolls charge from behind. This room is an all-out brawl.
One of the humans on the other side opens the door in front of Amalys and sidesteps out of the way. Two of them fire their bows and miss. Also, the door in the back opens. Broderick ducks two ballistae rounds, and a huge force of humans, gnolls, the howler with Mereclar riding with his bow drawn, Wormspike and a few gnolls from the north. This was chaos, and hard to run. Amalys carves up two of the humans. Kierna concentrates and Grim moves up to the door. Broderick moves inside and sets his spear for a charge, which he gets in the next round.

Kyo and Amalys are in their own standard hack and slash brawls, so we will leave them for later.

The group of gnolls and humans charge and make a U around Broderick. He takes his readied attack and skewers one. Then he kills three more with AoOs. Then Grim moved into the complex. Kierna still concentrated. A volley of arrows rained in on Broderick. A couple hit. Grim got hit by a few as well. Together, Grim and Broderick held their own and carved away as Mereclar hit them with arrows. Kyo ran out of the room he was in and into the fray. A gnoll (still alive from the table)chased him out. Kyo attacked a gnoll and killed it. Finally, Kierna let loose a fire spell (I don't remember what it was called) that did 6d4 damage, but rolled a 1 for a DC total of like five. My dudes beat that and took five damage.

Mereclar dismounted as he watched his troops dwindling. Broderick moved in on Wormspike and hit him for good damage. Worspike hit him well too. Kyo charged Wormspike and took him down in four attacks. Grim worked on the foes around him. Kierna cast web on the howler and Mereclar, both of whom failed their saves. That was pretty much it for them. The Party cleaned up the rest just in time for Terriniget to come in with his enterage and the two gnolls that fled earlier.

T cast several spells and they made their saves. Grim finished off his foes while Kyo entered combat with the hallway full of zombies. Broderick also joined in, but Kyo was getting battered about. With his karmic strike, though, Kyo was dealing some damage as well. Grim came around and destroyed all the zombies with the power of Moradin. Kierna cast darkness on a stone and threw it at T's feet, and T ran. The hasted monk however had plenty of movement to catch him in area 13, where the two troglodite guards stood with T. Kyo had to make two more saves versus the stench and did. Broderick, Grim and Kierna followed. A fight resumed above the east stairway. Broderick and Kyo made their saves. Grim silenced T. Kierna moved in to use her crossbow, but succumbed to the stench and was nausiated. Grim moved in and was nauseated as well. Amalys was back checking out other rooms in the entrance to make sure they weren't going to be flanked. Kyo took out a guard, before he fell. Broderick took out the other guard, but he was low on HP. It came down to blows between T and Broderick, and Broderick prevailed. At the end of the fight, the group decided that the stench was an awesome power!

Now the PCs are piling bodies and looting and preparing a base in the entrance. It was a tough fight, that could have ended badly for the group, had T taken out Broderick. If my dice had been rolling better, the fight would have been a lot tougher. I don't think I have ever rolled so many 1's. So now I am trying to decide how the Earth Temple will respond. From what I understand, the two guards in 13 are Earth Temple guards, who would run to the Earth Temple at the sign of intruders. What do you think they will do?

Edited by: Offgall Fizziwigg at: 7/31/03 5:49 am
(7/31/03 7:02 am)
Earth Temple Response
Good session... just like my first party's first attempt to get into the CRM... sounded like a good stealthy plan, but went south real quick! I would say the Earth Temple would sit tight, maybe moving more guards into the tunnels closest to the gate area, backed up by the manticore & Swordmaster. I took it that the temples would be only concerned with their own security (especially in the early stages of the PCs incursion) and would just try to repel the PCs. They would be plenty happy to just see them wander off into the tunnels to the south.

Offgall Fizziwigg
(7/31/03 7:09 am)
Re: Earth Temple Response
Yeah, I don't think they would show their hand to the party yet. They would probably try to set up a strong force to repel any invasion from the party and force them south. I don't think they are ready to take on the Earth temple yet. After all, the trogs alone almost proved too much for the party, with their stench and all. Knowing my group, they will try to head straight for them and go head on with the Earth Temple.

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