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(6/19/03 4:37 am)
South gate help
Ok, last time the party wiped out the mooks from the south gate. Fachisch still ives and has raised Kelial. Graud is also still among them.
I decided I would have them prepare in the altar room with the air elemental and Kelial has the Sword of Air. I am going to silence the air elemental :D .
Gonna Bull Str and Endurance either Kelial or Graud (unsure).

I had fachisch convince the gargoyles to aid them in the defence of the altar room. In return they would get some gold, gear and be allowed to take 2 party members prisoner for the upcoming fights. However, the elder gargoyle is going to betray Fachish and tip off the PC's, then retreat to their pit. My reasoning is that they are Earth creatures and hold no love for Fachish. He thinks that Kelial and Fachish might make for more interesting pit combatants (a good laugh for the other temple ppl :evil ). He will discuss this with the PC's.

Any comments or added advice?

(6/19/03 5:46 am)
Re: South gate help
Remember that Fachish can rebuke Earth creatures, so the gargoyles will be even more leery of working with him. They also know he is the high priest of the temple, so probably don't want to test out his power. The gargoyles would certain betray the temple at the first opportune moment, however. Maybe the deal is to just kill/capture any stragglers trying to flee.

One change I am making to Graud is giving him a disease from the BoVD: vile rigidity. I figure he's had it for a day or two, and Choranth has been casting suspend disease for him in order to take advantage of the benefits without getting any penalties.

Any buffs would be made on Kellial, not Graud. I figure Fachish hates Choranth's lover, even if he didn't suspect anything about Choranth's betrayal. There's something on that in his notes, isn't there?

If you really want to make the air elemental a killer, have Fachish also buff it with devil's eye and damning darkness (or just darkness), both from the BoVD. I can't recall if damning darkness moves with the target or not.

(6/19/03 8:21 am)
Re: South gate help
Yeah well, I only got a party of 4 today and I don't want to completely annihilate them. Choranth is pretty much dead and Graud is gonna be mighty pissed of. Maybe he should have some item that will almost surely kill him, but can help him get his vengeance?

As for the Gargoyle's, if they do manage to convince the party that they hate the air guys and that they won't stand in their way as long as they get Kelial and/or Graud (Fachisch even maybe?), then what should I do? It's not like they are true to their word. So if the party is going hot or (dead) cold should I bring in the gargoyles on either side?

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